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The Platonic geometry of the solid figure AMAZ
Data 22/04/2010 10:18  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 3123  Jêzyk Global

The Platonic geometry of the solid figure “AMAZ”

The geometrical forms that constitute the solid figure “AMAZ” are a physical model of the structure of the matter of the universe. These forms are present in each scale of the structure of the matter – from sound, through the structure of the elements to the crystalline structure of the chemical particles. The galaxies and the whole universe are constructed in a similar way. The notion of sound that is used here has a completely different meaning than the one used by classical physics. On the one hand, sound is a real mass from which matter is created and, on the other hand, it is released from this mass under the influence of the surroundings.

The great philosopher Plato understood the essence of the structure of the universe and he distinguished some geometric forms which are presented by the solid figures described below. His work helps people to visualise the space. The mutual configuration of these solid figures is described in the chapter : “The Platonic solid figures”.

Also many other philosophers and mystics used different forms of solid geometry. They created many signs and forms which have specific properties and which symbolize a man's environment of life. In the geometrical construction of the solid figure “AMAZ” are shown the patterns of all shapes and forms that were used by these thinkers. Therefore the solid figure “AMAZ” is the most condensed collection of the patterns of the structure of the universe.

The construction of the solid figure “AMAZ” contains practically all possible forms of matter and energy that can exist. It shows the indestructible pattern recorded in the structure of the sound of the universe. The sound of the universe is arranged into the original patterns, which are the basis of the structure of all forms of life and of the evolution of the universe. The successive more and more complex forms of matter and of energy up to the inteligent beings retain in their construction such patterns. It is possible due to magnetic memory.

The matter of the universe is made up of three kinds of mass : magnetic, sound, and the light. The biggest is the mass which has the magnetic character, the mass which is many times smaller is the mass of sound, and the mass in the form of running photons, that is, the light enters into the composition of matter only when it is present in the space and time of the creation of matter.

The mass that has the magnetic character connects into the magnetic systems and creates specific sets which administer the behaviour of the mass of sound and of the mass of light  in the sphere of their activity. The size of the particles of the mass of sound is very small but these particles are very condensed. The methods known to a man do not allow for the direct observation of this mass but they make it possible to register its influence on the surroundings. Similarly, we may prove the existence of some astronomical objects only through their influence on other objects which can be observed through our devices.

The patterns of solid geometry presented through the solid figure “AMAZ” picture the magnetic set. Such an ideal crystallinity has a strong magnetic set which is very resistant to the action of external magnetic fields because of its proportions. The multiplication of this crystalline system is a form of magnetic memory that repeats this pattern in the whole environment of the sound of the universe, creating its indestructibility and the possibility of using it in the standard shape on any level of creation and life.

There is a possibility to use these features through the use  of the features of the crystalline geometry for example in the architectural constructions. This subject-matter is described more widely in the section that refers to the construction “AMADEOS”. It allows us to build very light  three-dimensional objects which have huge strength although there is very little amount of the materials used. These objects are exceptionally resistant to the external dynamic forces, such as, for example, the earthquakes, hurricanes, or the deliberate terrorist attacks.

The forms of this geometry in their original sound form exist also at present around us. Everybody has an access to these forms and everybody can use them.


Esoterics deals with the environment of the activity of the diluted masses to such an extent that the science until quite lately has not had at its disposal the devices for registering such masses. The first well-known device for registering such environment is the apparatus for Kirlian photography. It registers the condensed states of this environment which exist around biological forms such as plants and animals, and in particular around the body of a man.

The key-thesis of the theory of the evolution of biology of the universe that is presented here is the recognition of the fact that this diluted mass is water. Its biggest concentration is around the objects of biology living on the basis of water because the cellular process of purification eliminates water out of the biological organism. This water has the cellular memory of a given organism, therefore, we can through its medium define some conditions of the organism's health. Water has specific features that are described in the chapter : “ Life in the environment of water”. These are the features which make it possible to transfer life from biology to the immaterial spiritual spheres.

