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The Structure of a Man
Data 05/06/2011 16:22  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 2115  Jêzyk Global

The Structure of a Man


The man came into being in the process of the evolution of biology that was initiated on purpose and was taking place in adequate conditions. On the surface of the planets there is no possibility of the self-development and survival of the biological spores . For this purpose, on each chosen planet, individually, adequately to the composition of the silicate rocks and the spectrum of the sun the  beginnings of biology are initiated.


The first activities of this process of the evolution of a man can be considered as the ones that fulfil the phrase: “God created a man”. These activities which consist in checking  if the spectrum of the sun and the composition of the rocks will qualify the solar system and the planet as the ones that are adequate for the initiation of the development of adequate biology are carried out by the Spirit of God. It is a specialist in this sphere that comes from heaven. The first activities in the programme of the evolution of a man are done at God's command and they are carried out by a being from heaven. It does not agree completely with the phrase: “God created a man”, however it agrees with it as regards the principle  and the direction.

All the guidelines in relation to the process of the evolution and the final effect, the physical and spiritual figure of a man that is able to receive the soul that is being embodied are also defined in heaven. Next, together with the results of the examination carried out in the area of the universe,  the whole set is passed to a proper astral civilisation. 


The astral Gardeners that supervise the whole process and the specialists that carry out the activities – the spiritual beings from different levels of the development of astral civilisations start work. First, a safe enclave on the bottom of the ocean is prepared. In the adequately prepared conditions that exist there the beginnings of the biological forms are coming into being. The sunlight cannot run through  the water to the enclave. It is necessary to prepare light for the initiation. The clay and water are the next conditions that must be fulfilled. The clay consists of  “powder”, the dust  that comes from the silicate rock, whereas the water must be crystal clear. 

The verification process of the quality of the realization of the process of the evolution of a man is contained in the whole of the evolution of biology, a man and spiritual forms. All these signs of evolution have common roots, common processes of events and relative  needs. Such a  project  of  activities in the process of the evolution of a man is in nature secured in the form of the motivation of astral beings. They in turn derive profit from the life of a man. If they carry out all the procedures correctly the final effect will be good and the soul embodied into a man will open the cycles of incarnation for the astral beings. In the course of incarnation the astral beings have a chance to obtain this emotional matter that  is emanated by a man in a natural way. The state of the emotional matter such as the one that comes from the feeling processes from joy to happiness allows these spiritual beings after the time of incarnation to go on higher levels in the process of the evolution of their civilisation.

This emotional matter is the payment for the activities that are being done, connected with the evolution and life of a man. Similarly, the civilisation of heaven gets the payment for              the construction of the universe in the form of the emotional matter that is of the highest quality, the effects of happiness and love. 

The effect in the form of a man who is for the soul the creator of proper emotional matter, the material that is essential for its needs is in nature always attainable. The exception is a group of planets for embodiments including the earth where this natural process was disturbed.


In the evolution of a man that is taking place without any obstacles there are coming into being the forms of biological life  of which the way of evolution will expose mammals. The species that is significant for the final effect of the evolution considering the way of coexistence and the way of the care of the offspring.

The pair  a woman and a man will create a relationship of emotional character based on partnership. The effect of such a relationship that realizes itself in the optimal conditions of  paradise is happiness and love. The children are the next causes for the creation of  emotions in relation to     the progeny,  a man has an exceptionally emotional attitude. The parental love develops in a natural way, it is a relatively stable process and it has a different “colouring” of the occurring emotional effects.  An essential condition in the set of all the features of a man is the diversity of the emotional relation.  The aesthetic and sensitivity are equally important conditions that allow one to enjoy the company of other people and the nature of paradise. 

For such conditions to be fulfilled the physical and spiritual figure of a man must be provided with perfect instruments that are unobtainable in the natural development. Such abilities gets a man who has the mind of superconsciousnes. Three incarnated spiritual beings that connecting their features together create superconsciousness, for the time of the incarnation - for the time of the life of a man - deprive themselves of their own needs. Their task is to create the mind that will be sensitive, quick and that will have open horizons.

The mind of subconsciousness that is created by the three next spiritual beings that have not yet in their astral evolution got rid of the influences of the physical body is the factor that balances and secures the vital needs of a man.

The third instrument that was designed  with the intention of the limitation of the excessive freedom of the needs of both astral minds is the consciousness of a man. This instrument comes into being together with the development of a man, it has the features of the personality and it has an exposed  set of values that should secure the needs connected with life.


An essential factor for understanding and acceptance of a man as the instrument that was purposely  exposed for the creation of the emotional matter is the identification of oneself with the soul. The being that comes from heaven and is equal to God  that embodied into the physical and spiritual body together with it creates the figure of a man.


The soul in its material figure  does not have the structures that will enable

 accomplishment of the connection with other centres of a man on the level of the senses. In place of it the control of the events that influence the quality of life and emotions that are continually created in the whole life of a man is transferred to his consciousness. It is an instrument – a centre connected with the physical aspect of the figure of a man, however it equally refers its needs to the sensitive and intelligent superconsciousness. 



The third centre of intelligence and personality after the soul and consciousness are the spiritual minds, superconsciousness and subconsciousness. Superconsciousness and subconsciousness are the creations  that exist at the time of the incarnation that refers to the time of the physical life of one man. They are connected already before the conception and they will be closely integrated and subjected to a man when he develops his consciousness.

The three astral beings that come from the highly developed civilisations will create  superconsciousness. This instrument is located in the monad above the head of a man and is connected by the main with the adrenals. The remaining three beings that come from the spiritual civilisations still closely connected with their source of origin through biology create the subconsciousness. The instrument in the form of this mind is located in the front part of the abdomen. The figure of the sitting Buddha shows precisely the location of the subconsciousness that in the image of this figure is depicted by a large abdomen. 

The memory of the physical features and the biological needs of a man still exists in the personality of the spiritual beings that create the subconsciousness. This closeness and the memory of  the source arises  from the fact that  these beings at the time of the first incarnations are still living in the lower levels of the astral evolution. Such their features are essential for the coming into being of a proper character of the instrument of subconsciousness. They will allow it to secure effectively all the necessary vital needs for a man.



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