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part III The creative and technological potential of the constructors of the universe
Data 23/02/2012 22:58  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 3986  Jêzyk Global

  The creative and technological potential of the constructors of the universe


Matter of high density and a huge magnetic potential located in the centre of the universe created the central “black hole”. Its whirling core should have the diameter of hundreds millions of light years and its speed on the surface exceeds the speed of light many times. It has the field of gravitation that is adequately strong which together with the surface speed enables to throw into the space of  the universe the successive streams of the same matter from which the core of the universe is constructed. The series of such launches - the expansion may be viewed as one explosion although it has nothing in common with the explosion.


What is the necessary technological potential to make the core of the universe and to launch the streams into the space of the structure that has the diameter of many billions of light years?


The scientists have worked on the technical problems that are connected with the acceleration of  the particles of matter for many years. The information about the first successful attempt to “create    the particle of God” has already been announced. From the acceleration of the particles to the forcing of the pace of the transfer of the set of such particles the way is easy and the scientists are showing such a way.


The issue of the structure of the core and of the launch of the intergalactic streams of the universe is in my theory based on the same assumptions which the scientists have accepted only their scale and place do not have much in common with the scale of technology that is necessary for the activation of the start of the evolution of the universe. The object of the whirling sphere with the diameter of hundreds of millions of light years, which has the surface speed that exceeds the speed of light many times requires that the constructors should have technological potential of the highest order.   


There is one more important issue here: of what kind of particles of matter is the stream that is being send for the construction of the core composed?


One of the  features that these particles must have is the ability to separate between themselves in a quite easy way (although they have a strong magnetic potential) after they separate from the eroding surface of the intergalactic stream. The separation of the mass into the sets of different size is necessary for the activation of the evolution of the matter of the universe. The process of the surface erosion of the matter of the stream running faster than light speed creates the sets which have the masses of different size , the biggest ones will create the “black holes” and the ones that have the smallest mass will create the particles which next will be  (among other things) the components in the photons of light and in the spherical construction of sound particles.


The creators have technological possibilities in the form of adequately strong generators of the magnetic fields for the acceleration of matter that will be send in the direction of the centre of the spherical space prepared before.

From the reactions that take place during the course of the process of the erosion of the intergalactic stream one should draw a conclusion that the physical environment that is prepared must be characterised by strictly defined parameters. These parameters close themselves in  the homogeneous form of the component particles of dark matter. The physical sets of different size running through such a homogeneous environment will intercept by their strong magnetic field smaller or bigger amounts of entities. The homogeneous character of matter in the whole space of the universe and  a different size of the sets of matter inserted into the space that separated from    the stream give  an adequate creative potential for the whole of the evolution of matter.


Dark matter that occurs in the whole space of the universe that is surrounding us indicated by Plato (Plato was very near  to discover the mystery of  dark matter) must have existed in the same physical state already at the time of the construction of the universe. The preparation of such a space was the first step on the way for the activation of the evolution of matter in the universe. On this field of activity  the constructors  must have shown the technological possibilities that were even greater than in  the case of the creation of the core and of the forcing of  the start and of the run of the intergalactic streams.


Dark matter or rather its physical state one can compare to the physical state of the liquid that has a homogeneous structure (chemically clean water). Just as water needs a receptacle in order to maintain a stable set dark matter also needs a receptacle in which it will be possible for it to maintain its set. The spherical space of the universe is the receptacle for dark matter. In the spherical space of this huge receptacle full of dark matter the physical processes of sending the intergalactic streams will take place.


In the case of the universe and its spherical space that is filled with dark matter we can approximately define the scale of the creators' activity. We can define its size on the plan of the activity of two areas. The first one is the physical process in the effect of which dark matter comes into being. Dark matter could not occur  in the natural form, in such a situation the constructors would not be able to keep control over the course of the intergalactic streams.


One should assume that in the place where our universe is situated there must have existed some unknown natural environment before the construction started. For the aims of the planned process of the evolution of matter in the future universe the constructors must have adjusted this existing physical environment for the established needs. Probably they used a similar method as in the case of the creation of the matter of the universe. The matter of the universe comes into being in a physical process in which the particles or the sets of particles that come from the stream intercept by their magnetic field the amount of the particles of dark matter that is up to the potential. In these processes the sets of matter of different size are coming into being from which in the next processes of evolution bigger sets will come into being up to the components of atoms.


In the process of the creation of dark matter there will come into being the sets  of the identical  size such ones as those that Plato indicated while he ascribed to them the name an “entity”.

In this physical process the particles similar to these from the intergalactic stream and from the core of the universe are used only they have a relatively smaller mass. Each particle will intercept an identical amount of matter that exists in the natural environment and the excess of the matter that was not used from the natural environment will be pushed aside on its periphery. In this way a set of homogeneous matter will come into being which will serve as the material for the  assurance  of a proper course of the process of the evolution of matter of the universe. The remaining part of dark matter that was not used in the process of the evolution constitutes now in the universe 80% of its mass. Next, the excess of the natural matter during the construction of the space of the universe and  filling it with dark matter is systematically put aside on the spherical periphery that is bigger and bigger, which as a result becomes a spherical receptacle for dark matter.


At the moment when the space that is being created reaches the planned  parameters the process for the preparation of the space of the universe for the construction of the core and for the launch of the intergalactic streams is finished. The spherical structure of the universe will keep such a size for ever, irrespectively of this how many times the process of the evolution of its star matter and any other matter including the biological one will be initiated.


Now comes the moment in which the activities the aim of which is to build the core of the universe will be undertaken. The matter mentioned above is being directed in a  form of a huge stream to the central part of the prepared space. The first stage of the process of the construction of the core is based on the activation of the work of a huge black hole. ( The core of the universe the mother of  black holes.) 



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