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If you do not understand something put it back on the table,

Even a dog should not be kicked!!



                                  The paradox of faith and hope.


When you say God, you are religion,

When you say religion, you are not God.

When you become a priest

You do not become God.



Even God did not suppose

That a human being is able to put him to death

Thy gave him religion, constructed an altar

And took away Paradise and God.



There are standards, there is shepherd’s will.

There are throngs of humble worshippers

But there is no happiness in faith

What is left is hope, the worst stayed.



They tell him; - there is God in heaven

There are duties, there is punishment and redemption.

There are still thousands of other „good things”

Do not look for them, we have got all you need.



The end of world or the end of happiness

A beautiful, subtle bubble of happiness

popped with no bang. Divine harvest is over.

They took away the Soul and all which is divine, from heaven nothing is left!



All of the people on the Earth except a marginal community of non-believers and atheists, believe in God or at least accept the fact that He exists. In relation to a human being God has got his own expectations but he possess no influence over methods of their realization. It is the paradox of our spiritual, social and psycho-emotional life.


In accordance with the assumptions of the Universe’s creators as well as human evolution; God’s expectations are realized in a natural way with no interference of other people. Appropriate psycho-emotional attitude ought to stem from the process of the evolution of matter, a special program of human evolution and his life environment. The process of evolution in the whole universe still runs its course; what has only changed is the environment of a human being on the Earth as well as numerous other planets similar to ours.


The reason of life environment’s change stems from the existence of outer influence on the way a human being thinks and behaves. This influence within the course of several millennia contributed contradictory behaviour features and human needs. The unjustified needs and drastic rules of conduct regarding the Paradise conditions have distorted the natural reactions of emotional consciousness. 

The process of such spiritual indoctrination has started and carries out still in the extrasensory domains. Those areas are beyond the five senses perception and their negative influence over their consciousness is not distressing. Intrinsically, there are not references for understanding the negative character of those changes. It is extremely efficient due to the direction of its functioning, which comprises all of the matters connected with faith.


Such indoctrination serves the forces of evil as an entrance or a vital sphere of contact with every aspect of human life. This crucial contact area means all of the matters connected with his spirituality and extrasensory perception. At the first stage of indoctrination God does not appear. He is a special offer for a human being who while living in paradise knew nothing about God, this is supposed to be “a great news” for him. Great but destructive news as well. While he was living peacefully in Paradise, he needed nothing else to be happy.


An now they tell him; - there is God in heaven, there are duties, is punishment and salvation, yet there are also a thousand of other “good things”. The end of world and the end of happiness. A beautiful and subtle bubble of happiness popped with no bang. Divine harvest is over.


The end of idyll, now it is time for humility and penance.


Describing that vital for the evil forces sphere of contact, we ought to point out all of the activities within the domain of faith and religion. On this area of feeling and consciousness a human being is intrinsically very sensitized and unambiguously distinguished persona. The whole cycle of building religions and exposing the altar Gods was carried out by the forces of evil and was applied to expose their own tools in human life environment. Nowadays there exist and enormous army of people – instruments which serve for the benefit of evil forces, act within the area of restricting happiness and is extremely efficient.


Human happiness as the only God’s needs is a totally unique emotional state (valuable but inaccessible). In exchange for that state the deformed human being thinks a lot about God, talks a lot about Him and affirms contact with him (by means of intermediaries).




Certainly, would the orthodoxies of various religious types definitely say; - „the thought of  God in itself means happiness for me”.


But do they understand the fact that thoughts which do not give happiness takes place (even to orthodoxies) more often and are longer? Such as thoughts about various problems taken from everyday life.


Do they understand facts that those different thoughts stimulate stress, uncertainty and fear and completely destroy the effects of transitory thoughts about God.


All those everyday problems are the success which stem from human indoctrination by means of evil forces. Those negative spiritual beings by creating tolls for their own needs in the form of priests and spiritual masters’ social positions carefully take care and assure that those tool are constantly active.

Not every Priest and every Spiritual Master despite the fact that is exposed to it is supposed to satisfy the needs of evil. What is enough for him is to epitomize the positive emotional and personal conduct for others (in the first instance for his worshippers later for his disciplines) so that they would be able to acquire their own state of happiness and as a result he will become the priest of God’s needs.






                              A soul in the Scorpion’s claws


Reality on the Earth is sad and God knows that very well. Contrary to various opinions which treat God as almighty and omnipotent He himself does not regard himself as such. This great destruction which took place is contrary to His will and in spite of the natural human being’s protection. The influence of evil forces was so unexpected and deceitful that the Creators’ Civilization could make nothing against it.


It is worth to bear in mind that a human being is „God’s child” only in words coming from an altar. Personally and individually and in a way understood by a human being destroyed by indoctrination, a human being is not and never was God’s child.


