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UFO in Bugarach manipulation of Consciousness ( awareness )
Data 21/12/2012 18:43  Autor Andrzej_Struski  Klikniêæ 2034  Jêzyk Global

UFO in Bugarach manipulation of Consciousness (awareness)

UFO Festival in Bugarach reaches its peak but its origin dates back a couple of years ago.

The first step or the beginning of this phenomena in Bugarach was mental contact with spiritual beings on the ethereal level. As a result of that contact marriage Marie-France and Alain assumed that it was an encounter with UFO. Even though the whole scenery described by them was connected with personal sensation little did it resemble beings from UFO spheres. The beings which appeared in front of them or materialized on the plane of rarefied matter, possesses all of the features of spiritual beings. They were transparent and floating in the air and such abilities and behavior possess only spiritual beings or light illuminations forms. What is more, also the information during a dream “we are light” unambiguously indicated that they are not UFO.

Cyt. ”At the end of 2009, French marriage Marie-France and Alain driving late in the evening near the Bugarach mountain decided to “call up UFO”. They were informed by an acquaintance that if they turn on and off light in a torch applying a regular rhythm perhaps they will manage to  see something curious”.

In this place of the relation there exist the first reason of improper interpretation of the whole situation which took place in Bugarach mountains. The reason lies in the phase “to call up UFO”. Such a definition might have directed the thoughts of the indicated marriage in UFO direction even thought from scratch the whole issue did not have anything in common with those beings.”

„About midnight some strange lights appeared over the mountain. After short time, Marie and Alain saw that over the roadside within a few meters’ distance a shining figure was floating in the air. According to Marie’s relation this floating figure had the shape and dimensions of a human being and its head was of a cone shape. It was bright and slightly transparent. The figure was surrounded by a luminous white-greenish halo.”

A figure which was floating in the air and surrounded by a halo is a typical appearance for a spiritual being. A figure presented in such a way could not be connected with UFO.

„But then again Alain saw a different figure’s image. According to his relation it was a humanoid without hands. The whole presentation lasted several dozen seconds or perhaps a minute. After that time a being turned back and disappeared in darkness.”

Alain sees other figures’ image. This is an unambiguous proof that such a presentation was connected with an illuminating being exposed especially for the individual choice. This figure after turning back disappears in darkness. The illuminating image which from a different angle is invisible was devoted for the sight of those two people.

„When they were leaving they saw that parallel to the road numerous laminations discs were flying. They looked like enormous pans with holes inside. They had a diameter of a couple of meters and moved in a slow, horizontal flight.”

Discs in the form of a pan with holes in the middle indicate UFO vehicles rather that light illumination.

„At night Marie-France heard words which she assumed to be a message: “We are light. Direct contacts with you are dangerous for us. There will be an enormous catastrophe on the 28th  February 2010. You must help a lot of people”. There was no information where the catastrophe will take place.”

Hearing a voice is an indication of the spiritual sphere as the message source and the whole issue manipulates recipient’s consciousness. An alleged ghost which is similar to UFO, some forms of unidentified objects which in fact are only similar to them.

The voice says „We are light”, light is a phrase which bears positive connotations and places the appearing being on a positive position. Now the woman will treat their messages as proper and important. 

In the following part of the message the voice says: „Direct contacts with you are dangerous” and at that moment a human is humiliated to the role of an incomplete being, a being who endangers others and has to be careful what he/she does in order not to harm those and at the same time make an attempt to perform their orders as precisely as possible.

 „There will be an enormous catastrophe”, we are the most afraid of large catastrophes and at that moment our senses are in a state of full emergency.

At the end „You must help a lot of people”, each person would unconditionally undertake such an activity. This message is a form of a definitive activation the process of receiving information by a person. Marie-France will have to activate the whole issue in all of the possible and known places.

It resembles manipulation in a place and in time-which is connected with the End Times and place in a region where Christ and Magdalene’s family lived.

 „The next evening they came back to Bugarach area. When they reached that place in a car, a numerous circles of light were hanging or floating in the air near the road. Finally, those balls surrounded a car and both felt some movement. Cold shivers on their legs and totally numb legs are sensations during the time when those balls surrounded the car. They were unable to move.”

