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Bugarach, UFO Festival – instead of the end of the world
Data 27/12/2012 11:16  Autor Andrzej_Struski  Klikniêæ 1792  Jêzyk Global

 Bugarach, UFO Festival – instead of the end of the world. 

On the 21st December 2012 tourists from the whole world gather in Bugarach. Countless groups of photo reporters and television  channels’ representatives come here as well. Everyone is awaiting the announced events with tension. All of them would like to observe the end of the world in Bugarach. 






There is also the third group present here. Those who are dead sure about the approaching end of the world.  They came here a couple days earlier. Were renting room in Bugarach and its surroundings or placed themselves in strategically important places. They must have been ahead of police roadblocks and because of that reason they entered the mountain before closing the roads officially. 

There were people who together with children were hiding in places or caves known only for themselves. All of them were awaiting for rescue and were hiding from Gendarmerie somewhere in the forest on the mountains lopes or numerous caves. They believed that UFO will come to their rescue. Those people were so sure in their conviction that a great deal of them are still hiding in forest or caves. The others resigned even today, they broke down by living day to day on benches not knowing what to do with themselves.  Their behavior reveals traits of psychological and nervous breakdown and suffered shock. 

Info to the photo. The first disappointed are leaving Bugarach. 

Even safety personnel secured all of the roads and each person was checked in details. Free passage have got only those who posses proper pass. Slopes at the bottom of the mountain are surrounded by squads of Gendarmerie in such a way so that newcomers would not have any chance to cross to the trail blazing of even the mountain slopes themselves. 


In this small town itself everyone is awaiting some events, took photos of one another. Out of the main crowd of those awaiting tourists and photo reporters group of several people was celebrating  Saturnalia. 


1 o’clock is approaching when in the distance from side of Bugarach mountain sounds of trumpets and horns emerged. After several minutes the first aliens appeared but they do not arrive in flying saucers but came in a properly decorated cars. 

This was a real fun for bored photo reporters who finally were able to took photos of UFO. The atmosphere was joyful and pleasant a real UFO Festival in Bugarach. 

MAS - Magdalena Andrzej Struski de Meroving