In exchange for that he is a being which is more valuable and complete; he is God’s equal. This equality is attained thanks to contact with an incorporated Soul. The process of Soul’s incorporation (do not mistake it with incarnation); (of a God’s equal being similarly to the way in which one person is equal to another on the Earth) is a privilege which is accessible only for us or other beings which possess consciousness and feelings system similar to ours. Only into the above mentioned beings souls can get incorporated.


Proper activities on the part of Creator’s Civilisation aiming at change of this gloomy reality has been undertaken by God as quickly as possible. They have been started several thousand years ago and last till nowadays. This is a complex process which to a significant degree takes advantage from activities within the psychological domain. The overall aim is excluding all of the tools of destructive influence on human being in the whole distorted area of the universe.


The Earth has been chosen as a place of carrying our numerous activities and commanding a mission. Such a decision was justified by the possibility of acquiring access of the incorporated soul to human abilities potential. A human possesses one in its kind predispositions for the extraordinarily high development of abilities in the domain of consciousness perception. The second equally vital factor which was taken into consideration at the time of choosing the incorporation system connected with the Earth were all of the systemic magnetic features that are at human’s disposal (which are improperly denoted as vibrations and spiritual energies).


Such disposition plus knowledge allows to develop a person with extraordinary features who is moreover very efficient in action. However, in order for the people with the incorporated Souls which were sent by God would be able to make anything for God; they must break away from the world of illusion.


The Souls which have undertaken this decision and were accepted are incorporated on the Earth. In the first instance, before such a human being would be able to act in accordance with God’s will and in conformity with a task undertaken by his soul in his consciousness understanding of God and His needs ought to occur. The next step from the same domain is understanding what Soul is and what are its needs. After those consciousness changes there opens the possibility of direct action in conformity with God’s needs and in the domain of Soul duties.


As long as understanding God’s needs in relation to human life is relatively easy, the understanding of soul’s matter can prove out to be very difficult. A soul incorporated in a human body does not possess any contact with his consciousness (in that matter people often while evaluating their own soul can mistake it with the spirit). People assuming the possibility of the contact with their own soul mistake the opponent which means mistake soul with spirit in their general understanding. A spirit is able to manifest himself, we are able to feel or hear it. On the spiritual plane a human being can be united solely with the spiritual beings which have been evaluated parallel with a human. They have got ancillary duties in relation to us and acquire benefits from that cooperation.


Among other they serve in the process of Soul incorporation as an indirect ethereal system. Those spiritual beings are incarnated in the first instance (joined with the human body in some kind of symbiosis) and subsequently into a system created by them the Soul is incorporated. The contact of human consciousness is possible only by means of a system constructed out of incarnated astral bodies. Soul’s essence can be only understood and accepted or still do not comprehend it at all. After that understanding a proper processes activates the proper path of human conduct which is different from the one of a human being who cannot break away from the world of illusion.


In turn, the Soul comes from Creator’s Civilisation from the community which constructed that universe and is its owner or the user. It makes use of values which are proper for it which ought to exist at the time of incorporating into the physical human body. During that incorporation it acquires or ought to acquire greatest possible amounts of emotional  matter which state equals to happiness. If a human being does not attain big number of those emotional states a soul might be cut off from the route of coming back to the family. 


This distorted situation of a human being exists on the Earth and numerous other incarnation systems which constitute a grave problem for Creators’ Civilisation and for God. For that reason we undertake activities which are pointed out here and their aim is to release a human from the negative spiritual influences.


                                       Mission on the edge.



The established program is realized in the face of unexpected earlier hardships. Mainly because of that reason that activities from the level of a human being are necessary. It is exactly within the domain of human consciousness where the greatest number of traps have been set.


Program assumptions - one thing, predictions for possible hardships – second but the effect is negligible of almost marginal. A thousand years after my work, a thousand years of many others in the form of Souls can be prove out to go for vain. All that happen because of the unparalleled any other in the world state of illusion on the plane of human consciousness. This illusion blinds the need of God in relation to a human being and the understanding of the essence of their own Soul.


Within those domains strenuous and carried out in unawareness work is being performed by a broad throng of priests and spiritual masters. This work gave full success for the evil forces. Those spiritual being knew very well how to prepare a human being for accepting the Chosen One and all of the people who came together with him.


The effect is shocking, I understood everything and within my own domain I have done it myself. Only that part of my family which descends from pure blood of Christ’s family which means children – descendants in a direct line of Magdalene –mother and Me – father; showed understanding. Apart from that only one human being from an enormous group of newcomers understands God matters and matter of his own soul. This is a deplorable state it could even be labeled as desperate.


                                      Destructive illusion.


Such illusive understanding of God and Soul matters is the merit of religious and esoteric indoctrination on the plane of human consciousness.