Those unpleasant feelings are information that the source of their occurrence is on the areas which are hostile for a human being. Here we acquire the information that the spiritual beings who carry out the whole message have their origin in negative astral civilizations and their attempts in relation to people or to the state of affairs on the Earth are hostile.

 „Alain got the impression as if someone stabbed him and pushed. But then again his wife sensed some inner vibration which resembled a little electric current flow. Both seemed that someone is examining their bodies. Later they felt badly and their limbs seized up.”

Continuation of those uncomfortable feelings which could be the process of inscribing programs for conditioning actions is a proper direction. In fact, those actions have been undertaken by a group of ufologists.

 „They informed about this event the French ufologists.”

The area of society’s penetration expands for UFO enthusiast as well as includes all of the people who are interested in esotericism, the history of Magdalene and Christ as well as those who are overall interested in such matters.

„Marie-France told also about the catastrophe about which the mysterious voice warned her.”

This prophetic information within the context of a real event is a factor which indicates willingness to help people at the time of catastrophes. In the face of the announced Apocalypses 21 12 2012 the belief in miracles mobilized throngs of people to assume an absurd conclusion that UFO will carry out a rescue action on the Bugarach mountain. Everyone as if blinded with no logical evaluation of the situation for three years has been living in the world of illusion, seeing nothing beyond it. We personally know people from that social circle we saw their blindness and determination.

 „In a short time she corrected the tragedy’s date. It was the 27th  not 28th of February 2012. It proved out that the prophecy received by a woman in her dreaming consciousness was real. On the 27th of February in Chile an enormous earthquake took place, magnitude 8,8 in Richter scale and as a result of that tragedy many people were killed.”

As a part of that message there exist also other hidden information plane which are reveled by means of activities of those who are connected with esotericisms. In relation to that matter in this region and particularly in Bugarach a conception developed which claims that during December Apocalypses people who reside there could experience beneficial consciousness change or transfer into other life dimension. 


The three following years after the information about contact with UFO was published there was a time of great interest from the side of various people in that case. With the view of spiritual beings who prepared and carried out that manipulation, interest in the possible rescue at the time of announced end of the world would be enormous and multi-dimensional.

Human hopes were directed into the three fundamental rescue aspects.

1.      UFO takes from the Bugarach mountain those who during the date of announced cataclysm will be present there.

2.      Positive power will allow adherents present on the mountain to attain illumination stage in proper time and transfer into higher life dimension.

3.      Experience consciousness change for those who will be on Bugarach mountain on the 21st of December 2012.

Please note an idiosyncratic issue. None of the aspects was indicated at the time of events in August 2009 in which the indicated above marriage participated. The basic common denominator here is the phrase “rescue”. Even though in those events the phase “rescue” was connected with rescuing people at the time of earthquake here it was automatically directed into December 2012.

Going to the „rescue” was connected not only with the date but also with specific areas of human needs. The need to rescue ourselves from not only physical death at the time of announced cataclysm but also rescuing ourselves from the depths of human spiritual and psychological problems.

The psychological manipulation consisted in combining several features of that specific contact. What is united here is; -

1.      Place which is Bugarach mountain which since time immemorial relates to human spiritual matters.

2.      Information about UFO encounter which was an indication for the rescuers.  

3.      Figures which described themselves as luminous, „we are light” is an unambiguous reference to esotericism.

4.      Message in a form of a voice directs human thoughts in the direction of the spiritual spheres.

5.      „You must help a lot of people”, when the enormous catastrophe will take place.

Those five combined aspects and being charged with the duty of helping others established activity base. It developed on the place of announced 21 12 2012 cataclysm in relation to a place which could only be indicated here - Bugarach mountain.

During those three years in the mountain’s area some kind of UFO cult was created. While walking hundreds of kilometers on the mountains at the time of our archeological works we encountered a very specific place which is connected with beliefs in UFO rescue and relates to Bugarach mountain.

We came across a place of worship where the key figure is a stony head resembling alien’s head.

Photo. 1 Head sculpture sculpted in stone and painted blue. Disclose never published Photo of worship.  (A.D.2011).

Photo. 2 View from that place;  in the foreground Bugarach mountain. (A.D. 2011).

 MAS - Magdalena and Andrzej Struski de Mervoing