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                   THE  MATRIX OF THE EVOLUTION part IV







The aim of the large Hadron Collider is to find the particle of God. According to scientists; -


“This hypothetical particle which the researchers are looking for is the Higgs boson that is responsible for giving different elementary particles mass.”

What would giving mass consist in?


“In short, the scientists are trying to establish what is the source of mass”


The recognition of the source or the cause of the origin of mass is nothing else but the recognition of the source of the coming into being of the whole matter of the universe. The theory of the big bang is accepted by the scientific environment as well as it comes from it. If science assumes that the universe came into being in the process of the big bang then no scientist can say that the atoms are empty inside; -


“The problem is indeed quite embarrassing, as we know that the atoms are in reality empty, so why the structures that are composed of them have mass”


“If it was so in reality, then the electrical energy from the atomic power plants would be virtual and it gives you a shock. And it should give a shock to both the scientists who say such things and to the one who writes the texts which are quoted here.”


In relation to the big bang, its coming into being is a physical proof for the existence of mass in the particles of matter. No explosion will take place without the environment of mass. The atoms came into being from matter created in the process of the big bang,  (I have a different opinion as regards the big bang and I expressed my opinion in the articles that refer to the origin of the universe) thus they must have mass. The statement that the atoms are empty inside is also empty.


„The Higgs boson's aim would be to give such a property what would liquidate the problem of endless masses that appears in the equations that arise from the standard model ”


Is the particle of God's aim to save the wrong scientific theories?


Everything that exists has mass. The light has mass, each spherical unit of sound has mass, any “dust” from which light and sound come into being has mass. These are two “bricks” which connected by magnetism make the building material for the evolving matter.


Here I will refer to Genesis and the phrase: - “in the beginning was the word”. In the logical explanation of the meaning , the term “word”: means sound – the sound that has the character of the transmission of information. The word is not tantamount to speech, speech is words. Summing up – the biblical information indicates that sound is the primeval matter from which everything that surrounds us came into being. The physical structure of the particle of sound is the spherical form that has a form of a sphere, empty inside. Such a particle of sound may be symbolically pictured as a soap-bubble. The unit of sound just a soap-bubble has a very thin material layer of the sphere and is ductile. However its resistance to destruction is very high. It can be completely crushed and it will still preserve the ability to return to the spherical form .


Coming back to mass, the particles which are million times smaller than a unit of sound or a photon of  light have mass. These are the “entities”(“separate wholes”), regular tetrahedrons, homogeneous units in the structure of dark matter which according to scientific indications constitutes 75% of the whole mass of the universe (about 75% is dark energy, we know nothing about it) The streams of particles which are being looked for in the hadron collider hit  the physical environment of dark matter, defined as “dark energy” ( it is in the state of harmony and has an absolutely regular structure) and they create chaos in it – that is they activate the life of the universe.


The core of the universe (the central Black Hole) throws out nine such streams (the moment of the  bounce of the stream that feeds the core may be regarded  as the primeval Big Bang but there are nine of them and they take place in a precise succession) , the streams run on a spiral path  in the space of the universe and they dig their way through dark matter. Such a stream – (a set of the particles of God which are  being looked for) must have an adequate mass and pace of motion. According to my hypothesis which refers to the structure of the universe  it runs with the speed that is six times the speed of light, only then it will be possible for the sets of matter which are successively separated from the stream  to create the galaxies.


The mass and dynamics of the separated set will create the core of the galaxy (the central Black Hole of the galaxy) whirling with the speed faster than the speed of light, all black holes in the universe constitute  20% of black matter indicated by scientists  (“20% of the next ones is the so-called black matter which we cannot see.”)


Then, the particles which are being looked for that scattered from the streams will bind  the entities (separate wholes), regular particles of dark matter, creating the inanimate matter, the indicated 4% of the whole mass of the universe. (The particles we are studying constitute 4% of the universe)


Prof. Bartnik says: - “The particles we are studying constitute 4% of the universe, 20% of the next ones is the so-called black matter which we cannot see. Then about 75% is dark energy, we know nothing about it – adds the physicist.”


In the successive stages of the process of the evolution of the matter in the universe there will come into being units of sound, photons of light and atoms in the company of many by-products. All forms of matter indicated here have mass as they have in their structure the particles of God – which are connected with dark matter. Furthermore, the atoms must gain mass at the moment when they come into being as they are constructed from the particles which already have their own mass. 


