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Nostradamus foretells in 2012 long sparks running from the Sun
Data 23/07/2012 22:49  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 1815  Jêzyk Global

 Nostradamus foretells in 2012 long sparks running from the Sun




“The Mighty Ruler will turn the wheel again:

The bygone miseries will come in an even worse form.

Hunger, iron and pest, bloody, milky rain.

Fire seen on the sky, a running long spark.”



The Mighty Ruler that is indicated by Nostradamus stands for the Magnetism of the Universe which governs all motion and each material compound  in the universe.


“The Mighty Ruler will turn the wheel again:”


In this phrase Nostradamus describes a full  revolution on a wheel, a revolution that is “governed” by the magnetism of the universe.  All the “heavenly bodies” as the component parts of the constellations and the solar systems are connected by magnetic forces.  Their motion always takes place in orbits. Generally speaking, it is the motion on the circle although the orbits are not perfectly circular.


“will turn the wheel again”


Such a statement or presage indicates another  cycle of a revolution in the orbit  that is repeated again. The indication cannot refer to our solar system. In this case the revolution  in the orbit is repeated every year. And Nostradamus foretells in the future the closing of the “wheel”,  that is of one cycle of the motion around the orbit. The time of the revolution of this set must be much more longer than the time of the revolution of the earth in its orbit.


In the set of these star systems which  will close in the foretold time another cycle of their  revolution also our solar system must be located. If it was otherwise the presage of Nostradamus would mean nothing to us.


Summing up the information  that is contained in this issue we may say that Nostradamus foretells the coming of the time in which the  revolution  of the “heavenly bodies” around       the orbit that is bigger than the earth's orbit will come to an end. In the set of these  “heavenly bodies” also our Solar System will be located.


 “The bygone miseries will come in an even worse form”


In connection with a specific position of the stars at the time in which the foretold cycle of the revolution  finishes there will come into being the cause of the “misery”.

Nostradamus says that such miseries took place at the time of the end of the previous cycles when our Solar System was situated in such a place of the Galaxy. He additionally warns that the  approaching miseries will be “of a worse form”, that is more dangerous than the previous ones.


Summing up the information contained in this issue; we may assume that the situation in the   environment of life of a man on earth that will take place in 2012 will be more harmful than the previous ones. One of such previous disasters is the annihilation described as the “biblical flood”.


“Hunger, iron and pest, bloody, milky rain.

Fire seen on the sky, a running long spark.”


These two verses of the quatrain are switched to make the reading more difficult.


“Fire seen on the sky, a running long spark.”


When our sun passes through a specific place in space at the time of the end of the cycle of the revolution which is being indicated by Nostradamus as the closing of the revolution of the wheel there will be an eruption on   the sun.  “Fire seen on   the sky”, this phrase speaks of the effects of the eruption of the sun, which will be visible on the sky in the form that resembles fire.  The sun will look as if it was burning.


The eruption of the sun will cause the disposal  of a large amount of hot matter. The part of the matter that will reach the earth will be visible in the form of long shining sparks. The long sparks are nothing else but a large amount of running matter thrown out from the sun. When such an amount of matter  reaches the surface of the planet it may cause inestimable destruction. Consequently, it will cause the misery of a man and in addition in the present state of the development of the technical civilisation the disturbance of the whole environment of a man's life may take place. This may be  the cause of the misery indicated by Nostradamus that will be bigger than the previous one.


“Hunger, iron and pest, bloody, milky rain”


Hunger will be caused by the pest which is  in some way connected with iron. It can be harmful substances which accumulated in iron containers will be released  during the bombardment  of       the earth by the solar matter. Our civilisation has an adequate resource  and kind of dangerous materials. One may say they only wait for the occasion for the release through the stmulation of     the chemical reactions. From the sky a bloody milky rain will fall. Indeed, there may be such places on earth where the amount of different chemical agents  that will get through  to the air will be so big that it will be possible to see them with the naked eye.


The conclusion that one may draw from the information that is contained in this quatrain reveals to us the picture of the upcoming  time. When our day star will be in a critical point for a man on its star-way?


Its natural reaction to the influence of the magnetism of the universe which is specific in this place   will manifest itself by a huge eruption of glowing-hot matter. Consequently, the people on earth will be able to watch this phenomena as the “fire of the sun”.


However, this fire will turn out to be a fatal spectacle as within the successive hours the earth will be subject to the bombardment of the solar matter. Consequently, on earth very serious cataclysms will take place. The worst will be the ones which will be connected with the release to the atmosphere of poisonous toxins and radiation.


 According to Nostradamus it will be a cataclysm of a larger scale of destruction than those which were in the previous periods when the sun was passing through  this point in cosmos.




© Struski Andrzej de Merowing.


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