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Andrzej Struski de Merowing

About the author

 Struski Andrzej –  (  pseudonym - GRYPHON  ) genius, archeologist-amateur, the thinker and the inventor who transferred the patterns of the sacred geometry on the plan of his constructional solutions. He bases his serious thoughts on the recognition of the processes of the way of the cause and effect, its motto: - if you see the effect look for his original source. Thinking in this way, he recognised the sources of matter and life. 
He can explain the mysteries of the evolution of biology and of a man. He presents a thesis that speaks about the origin of the universe, he defines its evolution in the sphere of matter on the plan of the sacred geometry. He explains the difference between the embodiment and incarnation, he  explains the needs of the soul and of paradise.

In the course of the time of his philosophical work that has lasted for 20 years he was invited many times to symposia where he presented and explained  logically his theories answering the questions of the listeners which were bothering them.

His theories are reflected in many inventions that he constructed and patented. One of the last inventions received numerous awards among other things on the fairs budma 2010, the Infrastructure Warsaw 2009 for the innovativeness.

At present there is the scientific research in progress over the invention as the science has not yet recognised the principles of this how it works in general and how it functions in the terrain.

However, Andrzej Struski explains these principles on the basis of his theories.
It is an exceptional phenomenon that Andrzej Struski does not write down anything, he has an incredible memory, he often jokes that the computers of the world will not be able to contain all the data that comes from his memory.
He does not write down anything, and if somebody asks him he is able to repeat every subject he was talking about or writing about.
What is also exceptional is the fact that he also answers the questions which he has never answered  before and he had no second thoughts connected with them at the same time he can give exhaustive answers sometimes lasting for hours.

If somebody asks him how it is possible he says that he does not have this data “atop right in his memory” he does not remember it every day, only if somebody asks a concrete question he “enters” deep layers of the memory and he can repeat them or create as the new ones, at the same time all his answers are logical and in 100%  correspond to each other and to his previous theories and the recognition of a given subject.

On the site andrzejstruski.com there is only a minimal part of the materials of the author, if possible  the amount of the information will be increased.

Andrzej Struski as regards denomination is in this area a free although tolerant man, personally he is not the advocate of any sect, religion or denomination.
He thinks that God exists and he respects this figure.

He is against manipulation and the exploitation of the people in a physical as well as spiritual way. When he published the articles that were speaking about manipulation and the destruction of the people through spirituality, sects and denominations there appeared in the Internet numerous slanders, envious imputations and the Internet sites that were slandering his image.

The sect Himawanti takes revenge on him most of all, these are mainly the people united in this organisation who set up hundreds of false sites pretending to be Andrzej Struski or writing about him unsubstantiated slanders.
The people from Ko¶cian are cooperating with them.

Andrzej Struski himself does not participate in writing on the internet forums, his articles are inserted by the people who are interested in his exceptional inventive as well as theoretical creativity.

Gryf144 is the Internet proprietary nickname for the articles of A.S. today devalued by the fanatics who are taking revenge on the inventor and on his works.

Andrzejstruski.com is an authorised original site of the inventor Andrzej Struski.

It contains a narrow outline of the research works that have lasted for several years and that were carried out by the author and his wife Magdalena Struska both in Europe and on the continent of Africa.

A repeated research analysis  that has lasted for several years on the terrain of the excavations of  the ancient Egypt allowed for the origin of new theories that refer not only to the time and to the construction of the Pyramids and the Sphinx but also to the specification of the information contained in the Valley of the Kings and also among other things  to the specification of  the information connected with the underground labyrinth situated not far from this region.

Acting according to the maxim “As above, so below” the serious thoughts of many years in the subject of the cause-and-effect relationship on the physically-spiritual field bore fruit in the form of a number of articles from the series of the Structure of the universe, the Structure of a physical and spiritual man, his emotional, pathogenic aspect and a series of other aspects that have also been unrecognizable by science and the scientists so far.

Contact: as[at]andrzejstruski[dot]com