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15/03/2012 00:18 - Struski Andrzej de Merowing



The portal Losy ziemi quotes the information about strange sounds that are heard in different places on earth. In  the words: “In many places in the world different sounds appear which have similar frequency and modulation”.



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Similar sounds can be heard during the work of a  magnetic resonator (the examination done by means of magnetic resonance). The difference that can be heard between  sounds that come into being in different places results from the physical character of the environment  from which they are emitted. Without a doubt, these are sounds that are emitted by the magnetic fields that exist in the environment of each condensed matter. Irrespective of this whether it is solid matter in the form of rocks or if it is liquid or gas each physical environment has the sets of its individual magnetic fields. In the physical nature of a star, a planet or any other set of matter which has its own gravitation there are magnetic poles which synchronise its position in the gravitational hierarchy of the universe.


The establishment of such a position does not mean that the changes in the position of  the magnetic poles are excluded. I would like to mention here that the magnetic poles essentially do not have     the character of a stable placement in relation to their individual set of matter. Every significant motion of the magnetic pole is connected with an impetuous interference into the magnetic fields of matter that are surrounding it. As I have already written in the articles that refer to the structure of the universe, the magnetic stream is a set of micro particles that are assigned to each physical form of matter. These unimaginably small units – the magnetic particles create the magnetic fields both around the smallest physical formations – the particles of black matter of which the size is milliards times smaller than the size of the atoms and around  the biggest formations in the form of galaxies. In the places of the condensation of matter (a planet is an example of a big condensation of matter) there are magnetic streams which are born from the magnetic particles which are thrown out by the material formations  that are compressed in a strong way. As a result such streams create a pole axis of the whole set of matter in our case of the planet.


Coming back to the strange sounds that appear today one may say that the shifting magnetic pole is nothing else but a huge stream of running magnetic particles that is shifting in the space of the magnetic fields of matter. Crystalline heterogeneity in the physical structure of the planet's matter is the cause of the occurrence of the individual character of sound in each place on earth. In spite of the diversity of sound (which as I have already written depends on the kind of matter in a given place) the sounds are very similar to each other. This similarity results from the nature of    the cause  of these sounds that is from the interference of the magnetic stream that exists in the pole axis into a new area of matter penetrated by the shifting magnetic pole of which the physical features are always identical except for the intensity – the individual feature of each set of matter. This identity of the physical features of each magnetic stream is the source of the specific sounds which are so similar to each other.


The occurrence of such sounds indicates that there are serious changes in the position of the magnetic pole. The fact that such sounds occur today proves that our planet is in the period of serious changes in the position of the magnetic pole. The changes which have not occurred for thousands of years and this may speak of the probability of the coming of big transformations in the whole of the physical life on the planet earth.


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