The existence of the diluted forms coming from biology preserves the original crystalline character in a particular way. The magnetic sets which do not have the proper proportions of their  geometrical (crystalline) construction are the subject of the destruction in the first place  during the process of the dilution of the biological environment of water. This dilution is based on the mutual distance of  the magnetic sets what creates the “etheric” form from matter. Such a form, if it has the right crystalline structure existing in the space of the universe out of matter, influences the biological environment in a beneficial way. Such an influence is possible due to the mutual – water level of life.

The same water thanks to its specific character that consists in its variety can be present at different times in the body of a man, or in his environment. In the form of micro particles it is carried over through the wind, or through the water habitats to any place on earth. During the contact with the biological body water is absorbed by the cells and there in its crystallinity the information about the state of the needs and life processes is recorded. In the cell, this water serves the purpose of  purification. By the way it also collects information about the condition of this cell and keeps it for a very long time. After the elimination from the organism water returns to the state of the micro particles leaving the impurities near the biological body that it has purified and it is ready to be absorbed again by the cells of a different being. In the new environment water leaves a part of information that it carries from the previous environments. Such an activity of water is the form of the most accurate exchange of information between different beings or biological organisms.

Water coming from deep springs ( for example, Oligocene water ) does not contain in itself the record formed in the magnetic environments which administer the lives of the cells of different organisms living on earth. This water simply was not used by the biological processes. Such water enables a man a far better possibility of purification. Nowadays, a man who is living in the environment of a struggle, competition and many other negative emotions contaminates the etheric forms of water, consequently, they have a disturbed crystallinity and they cannot properly and in a beneficial way influence the biology of life on earth. It is the process that is connected with the whole cycle of self- destruction of the civillisation which has been developing in an improper way. Such water used by a man in the following each other processes of purification has its crystalline structure more and more disturbed what may lead to the death of individual biological organisms, or to the death of the whole populations of the species. Each man has the possibility to remove the accumulated disturbances of water's crystallinity through the inner change of his behaviour in the psycho-emotional sphere.


The energetic influence of the shape on a man is well known. It is not a mystery that some shapes have a positive influence, whereas the influence of the others is the negative one. The ancients already had such knowledge, they were creating the objects which had a definite shape in order to protect themselves or grow stronger. In the shape there is also hidden a mystery of the work of talismans and amulets. The most of the shapes which the people used for their own needs have their origin in the sacred geometry.

There are specific shapes that caused the biggest number of positive effects while used in a three- dimensional or a plane form. All solid figures coming from the pyramid, particularly with the base of a square or a triangle are characterized by a very strong radiation, however, the geometric figures in the form of polygons ( of 5, 6, 8, 12 sides ) were and are appreciated by the people in a particular way. These figures have a positive influence on the fate. For example, the star of David, pentacle, hexagram, the Far East Bagua in the form of an octagon, the twelve-armed star – these are the most known geometric figures that are used . The three-dimensional figures gained special recognition among people. The most known of them is the Ark of the Covenant, with size : 2,5 cubit of length, 1,5 cubit of width, and 1,5 cubit of height. It gives the mathematical proportion : 5 : 3 : 3. The Holy Graal is also a very well-known solid figure that was defined thousands years ago as a rock which as we know it is a crystalline form. Such a rock was used as a source of power. Thus, it had to possess very proportional spatial forms. The most precious stones such as the diamond are cut in such a way that will give crystalline forms. The rock crystal ( the quartz crystal, the silicate ) has natural facets with the shape of proportional geometrical systems.  The rock crystal is the most widespread form of a semi-precious stone which is used in esoterics. The solid figures that are built in a proportional and symmetric way are especially sought-after and appreciated.

