The Publication Of The Solution Of The Scientific Dispute That Refers To The Issue Of Time
23/02/2012 22:51 - Andrzej Struski i Magdalena St

The Publication Of The Solution Of The Scientific Dispute That Refers To The Issue Of Time



The magnetic clock in the programme of the evolution of the universe


Part I The essence of the magnetic clock.

Part II The structure of the magnetic clock.

Part III The magnetic clocks of a man.


Magnetism and the forms in which it reveals its activity is terra incognita of science. The recognition of magnetism in the form of the symptom of – the polar magnetic influence – is only the introduction to the recognition of other aspects of its activity in the environment of the matter of the universe. The separation of gravitation and magnetism as the two different forces that exist in the universe is the example of the lack of understanding of the essence of the activity of the magnetism of the universe. The mutual attraction and repulsion of the opposite magnetic poles is only the outer expression of the whole of magnetism. These forces are the effect of the accumulation of the unbalanced sets in the form of the mass of matter on the vertices of the geometrical forms. In this aspect of the structure of the forms that condition the magnetic influence there is a feature which allows for an extremely active and precise activity of magnetism. It is contained in the difference of the vertical mass between the poles. The minimal change of the weight of such a mass is enough for the shift of the poles and at the same time for a general change of the features of the magnetic influence in this material environment to take place.




Extremely active possibility of the shift of the polar values is one of many features of magnetism. Another equally important feature is the mutual angular position of the polar axes. It can only take place in the environment of a stable mutual position of two or more polar axes. Such magnetic features exist in the elements and minerals where the connected atoms from their own polar axes create the sets of mutual angular positions. Here the magnetic particles (it is another feature of magnetism) which cannot be stopped by any condensation of matter that exists in the universe are still whirling on their own tracks or their vectors (the condensation of matter changes the course of the track of the magnetic matter) at the same time creating an individual for each mineral spatial form of magnetic influence.

For example, the use of microelements in the diet is the intake by the cells of the material that carries the original forms of the magnetic fields, necessary for the maintenance of the balance of chemical processes.




 Angular  mutual positions of polar axes also exist in the geometrical construction of dark matter. Such matter has been recognised by the scientists in the last few years as the fundamental mass of the universe. The component unit of this matter is the entity indicated by Plato. The entity as the form of matter is an absolutely regular spatial solid figure in the form of the tetrahedron. I described it in the articles that refer to geometry and the structure of the universe. Each entity has an absolutely homogeneous geometrical form and its own mass as well as regularly in the space  angularly arranged polar axes, what makes of dark matter a universal building material for the coming into being of so many different symptoms of life in the universe. Nano-size of the entities (they are milliards times smaller than atoms) allows dark matter to permeate each (except for the cores of the black holes) form of matter that evolved in the universe. One may compare the physical behaviour of dark matter in the space of the universe to the behaviour of water in a spherical receptacle. Where the biology that is coming into being in the water environment is dominated by the elements of water and the forms of life that are coming into being  do not use it in the form that makes further evolution impossible. Dark matter has a similar principle of influence on the whole process of evolution of the universe , which at the time before the activation of the process of evolution fills the whole spherical space of the future life of stars and it will never be used in a way that will stop the process of evolution of the matter of the universe.




The mutual and stable position of the entities in the environment of dark matter is the cause of the summation of the spatial form and of the magnetic potential of this environment. What comes into being is a regular spatial magnetic field which in the scale of the galactic magnitudes has the potential of the influence on the position of stars and galaxies. The proof of the existence of such a kind of an influence is the discovery of the Spanish scientists from the end of the previous century. Namely, they photographed specific galactic groupings on the edges of the geometrical forms which correspond to the structure of a regular, double tetrahedron with a base of a square.

With reference to the spatial geometrical form of the structure of the magnetic field of dark matter that is being indicated by me such an arrangement of the galaxies is absolutely well-founded and proper from the point of view of the vertical magnetic potentials. The form of the regular pyramid mentioned here with a base of a square is a solid figure which comes into being in each set of regular tetrahedrons as a geometrically natural space that is bigger than the own space of each tetrahedron from this set. As result of it the vertical attraction will act   in such a way that the matter situated inside the pyramid with the base of a square is intercepted   by the magnetic vertical potential of the tetrahedrons. Such an interception of whole galaxies was confirmed by the Spanish scientists as the existing magnetic influence  in the cosmic space. This influence is so strong that it can position the whole galactic sets.


The physical facts that have been presented are the proof of the existence of a regular spatial magnetic net in the whole space of the universe. In  further conclusion we may define the behaviour of the sets of matter and of their magnetic features in such a space. 




