part II The needs of the creators of the universe
10/01/2012 00:08 - Struski Andrzej

The needs of the creators of the universe


The needs of a being  that is thinking and that is intelligent are met on the plan of a few areas connected with its life and predilections. In order to define the needs of the creators of the universe it is necessary to specify the basic personal features of the beings that are living there that are called the “souls” on earth. It is also equally important to define the social principles and the needs of that civilisation that I call the “civilisation of heaven”.

The information that is necessary to define the indicated features one can find only when s/he views the life and behaviour of the beings with the embodied soul. The establishment of the proper direction of the search is the issue that will show into what kind of forms of the life of the universe the soul is being embodied.


The first criterion that one should assume will be the assumption that the beings that present  the highest level of development are subject to the process of the embodiment of the soul.

We carry out the estimation on earth thus we can only indicate  the forms of life that evolved here. The indication of the form of life on earth that is the most  developed is easy, it can be only a man.


The second criterion, we must define what kind of the development of one's own figure should have a being that evolved in the universe so that the embodiment of the soul into its figure is possible. For the process of the embodiment to be realised the target being must have an adequately developed physical and spiritual figure. The need of the development of an adequate physical aspect of the figure arises from the place of life of the being that is viewed by us, whereas the spiritual aspect is necessary for the maintenance of the possibility of contact of the embodied soul with the target being. From amongst all the forms of life that evolved on earth only a man fulfills such  a condition.


The third criterion must define the proper features of a man which may answer the needs of the soul that is being embodied. The essence of the soul  that has been ascribed to it for ages locates this figure in the areas that refer to God. The crucial indication is the term: “a shepherd of souls” that is used by the priests. In the pastoral context it refers to a man and the soul that is embodied into him, and in the religious context it refers to God the creator.

The meaning of the phrase “a shepherd of souls” is a kind of a confirmation of the existence of  the needs of the creators of  the universe that should be realised at the time when the soul is embodied into the body of a man. During the whole life a man should pass  for  the soul such values that result from his life and are connected with all aspects of his spirituality.

According to the values indicated by the third criterion, the area of the spiritual life comprises  the features of a man that are responsible for the process of passing for the soul of such values that were  expected  by the creators of the universe as regards the issue of the benefits for its construction.


In conclusion to these three criteria we may state what follows;

1. The fulfillment of the needs of the creators of the universe takes place at the time when the being that comes from their civilisation – the Soul is embodied into the physical and spiritual body of  a man that evolved in the universe.

2. A man that takes the soul is the effect of the natural evolution of the universe and his spiritual figure is enriched by the additional programme in the etheric sphere.

3. The need of the soul is fulfilled in the process of the spiritual life of an adequately developed man who is living in natural conditions that are defined by the name of paradise (the grace of God).

4. In the course of the spiritual life the psycho-emotional system that works according to the will of a man in the optimal environment of paradise creates emotional matter which next in an adequate part is passed for the soul.


In reference to this subject one should specify a few issues connected with the aspects of the etheric sphere and the spiritual life of a man.


The spiritual life of a man.


A man is a psycho-emotional being and each function of the psychical activity creates an effect in the form of an emotional state. The colouring of the emotions that a man creates has an extremely wide spectrum. The feelings play an important part here, they are the instrument that cooperates with the psyche and it is thanks to the emotional character  that a man creates such a rich spectrum of emotions.


The rich spectrum of emotions does not yet mean that all emotions that are being created have a proper state of value for the soul. Love and hatred, happiness and sadness, exultation and fear are the extreme values of emotions. Which of these emotional states are proper for the needs of the soul? We can find a significant clue in the matter that refers to the life of a man in paradise. The environment that exists there provides everything that is necessary for a man. A hungry man reaches his hand for fruit to be sated, a thirsty man does not have to look far for water or juice in fruits, a tired man can rest in each place - there is no danger there and the needs are fulfilled by     the environment itself, hence its term is - the “Grace of God”.


In the description of paradise there is an unequivocal answer to the question; what kind of emotional states does a man have to create to fulfill the need of the soul?

A man living in paradise created only positive emotional states because of the lack of danger and problems, the real reasons for the creation of the states of fear, sadness or hatred do not exist. However,  Paradise as the environment of the original life existed and undoubtedly it still exists in different places of the universe. Therefrom one should draw a conclusion that it is a specially prepared place in order to secure a proper form of life of a man with the embodied soul. The confirmation of such a thesis is the term for this place hidden in the biblical texts that occurs under the name of the “Grace of God”, in other words it is the place that was given to a man by God.


In order to fulfill the need of God and the soul a man as a representative of a homogeneous kind of a figure that evolved in the universe must create in his psycho emotional system as big amount of  emotional matter (emotions – the emotional matter just like everything that exists has a proper state of the condensation of the material mass) as possible with the positive colouring.


Judging the present life of a man on earth we can see a worker that in his/her free moments  looks for rest and happiness. Only a few attain these emotional states at work, most of the people treat their work as the compulsion that secures their existence. Completely happy people are the  exception in the society and do not constitute the social image of the humanity.


In conclusion to such a view of the emotional behaviour of the people one should accept a very sad conclusion; a man is living in contradiction with his natural needs and in contradiction with the needs of God and the creators of the universe.


The inference that emerges from the conclusions and views presented above reveals to us  a completely different picture of a man, earth, universe, its evolution and God. It turns out that a prayer, mortification, or servile obeisance are not God's needs, but one simple thing – TO BE HAPPY.


It turns out that a man who is living in this way pays off his debt of existence, his right to live and not at all for the creation, not for the evolution but for the right to take a being that comes from the civilisation of the creators of the universe – that is equal to God – the being in the form of  the soul that is embodied.




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