The Instrument – the Harp and the Lyre
08/05/2011 13:38 - Andrzej Struski de Merowing



The Harp and the Lyre



The instrument is made from several hundred steel bars closely based on the patterns of sacred geometry. In its construction it has two sets of regular tetrahedrons, each of them corresponds to the number 72, as a result these sets create formations which have 24 vertices from which there are led out straight lines parrarel to the edge of the central cube.

Such a geometrical effect created a form of three cuboids which permeate each other and have a common centre.

Each cuboid has the proportions of the Ark of Covenant.

Thus, three cuboids together create a triple Ark of the Covenant.

The length of the edges in the sets of the tetrahedrons is equal and it is 144 mm.

The set of the radii made from the steel bar based on the vertices of this construction allows to obtain the sounds that imitate a wide range of tones of bells.





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