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The destruction of Paradise
Data 15/06/2010 21:11  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2721  Jêzyk Global

The destruction of Paradise

“Everything that was in the predispositions of a man was lost, not even memories were left.”

The environment of paradise; the grace of God and the happiness of a man.
The bible shows Paradise or the degenerated society.
That paradise indicated by the record in the bible with the first - the only family where the society is already living, can it have anything in common with the grace of God, or the true paradise.
Eden shown in the biblical record with the climate of fight and death is a nightmare and not a happy life.

Where in the biblical paradise is happiness for a man if the “first” parents Adam and Eve tear their hair because of pain after the loss of their son. They are overwhelmed by despair at the thought of their second son being a fratricide.
What kind of paradise does the bible show and how do the blinded boast about it. Nobody who is reasonable can regard this Biblical Eden as the paradise prepared by heaven.
What social aspects existing in this garden of despair allow a man to live peacefully and in happiness. When the social conditionings force him to struggle for his position. When in anxiety he worries about his belongings and about his crops if they grow well.

Does the paradise present itself in such a way?  
Is a happy man living in such a way?
Is this a garden (the Grace of God) built by heaven?

The biblical paradise cannot be the true divine paradise. Here at the time when the “first” family is living it cannot yet form a society. Where did at the time of the life of the first family and when this family has only a small number of kids a class society come from? By some miracle one son is a farmer and the second is a shepherd. What is the cause of the conflict that comes into being between them and one kills the other.

Was that so that they were fighting against each other to get a position and the social recognition. There are revealed in the description of the biblical paradise the features of a man that will come into being only in an adequate environment of life. Small Cain must have developed in his consciousness the predispositions for killing. Jealousy and greed must have taken their root. If he had not seen such patterns in his surroundings there would have never been formed in his consciousness adequate predispositions for making decisions to kill and in particular for making  a decision to kill a brother. Exceptionally negative features, such features exist only in a man in a developed society and developed in an exceptionally negative way.  

Envy, greed, murder, the features of a man that are so well known to us. Nothing has changed since the time of the biblical paradise, maybe only instead of fighting by means of a slingshot we learnt to  shoot the rockets. But a man is the same, an old, good acquaintance. We can see his feelings very clearly, he will kill because his brother attained a better social position and the effects of the brother's work are the eyesore to him.

No, the Bible does not present paradise, it speaks about something completely different. Only the mendacious on the pedestal must offer something to the sheep. As when they get nothing but  the obligation of obedience they will change into wolves and the piedestal is gone.

Paradise; such as the one that the environment of God's grace offers exists, however we cannot use it here on earth. There are its attributes in the nature of the earth and in the climate of the planet,   the Grace of God was not destroyed, nature can regenerate itself. It is a man that was robbed of    the features and predispositions that enable him to use the blessings of the planet and nature. The destruction took place long ago, probably dozens of civilisations had already passed that were not able to live in paradise. And it is enough to reach out a hand and be glad  and not to look for with the thoughts and create wisdom.

© Andrzej Struski de Merowing.

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