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Judaism, Islam, Christianity are unanimously convinced that one day the Messiah will appear in    the world and that he will visit the Temple Mount. However, each of these religions has a different notion and view of the nature of the Messiah and of his future actions.



JUDAISM – says that it will be the first appearance of the mortal Mashiach with a divine Soul who will sit on the reconstructed throne of David.


CHRISTIANS – they believe that the throne of David will be taken by the returning Messiah Jesus Christ, the son of the Virgin Mary.


MUSLIMS – They expect the Prophet Mahdi, however they do not have a uniform  description of the descent of the Mahdi. Shi’a Muslims believe in a forthcoming return of Mahdi. They think that the “righteous” Muslims should do everything they can to precipitate this return even though it could bear fruit in the form of a war conflict.


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad belongs to the Shi’a leaders who believe in the forthcoming  return of Mahdi.


Those who want to precipitate the return of the Messiah agree that some conditions must be fulfilled:


- the most important is the erection of the Third Temple.


Islamic Theologians do not agree in this case with Christians and Judaists, because for the Third Temple to come into being the Dome of the Rock and the  Al-Aqsa Mosque which directly adjoins the western wall that is left after the Second Temple would have to be destroyed.


One should mention here that this Mosque has been the aim of numerous attacks in the course of a few years.


Australian Michael Dennis Rohan the follower of  the Church of God tried to burn down               the Mosque. He was a subscriber of the so-called “The Plain Truth” - the magazine of which the founder was Herbert W. Armstrong, there it was written that the Muslims must be sent away from the Temple Mount, that their building must be destroyed and on this place the Third Temple must be erected. Only then the Messiah will be able to return and Armageddon will begin.


The teachings of Armstrong were adopted by many other denominations including the Evangelists (strict liberal interpretation of the Bible), - if God wants Armageddon to take place let it be according to His Will.





In 638 the armies of Islam conquered Jerusalem. There they came upon a hill which the local Christian authorities had earlier intended for a garbage dump. And it was the Temple Mount the holiest place of Judaism. The Talmud describes that  God took earth from the Temple Mount to create Adam, here also Abraham showed his faith when he offered Isaac as a sacrifice. King David erected on the Hill an altar – a throne. Solomon the son of King David in about 950 BCE built      the First Temple. He was building it for seven years in the place that was indicated by his father David. In about  586-587 BCE the First Temple was destructed by the troops of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II.


The Second Temple was erected in 520-515 BCE. During the reign of Herod the Great this Temple was taken down and built anew, the spacious court-yards were added. On 4 August 70 CE after    the failed Jewish Revolt the Romans destroyed the Second Temple. What is left today are the remains of the Western Wall called the “Wailing Wall” which has been a sacred site of Judaism since the XVIth century. In 132-135 the Jews built a provisional temple for a short time during the  Bar Kokhba Revolt.






The Muslim conquerors cleaned out the garbage from the hill and reconsecrated it. In 690 they built the Dome of the Rock there and in 710 at the site where the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven the al-Aqsa Mosque was built.

In 1099 the Muslims were forced out of Jerusalem by the Christians but in 1187 the Muslims took over  the city again under the leadership of legendary ruler Saladin, who came from Damascus and defeated the Crusaders. In the XVIth century Jerusalem was rebuilt under Suleiman the Magnificent – the ruler of the Ottoman Empire.





Inside of the temple there was the Ark of the Covenant (hebr. ארון הברית aron ha-brit), a wooden chest gold-plated  on the cover of which there were gold Cherubim (angels) that covered the ark with their wings. It was constructed on the desert by Moses at God's command who gave a specific description how it should be constructed. In the Ark of the Covenant there were the Tablets of Stone with the text of the Decalogue which Moses received from God on the Mount Sinai (Horeb). Before the Ark had been placed in the Jerusalem Temple there were also some other objects there (Aaron's rod and a pot of manna). The Ark was situated in a special place called the Most Holy Place (“Holy of Holies”), which was separated from the rest of the temple by a special curtain beyond which nobody was allowed to go only a high-priest at strictly defined time of the year.

Today the Ark of the Covenant is thought to be lost.





A strict control of the TEMPLE MOUNT belongs today to the potentially most explosive but reluctantly discussed contentious matters connected with the vision of Armageddon. The hill lies within the border of Israel, however these are the Muslims who exercise protection over it – an Islamic Waqf is independent from the government of Israel. The maintenance of the cooperation of the Israeli security force and local Muslim authorities is therefore an important element of the protection of the TEMPLE MOUNT.





According to some prophecies the Messiah will lay claim to the Temple Mount. Indeed, the descendant of David has a right to the inheritance of the ancestors, however  Book of Exodus 15:17 indicates a  different inheritance.


Book of Exodus 15:17 speaks of a completely different inheritance than the one that is being inferred from the interpretation. In this instance it is not the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But it is the structure,...Sion.


Book of Exodus 15:17


“You will bring them in, and plant them on the mountain of your inheritance, on the place, which you made for your dwelling, in the sanctuary, Lord, which your hands will strengthen.”


For the Messiah as the expected figure carries within himself the Spiritual inheritance in  the  area of intellect and as a man – the royal inheritance of the blood of David.




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