Why does a man has a mind
17/05/2011 08:09 - Andzej Struski de Merowing

Why does a man has a mind


            The mind or rather the minds that a man has are necessary to create complex thought processes. The three minds of a man are chosen in such way that each of them has to do a task  which refers to the influence on the way of acting of a man, the influence which is in accordance with the evolved predispositions of the beings that constitute the mind.

            The mind of the subconsciousness form the spiritual beings the evolution of which is still strongly connected with the physical figures . They form the mind that takes care of the vital needs of a man and is able to negotiate its aims.

            Whereas, the mind of superconsciousness form the spiritual beings that  are by far higher evolved. Their needs are detached from the vital matters, the beings developed in such a way realize themselves in the circle of the thinkers. This what they will wish to put into effect through  the action or thinking of a man will not be always in agreement with the intentions of  the subconsciousness.

            The third mind the consciousness comes into being in order to control the influence on  the way of acting of a man of the two spiritual minds. The consciousness has the obligation to set such a task to these minds that they will realize its intentions in the matter of the way of acting of  a man.

            Such a form of the construction of the minds and of their mutual dependence allows for    the development of the thought-feeling processes in the psycho-emotional system of a man which depart considerably from the natural needs of the physical figure at the same time securing this figure's basic needs. A man creates feelings of incomparably superior quality in relation to other beings,  at the same time he maintains his earthy existence.

            The soul that is embodied into the body of a man needs the emotional matter which corresponds to such a high emotional value which results from a proper quality of thoughts.

            A high quality of  thought processes  can come into existence only in the minds of the beings which are highly evolved. Here, such a state of value secures the mind of the superconsciousness. However, the being that has such a mind thanks to the process of the development lost the features  of a physical being a long time ago.


            A properly saturated emotional matter can come into being only in the emotional systems of the physical beings. And the emotional matter that must be characterised on the one hand by an adequate potential and on the other hand by a quality will not come into being neither in the one nor in the other being.            

            The idea to evolve a man was born from such  needs of the characters and from such causes of  the creation of the emotional matter. A figure of a man who will have  physical and  spiritual needs. A man who will develop in such a way that in both aspects of his personality he will be able to attain a high quality of life.

            In the form of the mind which has a triple arrangement the task of the consciousness is to keep a tight rein on the spiritual aspirations of the mind of the superconsciousness as well as it has the  permission for such a fulfillment of the vital needs which will be acceptable by the mind of   the superconsciousness.


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