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Strange sounds shocked the world - a conversation with Andrzej Struski de Merowing
Data 26/04/2012 18:23  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 4244  Jêzyk Global

 Strange sounds shocked the world – a conversation with Andrzej Struski


The collected materials that were sent to the editorial office of the portal


Strange sounds: - the estimation of the logical value of the theories of scientists and those who are thrilled by strange sounds.


1. A quote from the article http://zmianynaziemi.pl/wideo/kolejne-pytania-o-nature-dziwnych-dzwiekow-slyszalnych-swiecie


“The professor of physics from the University of Saskatchewan  Jean-Pierre St. Maurice in the interview for CTV said that; “what people hear is electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and Van Allen radiation belts.”


- If such a statement was justified then the strange sounds that are being heard today should have occurred systematically in the past.  Both the auroras (which occur very often) as well as Van Allen radiation belts are stable elements of the physical processes that occur on our planet. In this estimation there is a lack of a logical reference to the time of the occurrence of these sounds. Their occurrence today is being reported very often and it is not equivalent to the increased number (but not in a such degree) of the auroras, and Van Allen radiation belts were and are. In relation to the indication of the auroras as the cause of the occurrence of these sounds, the place of their occurrence is not polar at all.


2.   A quote from the article  http://zmianynaziemi.pl/wideo/kolejne-pytania-o-nature-dziwnych-dzwiekow-slyszalnych-swiecie


"Geophysicist David Deming from the University of  Oklahoma defined this phenomenon as the “hum”. According to his definition “it is sound of unknown origin that is heard in certain locations inhabited  by two to ten percent of the population”.


- Such a statement has nothing in common with the explanation of the state of things that refers to the indicated sounds. It is a dodge  or a transfer of the natural weight of the matter to the areas without value for the events that are occurring today.


“In his article in the Journal of Scientific Exploration he wrote that the sources of the “hum” can come from telephone and military transmissions used by the U.S. Navy for the purpose of the communication with the submarines.”


- Such a statement is an evident dodge, military communication with the submarines of which the effects occur on the land, it is a kind of a fairy-tale.  


3. A quote from the article http://zmianynaziemi.pl/wideo/kolejne-pytania-o-nature-dziwnych-dzwiekow-slyszalnych-swiecie


"According to NASA the Earth generates a natural radio emission and if people had antennas instead of ears they would be able to hear a whole range of sounds.”


-         From such a statement one may draw a conclusion that these people who can hear strange sounds today should immediately go to the physician in order to remove the antennas which they “have instead of ears”.


Pio'76 commented it


“I am surprised by the attempt to explain the acoustic phenomenon by means of the electromagnetic phenomena. So, that means that all of a sudden the radio hum without the device that  transforms it to the gas vibration can be heard?”


- And, that's right, but these strange sounds do not come into being from the cause of  the electromagnetic phenomena but they come into being  from the cause of the magnetic phenomena which are natural  phenomena and do not need converters.


“There is a bigger possibility to see radio waves than to hear them.”


- Indeed, but we must become robots.


 4. A quote from the article http://zmianynaziemi.pl/wideo/kolejne-pytania-o-nature-dziwnych-dzwiekow-slyszalnych-swiecie


“ According to the seismologist Brian W. Stump from the University in Dallas also the earthquakes can cause such sound phenomena. However, there is no correlation between the places of the occurrence of the sounds and the seismic phenomena.”


- However, up until today nobody connected the place of the earthquake with these sounds, there is a lack of logical connection of place and time.





“Maybe our planetary system is in such a fragment of the space in our galaxy which comes into some interactions with the structures that are within its area. All anomalies that we experience may be the cause of the inclusion of this additional factor.”


- In the contents of this theory there are logical references to place and time, indeed our Solar System is now in such a place of the space of the galaxy where specific forms both of radiation and magnetism can influence the earth.

Despite of this the outer influence coming from cosmos is little probable because of the character of the occurrence of these sounds. They occur in different places but globally in relation to the whole planet these are acoustic effects which occur punctually. The global cause (from cosmos) is a form of influence which should cause global effects.




a)  Cyprian G±siorowski from zmianynaziemi.pl expressed his opinion and he says that the scientists maintain that these sounds may come from the core of the earth.


-         They can, but why only now and not in the whole past time?


Below there is an additional information that was send to the portal AS.com where Cyprian G±siorowski writes :


I expressed my opinion in Polsat as regards sounds and the theory of the changes in the core of the Earth. They cut it I was telling them that it is the theory of the professor from  Azerbaijan  Khalilov and I myself was doubtful about the explanations of the scientists as why Van Allen radiation belts did not sound in the past and now they sound. I think that the answer here is the theory of Dmitriew that is the Solar System enters unquiet area of the galaxy and now the outer conditions have simply changed. Simply a new factor has been added.


b) then  speaks the reporter  Pawe³ Naruszewicz


“The scientists carefully connect this phenomenon with the big activity of the sun which bombards the earth with the particles and energy.”


- The activity of the sun is cyclical and occurs very often and sounds are today, there is a lack here of logical reference to time.


Noise may also be caused by the moving masses of ice.


- The noise has such a feature of its own which defines this phenomenon as the one that is getting smaller when one is moving away from its source.  The glaciers are situated at large distances from the places where these sounds were heard. There is a lack here of a logical reference to the place.


c) “In distinction from usual earthquakes it it difficult to say where they come from, they do not have such a distinctly fixed, defined beginning and end” - says Wojciech Dêbski the Deputy Director for Research of the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences”


- In relation to the earthquakes the sounds that are heard do not have a strict connection of the place and time.


7.  Wibi writes:



This opinion refers to my theory “The first in the world full explanation of the source of strange sounds”


“Only half of it is true. What is “a running magnetic particle”? These are not the particles that run, only it is the influence”. “ These are not the particles that run, only it is the influence”


- There is a lack here of a full description of the character of the indicated influence.


What is influencing and how? The influence cannot exist by itself, as one can guess what is meant here is the magnetic influence, but if it is definitely this, this knows only the author of this statement. - A question which at the same time is a statement;”What is “a running magnetic particle”? These are not the particles that run”.


I understand that the author of this question – statement knows what the magnetic particles are, otherwise he would not be able to state logically “these are not the particles that run”


Summing up, if the author under the nickname “Wibi” means the magnetic influence then he should know and present it here that each influence , (not only the magnetic one) must have the physical features. Within the range of the physical features there is the source – as the cause of the influence and the “executive” mechanisms of this physical process. The lack of   the indication of these features eliminates a logical process of thinking and indicates the cause of the occurrence of the effect as the one that is unreal.




In my theory I described the source and the way of the influence of the magnetic streams which are part of the magnetic field of the poles of the earth and all other magnetic fields.   The fact that nobody else has described it so far does not mean that they do not exist. This area of science is terra incognita. Besides, I am able to logically justify each my statement and each my theory. And terra incognita of science cannot refute them, the reason may be this that in the areas of terra incognita there is a lack of data and without the data one can refute or create nothing.


“This is not the magnetic field itself that causes these sounds only the disturbances of the field, and more precisely it is connected with the magnetic storms and flare-ups.”


-  In such a statement there is a lack of logical references to the place and time.


----------- > The first in the world full explanation of the source of strange sounds 

© Struski Andrzej de Merowing.

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