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Data 10/01/2015 22:26  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikni 1251  Jzyk Global

 English text

FRANCE, 1st January 2015



My letter to the priests can invoke certain religious feelings among Christian worshippers. Many of you may think that by writing this letter I hurt their religious feelings.
I would like to state that there is no term in the contents of the letter which has been published and sent to Vatican that could hurt the feelings of the man towards God.
I would like to represent that no priest who in his heart is fully dedicated to the service of God cannot feel offended by the contents of this letter. I have only and exclusively presented God’s will in it, which He ordered to include in the contents of the Apocalypsis.
I would like to represent that God unequivocally transmitted his will and he demands that a man willing to be His Priest should apply in his family life (the celibate is against God’s orders) the Ten Commandments of God.


I direct the words of this letter to all priests on Earth and I publish them for anyone interested in reading them.
To Pope Francis, the Bishops and Catholic Priests.


I address my words to you upon the order of God and I summon you to comply with his instructions included in the contents of the Apocalypsis, which were directed at you, the Catholic Priests. In the ciphered part of the Apocalypsis God gave an order to write about the things that would happen in the future and which would be caused by you. He transmitted in advance what you would do and what you would reject in your priestly works. He also precisely foresaw the actions of the powerful persons in the Apostolic See and he waited until the scale of your errors turns. The code contained in the text of the Apocalypsis was constructed in such a way so that no Man who does not have additional and at the same time key messages from God could read all necessary information hidden in the contents of the scripture.
No religion was created by God, but in his anger He is pointing at You, the Christian Priests. He is pointing at the Priests since it is You according to His words contained in the Apocalypsis who are responsible for the greater blasphemy infringing upon His needs. The indispensable needs of God, directed at the man; the needs for the fulfilment of which the man was created. God gave Paradise to the man, the grace of God; the protoplasts of priesthood took away this Paradise from the man, i.e. optimum living conditions.
You, the Catholic priests, deprived people of access to examples and models of living focused on fulfilling the needs of God. The collection of information from God in the form of the Ten Commandments which succeeded the Paradise was utilised by you in a blasphemous manner.
It is You, the Priests who are under the obligation formulated by God to apply the principles contained in the contents of the Ten Commandments in your own life. You assigned this obligation which pertained to You and which is very hard one onto the worshippers. In return, you use the benefits of power and material benefits received from them. If you applied the Ten Commandments in your private life, you would be a role model to others showing how to live and this role model would be a chance for anyone observing you to live in a manner that complies with the needs of God when there is no longer Paradise on Earth.
Pope Francis, Cardinals and Bishops: you are the successors of the apostolic power in all its aspects and you are responsible for its fruits before God and before the Man. You can handle human criticism and you can avoid the manners related to the needs of God. Your heritage obtained from your predecessors includes the manners which are effective for blinding the man, but you cannot deceive God. As a man, I have been sent by God on Earth? I recognized the mechanisms of indoctrination and I understood that the priests writing the doctrines have not fully understood their roots of evil. This satanic mechanism of manipulation of human conscience the creators of religious doctrines selected by the powers of evil understood as the grace and the will of God. The evil and dark powers have sufficient psychological background at their disposal to manipulate human intellect. Their key figure on the manipulation plan was Paul, considered by You to be one of the pillars of the Church.
On the material plane, Constantine together with the bishops of his era created Catholicism, the religion which fulfils the needs of evil and which is blasphemous in relation to the needs of God. The successors of Constantin left and only the power of Vatican remained, which acts in a manner focused on the fulfilment of the needs of evil and not the needs of God.
I believe that you are not aware of the blasphemy related to the principles of religious life indicated by God in the contents of the Apocalypsis. The lack of awareness of this act does not make your guilt any lesser. The fruits of Your blasphemy have existed for centuries in the communities of the worshippers and outside them. Despite the fact that you have not been conscious while acting in such manner, the acts have been committed and God says that he “hates” You for that.

Upon the order of God I demand that the Priest change their manner of acting and transform it into the manner compliant with His will and his orders and that they change their manner of living by applying the principles contained in the Ten Commandments of God in their own life. You rejected them just like Your predecessors did, adding the celibate, which God unequivocally reproaches you for in the ciphered contents of the Apocalypsis.

Upon the order of God I demand that the Priests referred to by God as the Beast resign from teachings concerning the matters of God. You Priests do not understand the needs of God and therefore you cannot teach anything about Him.

Upon the order of God I demand that the Apostolic See ciphered in the Apocalypsis under the word “the woman”, be immediately dissolved.

Upon the order of God I demand that the cult of St. Mary referred to by God as Jezebel be immediately dissolved.

Upon the order of God I demand that Vatican referred to by God as the Fornicator immediately embark upon the self-liquidation process.

Upon the order of God I demand that under this self-liquidation process all goods seized by means of fraud which was related to the Donation of Constantine, be immediately returned.

Upon the order of God I demand that under this self-liquidation process all Treasures be returned to the Nations.

Upon the order of God I demand that all goods and property acquired from different persons in return for granting graces be returned to them.

Upon the order of God I demand that all documents and scriptures be returned to their authorised owners.

Upon the order of God I demand to open the Gates of Vatican.

Struski Andrzej, the Successor of the Divine Blood Line, on a Final Times Mission.