Presentation of God’s needs in an erroneous way. Presentation of God’s Son as Saviour who rescues us from the depths of evil, good worshippers and properly shaped disciples is a method of hiding the actual character of God’s intention in relation to His Chosen One.


Presentation of Saviour as a character whose features are not human with a character indicating a spiritual being who has a command over superhuman abilities, erased the actual image of God’s Son as Son of Man.


Jesus Christ also was not a spirit which is why “conjurors” sentenced Him to crucifixion and previously did not understand His message. Despite the fact that he survived the murder attempt for altar needs he was labeled as The Holy Spirit. The next generations of “conjurors” have undertaken task which is diligently performed till nowadays and the effects of those tasks are against God’s plans.


The process of inculcation within the course of thousand years such an illusive image of the awaited Saviour has unambiguously conditioned the generally understood character of such a “Saviour”.


The presentation of the End Times essence in a manner which is subordinated to and ordered by religion and esoteric and most of all notoriously disregarding prophetic omens resulted in total misunderstanding of God’s intentions in this matter. Manipulations over the biblical transfer and its most vital element – The Book of Revelation of Saint John from Patmos have removed from human sight God’s transfer in His own case connected with the End Times.


As a consequence, logical recordings became illegible even thought still in the source text they have retained their logical transfer. Information which are inscribed there are of no interest to anyone they are too easy, almost childish and in relation to that they cannot be accepted.


In such a way human being get blinded and now when the time of prophecies has finally come and we observe the foretold course of events it is not distinguished properly by anyone.


The indications of „The Chosen One” figure, who is The Son of God and whose path was prepared by God are specified in the Book of Revelation in details. There are many exact designations in the text of The Old and New Testament. Also other transfers exits and they also indicate the features of God’s Son and his earthly family’s Arrival. All those elements are of no importance for a human being in his governed by illusion consciousness. In return for that he absorbs countless amount of imagined nonsense derived from the prophetic texts.


And such was God’s enemies plan. People are subordinated to the consciousness destruction program, devoutly listen to priests and spiritual masters and even do not make any attempt to think in any other way. There is one more element of god’s transfer which is left and which in great details is presented in the House of Graal’s Testament.


Rennes le Chateau became a mecca for pilgrims from the borderland of religion and esotericism. Numerous specialists within the domain of discovering mysteries came here, worked here for many years and rest on their laurels of bestsellers. None has ever distinguished anything special here, everyone lives with the myth of Sauniere’s parson and the illusion of real Ren’s history.


This great deal of interest possess well justified reasons whose proofs we managed to discover. Drawing conclusions from poor results of our predecessors in discovering mysteries; our work must have been privileged in some way. All of the discoveries have been made in a short time working with no help from any specialist. A prophecy exists which tells that mysteries connected with the House of Christ will be discovered only by legitimate descendant.


The text of The House Of Graal’s Testament published by us in an unambiguous way shows two families: the family of Christ and Magdalene as the first and the family of theirs. The characteristic features included in the testament and indicate the family of descendant are in 100% in accordance with characteristic features of my family. 


Below I present the list of discoveries for which we possess proofs:


  1. Sauniere’s transfer about the place of hiding the entrance to historic treasure.
  2. The mystery of Magdalene’s tomb and the Supreme One .
  3. Druids Temple of the Earth in Rennes les Bains.
  4. Archeological artifacts connected with immemorial times that those years could be counted in dozens or even hundreds of thousands. 
  5. An enormous stone pit which existed so long ago that the traces of spoil in rocks have been erased by the natural erosion process.
  6. The stone pit was accompanied by special light and sound systems and their proofs of existence can be found in the forms of archeological artifacts. We have discovered hundreds of them.
  7. According to our theory, rocks mined here served in the process of building pyramids on the Earth.
  8. In view of this theory sunlight was concentrated on enormous cristals and the sound emited by devices placed on slope planes allowed for processing stone blocks and added them proper resonance.
  9. We have discovered mysteries which were transferred by other parson from Rennes les Bains namely H. Boudet.
  10. The first one but also the last of our discoveries which is published is the Testament of the House of Graal in Rennes le Chateau. There are included precise details which indicate me and my family as those for whom everyone (is waiting, but is not waiting.”


Nobody is willing to acknowledge those fact, nobody even questions whether it is the truth. People omit facts included in our information. They behave as if they would be afraid of the those information. They prefer looking at the artificial light and even do not see the sunlight. We present only facts supported by evidences. This is not illusion, it is blindness.



For a human there are two important indications; - do not judge and forget.

Do not judge means do not interject if it is not your matter.

Forget means forget about everything which does not exist nowadays on your life path.


What is enough is not to judge in order to harm ourselves or other people.

Forgetting will allow you to acquire more happiness as remembering about all of the problems successfully stifles that feelings.


If you have evaluated you have the duty to present proofs as justification of your evaluation.

If you do not forget, wander over your health and what reasons may stem from that memory.


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