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Nostradamus foretells resetting of a man's consciousness
Data 26/06/2012 23:17  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 1862  Jêzyk Global

 The found verses of Nostradamus    


Century XII, number 63, with this numeration begins a collection of the verses of Nostradamus which have not been revealed so far. They were found during the repair of the house in which he lived. They contain very realistic pieces of information  which mostly refer to the present times. It was not possible to read all of them , thus I will use a successive numeration for the verses that have been read.


In successive openings I will present the texts of the verses and their contents deciphered  by me.


            Nostradamus foretells resetting of a man's consciousness


Century VII “quatrain 66”


“Comets without a tail, will fill the sky, circling in silence, Big panic, offering rejected, A comet with a tail, Shoots among the bees, dies, And the leaders helpless. Nobody will recognise the signs on the sand.”


Big shining spheres, are voicelessly circling above the earth. The people in panic, prayers and sorcery did not help at all. The burning hot matter running from the Sun goes out in the air, among many flare-ups. All technical activities are ineffective. The memory is resetted, those who survive will not be able to understand writing.


In conclusion to the quatrain


At the time of the destruction the eruption of the sun will cause different phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere. They will be visible in the form of bright spherical forms that will  move like an aurora.


The people are panic-struck: - when they convinced themselves that their hope of deliverance came to nothing. Now they can see that prayers were futile and delusive, that all spiritual activities and all endeavours were only an  illusion. Now, when it is too late they understood that the religious and spiritual leaders deceived them all  as they gave them hope of deliverance and deprived them of the only chance that was on earth.


They did a lot in order to prevent a total cataclysm and those activities had no results. The people   undertook different forms of action, not only the prayer but also common spiritual offerings of love. This big offering of large multitudes of people of good will did not stop the eruption of the Sun. 


Bigger concentrations of matter thrown out from the Sun just like a comet are coming into  the atmosphere and are burning up.  All around there are many small concentrations of solar matter running through the atmosphere.


There is no help anymore, the structures of authority stopped working, everybody is helpless.

Because of the magnetic impact the consciousness of those who survive will be resetted, they will not be able to think logically, they will not recognise writing, they will not understand it.


© Struski Andrzej de Merowing.


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