If atoms had no mass they would not exist and it would not be possible for boson to mark  them it could only build them. And this exactly is the physical process which I indicated in my theory which refers to the origination of matter in the universe. What I indicated there was the influence of the particles from out of the area of the universe which run with the speed many times of the speed of light which connect with black matter that exists in the whole space of the universe.


The potential of motion and the empty weight of the particles of God (from out of the universe) gives, marks the mater that is newly coming into being the physical character of mass and motion.


If the scientists said they were looking for a particle which brings in the potential of motion to the physical environment of the universe, the particle which is the driving force of life this could be  accepted as logical and justifiable. However, the search for the mass for the atoms is  inacceptable.


“to understand the world”


Prof. Bartnik explains what happens next after the publication of CERN on Tuesday: - This discovery does not have any implications. It is pure science. The scientists who are doing such research have one aim: to understand the world – says the scientist.


And what if the scientists are not able to confirm the existence of Higgs boson?


Then the physicists would have to do some work on a completely new model of the particles and this will not be so simple – says Prof. Ernest Bartnik.


- “The particles we are studying constitute 4% of the universe, 20% of the next ones is the so-called black matter which we cannot see. Then about 75% is dark energy, we know nothing about it – adds the physicist – This is the next step to the knowledge of the universe but this model will definitely have to be developed – thinks the professor.”


“It is expected that in 2012 the collider will run at least until November, and then it will be shut down for 20 months, this will increase the energy to 14 TeV.”


“This long stoppage planned for 2013 and 2014 is the cause of the fact that the physicists are working feverishly doing their utmost to use this time. Thus, this year may be decisive for finding the last missing element of the modern theory of elementary particles  the so-called standard model.

This hypothetical particle which the researches are looking for is the Higgs boson that is responsible for giving different elementary particles mass.”


The particle that is being looked for fulfills many tasks in the process of the evolution of matter, it is a universal tool “in the hands” of the “constructors” of the universe. From the standpoint of a man  it is the cause of coming into existence in the process of coming into being of biology of a primary mechanism which controls the processes of life.


The magnetic clock of the matter of the universe and its copies in the successively minimised scales up to the elementary particles is this specific mechanism. The mechanism of the motion of matter in the spatial magnetic construction of the clock determines its coming into existence and the time of the activity ends with the moment of the disappearance of the cause of an adequate direction and potential of motion.


The primary condition for the coming into being of an adequate physical environment that is necessary for the activation of the clock is the cumulation of the whirling mass of matter. Such a condition for the galaxies is the cumulation of matter in the form of an adequately big black hole which will be the core of the galaxy and of the magnetic clock in its scale.


The second condition of the coming into being of the physical process of the magnetic clock is the stream of matter running in the spiral of which the parameters would synchronise themselves with the physical environment around the core.

A man has a whole series of magnetic clocks of different size. They are in the areas of genetics as well as in the scale of the whole figure. They secure harmony among all the symptoms of a man's life. They work efficiently till the moment of the overstrain of the physical environment they are responsible for.


The overstrain will “blow out” the physical set of the clock and the supported form of life

dies. Stress is one of the types of the  overstrain. In spite of the destruction the clock can reactivate itself and at the same time the organism regains balance and harmony.



 Fig. 1 A scheme  of the geometrical pattern of the clock of the first degree.


Fig. 2  A scheme of the clock with the aspect of magnetic horizon for a biological organism.


Photo 1 A sequence of the Matrix of a man – the pattern of the clock and the spiral.


What is visible here is the geometrical set and two double spirals. The set of geometrical solid figures is the  seat of  the clock whereas the double spiral with a visible symbol of frequency fulfills a function of a supporting structure of each one of the nine sequences of the clock. The spiral which has the construction of gold proportion made in gold and silver colour symbolises power supply and the support of the activity of the clock.


Fig. 3 A scheme of the magnetic clock with nine sequences ( a complete set) 


Photo 2 Computer picture from the ATLAS detector. In this collision the Higgs boson could have come into being ( CERN ) A visible similarity of this diagram  to my scheme of the magnetic clock with a complete set of nine sequences of space-time.



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