05/11/2012 23:35 - Andrzej Struski

                         PYRENEES’ GEOMETRY

                        A MYSTERIOUS TRAINGLE OF THREE „BS”

A triangle of the three “Bs”, always searched for and never found is the gate of Pyrenees’ geometry. Assigning those three places allowed me to trace the whole mysterious geometry.


Fot/ 1 This view of a map shows my work within that terrain.

Lines,  circles and triangles which are visible on it, are a proof of our searches which in the first instance were based on mountain’s topography. From the arrangement of circles  we can mark out a terrain, which possess the features of the central rock mass outcrop. Three points are visible, they are linked and form an equilateral triangle, all of them start with the letter “B”. Burgarach – the right bottom apex, Le Bezu - the left bottom apex and La Bergerie the top apex of a triangle and the center of Pyrenees’ geometry.



Fot/ 2 An old signpost hidden in the forest a several hundred meters from the center of geometry which reveals the third “B”.

In a unique place denoted by that signpost stands an extraordinary rock.


Fot/ 3 The rock in geometry’s center, where about 40 seats are situated. In distant times they served to stabilize prisms and light crystals.


Fot/ 4 A rock standing on three sculpted legs.

The three legs compose a triangle, which at the same time denote the triangle geometry of the surroundings. The terrain’s diameter is more than 10 kilometers and that rock stands in its center.


Fot/ 5 The specific arrangement of the three local rivers’ water reservoir.

The two points in the central part above the second river shows the location of a rock in the geometry’s center. On those rock we can spot traces of seats  constructed in distant times and here stands a central three legged rock. On that geometry terrain within the circle the whole water reservoirs of three rivers are situated.


Fot/ 6 A triangle of the three „Bs”.


Fot/ 7 The geometrical forms which stem from the first triangle.


Fot/ 8 The following evolution of Pyrenees’ geometry.


Fot/ 9 The following mathematical step.



Fot/ 10 The final form of the French Pyrenees’ geometry.  

Can it be labeled as accidental , that the localization of 85% of all of the resort situated within that terrain are within the circles or on the geometry lines?

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