1/ Each set of matter that is moving in the cosmic space will be the cause of the coming into being  of the secondary magnetic field which will be the result of the reaction of the own magnetic fields of the set cutting the spatial magnetic net of the universe.

 2/ The set of matter moving in the cosmic space which additionally whirls in relation to its own axis will create the secondary magnetic field – the gravitational one which is many times stronger.




3/ If a planet which has an iron core will be such a set then in its secondary magnetic field – the gravitational one a magnetic field closed by the coat will come into being. Such a field creates a whirling iron core and the coat is the effect of  the consensus of the gravitational potential and of the expansion of the field that is generated by the core of the planet. There is such a magnetic field around our planet, it protects the biology against the deadly radiation that is being send by different cosmic sources including the sun and other stars.




Dark matter and its magnetic effect in the form of the spatial magnetic net create harmony in the whole physical space of the universe. Time does not exist in this space, in other words – time does not run.  The occurrence of motion in this environment will create a local state of chaos and at the same time the run of the time will start.  At the moment when the cause of the chaos – of the motion stops the state of chaos will gradually disappear  and the time will stop running. What is necessary for the occurrence of chaos in the calm – harmonious environment of the universe is the potential in the form of the moving matter which has to be provided from out of this environment. Such a creative force cannot come into existence – come into being in the physical environment, the environment which is in the state of rest and harmony.


Time is closely connected with motion, chaos is the symptom of motion, in other words, the clock is the indicator of the state of chaos. The state of chaos is the indicator of the state of the evolution of  life in the universe, life which will come into existence only in the place and the area of the space of the universe where the creative potential will reach its range of influence.




The theory accepted by science speaks about the beginning that manifested itself in the form of a big explosion. Such a theory is not in accordance with the existence of the environment of dark matter in the space. The theory of a big explosion is a probable theory and then the existence of  dark matter was defined by the scientists as the existing physical state. These are two scientific theories which are mutually exclusive.


One may assume that the beginning of the evolution of the universe has the features of an outer influence. Taking into account the existing symptoms of life in the universe the outer  influence should have two fundamental features of an intervention  into the environment of dark matter.

1/ It should be an intervention done by the matter that was very heavily magnetised with unheard-of density and velocity greater then the speed of light. 

2/ Such an intervention should start in the central place of the spherical space of the universe.

3/ The first activity in the process of the intervention should be the creation of the central mass as the whirling core of the universe.

4/ The next activity will be throwing out of the surface of the whirling core the stream of the above mentioned matter to the space of the universe. Here the moment of the throw may be defined by the name of a big explosion. The amount of matter which the stream should carry must have a bigger mass then the nine-fold mass of the visible and invisible stars which will come into being from its cause. From the maths of specific numbers “called the sacred numbers” it follows that nine such streams should be thrown into the space of the universe (I will present the justification of this number of the streams in the description of the construction of the magnetic clock of the evolution of the universe).

5/ The throws of the streams should take place in equal angular distances, every 40 degrees each.

6/ The consensus of the force of attraction of the core and of the potential of the course of the stream should cause the spiral course and the return to the core after eight encirclements. The return bump of the stream will be in the place of the next throw of the stream, however it will be at the time when the other streams will be already in the space.

7/ The first return bump of the stream will open the second unit of time of the universe.

8/ The course of the stream in the physical environment of dark matter will be faced with resistance and from this reason at the moments of critical overloads specific masses will separate from the main direction of the course of the stream.

9/ The coils will come into being which in the proper places will create the whirling Black Holes  as the Cores of the future galaxies.


Nine such spiral trails from which each one has four coils unrolling and four coils rolling up will create the construction of the Magnetic Clock of the Evolution of the Matter of the Universe. In the space of dark matter the galaxies located within the spiral trail will be born. In relation to the whole space they will take only a minute area and within them the time will run. Outside of them in the space of the mass of dark matter which is still asleep the time will not run. In this place the scientists are again confirming my theory that refers to the structure of the universe and the magnetic clock. Over the recent years behind the galactic sets an immensible “black vacuum” has been discovered. Such a “black vacuum” is nothing else but dark matter behind the peripheries of the galactic sets that came into being within one trail of the stream.


Also the issue of  the “expansion of the universe” which says what has been confirmed by the observations in the cosmic space that our universe is expanding confirms the theory of the existence and evolution of the area around the stream. Such an expansion that has been observed is nothing else but the expansion of the light matter and other kinds of particles which are coming into being within the area of the evolution of the stars next to the trail of the stream.


Andrzej Struski de Merowing.

Cooperation Magdalena Struska de Merowing.


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