The form of a circle and of a sphere, as well as the ellipse which is connected with them is very much appreciated in esoterics. Most mandalas have their graphic forms arranged on the peripheries and on the surface of the circle. The spheres of precious minerals are specific amulets, spherical crystals are believed to have simply magical properties.

All figures and geometrical solid figures described above are included in the three-dimensional construction of the solid figure “AMAZ”.
A series of very important numbers considered to be the sacred ones  is connected with the construction of the solid figure “AMAZ”:
Number 72 defined in the Old Testament as the  so-called number of the “Team of God”, in the construction of the solid figure occurs six times. Number 72 is the basis of the creation of the crystalline Graal in which it appears five times. It defines the constructional elements of this crystalline form of the rock crystal in such a way that apart from the cube and the pyramids with the base of a square on its faces, all the remaining edges and faces are always in the number of 72. Such a process creates a form of a figure of 48 vertexes. If we connect all these vertexes, there will come out a figure which has the picture of the rock crystal, it will have 8 symmetrically arranged groups and each of them will have 13 facets. If we connect the whole construction of this solid figure with three-dimensional crosses, which arise from the position of 24 pyramids of the first row and of 6 diagonals of the faces of the cube, so-called the White Cross made up of 13 three-dimensional interconnected crosses will be formed.

As you can see from the description, the crystalline Graal, just like the whole solid figure “AMAZ”, is based on many numbers which are significant for a man. These are such numbers as : 72, 6, 8, 12, 13, 14 and 48.

Number 21 is regarded by the people in a special way from the standpoint of happiness and material prosperity. The confirmation of this fact we can find in the information passed down by the Templars. They write that the mystery of this number is hidden in three geometrical forms : a square, a rectangle and in the circle. The solid figure “AMAZ” also in this case solves this geometrical issue. First of all, the six nodes which lie on the intersection of the planes of three circles have 21 constructional rods, which are converging there. Besides, if we make a plane projection of the solid figure, first taking the radii out from its centre through the vertexes of the Triple Ark of the Covenant, then the projection of these radii shows 20 points on the horizontal circle situated in the solid figure “AMAZ” - a horizon – being the synonym of a man's life on earth. None of these 20 points is in line with the White Cross. Considering the fact that number 21 described by the Templars and well- known in the history is concerned with a man's fate, then, one should depict a point on the horizon of the solid figure which is significant for a man. It is point number 1 situated on one of the arms of the Cross, which farther is a man's straight way to the destination of life. This point together with the remaining twenty points defined by the horizontal projection of the radii gives number 21. All these points are on the horizontal circle, thus on the horizon of a man's life, and arising from the radii which emanate from the centre of the solid figure through its constitutive constructional elements, speak about the connections with the system of the arrangement of the fate for a man.

Number 144 – this is a special figure as it was used in the Revelation written by St. John, in other words, in the Apocalypse which he received from God. This number was used many times and its use in the construction of the solid figure “AMAZ” proved fruitful in the form of a numerical result which says about the length of the cubit as the ancient linear measure. This is number 48.

In the Egyptian, Greek and Jewish cultures different lengths of the cubit were adopted which in the metric system correspond with the lengths : 53,5, 46, and 45 cm. The use of any of these lengths in the proportions of the Ark of the Covenant makes it impossible to get number 72, the so-called number of  “The Team of God” in the Old Testament. We will prove below that the real length of the cubit is 48 cm. The adoption of the cubit of 48 cm  gives us the measurement of the height and of the width of the ark : 72 cm ( 2,5 cubit x 1,5 cubit x 1,5 cubit – that is : 120 x 72 x 72 ). The whole mathematics of the Triple Ark of the Covenant is described in a separate chapter and its effect is number 144,000 which is presented in the Apocalypse of Saint John.

The solid figure “AMAZ” shows number 48, thus it shows a real length of the cubit adopted as the unit of length of the Ark of the Covenant and this is one from the two measurements of the Triple Ark of the Covenant.

© Andrzej Struski de Merowing.