09/06/2012 15:59 - Andrzej Struski de Merowing




The Theory of Resetting of a man's Memory as the Result of an extremely Strong Eruption of the Sun at the Time of the Magnetic reversal of the Planet.





The scientists have already carried out some experiments and undoubtedly there are those who understand how dangerous (for a magnetic construction of a man's consciousness) can be too intense radiation of the sun. A man was provided with a specific instrument, - “SECONDARY CONSCIOUSNESS”. In nature each evolving physical or chemical form develops within the range of its own area of life. One of the features of this area of life is a spontaneous ability for inner communication. Such an ability is essentially the consciousness for each manifestation of life and the degree of its effective possibility of activity is the proof of the potential of the expansion of the form that has already developed.


            Each form of life that is higher organised is the effect of an effective work of consciousness. As the result of the evolution of life, of all kinds of forms on our planet we can observe the whole world of biology and nature. Each living form has its own consciousness worked out in the process of cause and effect.


            Essentially, the proper place for the field of the activity of consciousness is the biofield of the biological cell. Here in the magnetically connected area are located the micro drops of water emitted by the cell. Their arrangement in the area of the biofield is closely connected with the record of the memory that is contained in the water that was emitted and which refers to the course of the chemical processes of the mother cell. Biofield is a biological environment with a much smaller density in relation to the area of the cell inside of its cover. In such physical conditions where the density of  matter is many times smaller the processes of communication take place much quicker and the mechanisms of consciousness may contribute in an effective way to the sustainment and development of life.


The consciousness of a man is an instrument which was exposed beyond the biofield of the cells. The magnetic bonds of our consciousnesses are located in the aura, defining it in a different way in a much more rarefied physical space of the figure. Such a localisation of the mechanisms of consciousness gives big possibilities but it also creates danger. In such a case when the aura is subjected to the influence, which is abnormal, of the action of the magnetised smaller than the atoms particles of matter  the destruction of the information that is recorded in the consciousness can take place. If the influence of this kind is very strong the whole memory of a man will be  resetted.

A  natural danger which may cause the indicated problem is the eruption of a large amount of sun's matter at the time of its activity. A well-known matter of exceptionally strong eruptions of the sun which  cyclically grow more intense was the cause of the destruction of many civilisations that came before us. If a man who has the consciousness which evolved  in a different way then the consciousnesses of the animals that are surrounding him will be subjected to the resetting of the memory s/he will become a completely helpless and vulnerable being.

Such a scenario is the true end of the world and even if at that time no big cataclysms will take place for a man each exceptionally strong eruption of the sun is the end of the world. Later thanks to their own disposal in the form of the figure of a man composed of his physical and spiritual part    the successive generations will rebuild the potential of consciousness. A man will achieve the successive abilities and through the Stone Age he will reach a highly developed civilisation. It is a cyclically repeated process ( approx. every 12 thousand years) and it is hard to resist the impression that it was purposefully prepared by the creators of the universe and of a man. Such a reflection is justified in a situation when we look at this what happened to a man in a highly developed civilisation. From a figure of a man who according to the needs of God was supposed to be a being  living in happiness he became a malicious monster.

One would like to say - “WELCOME TO THE PLANET OF THE MONKEYS”




Struski Andrzej de Merowing.


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