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The End Times and the end of the world is not only a date announced by people and astronomical phenomena this is also God’s matter. The fact that the end of the world is or could be God’s matter stems from biblical prophecies which point to the End Times. In those prophecies many information are included which mean that they are vital for God.

In the Bible end of world’s date is indicated by various references to events and factual states which ought to be fulfilled within the given time. No exact date is indicated there , it is known only by God. The date announced by people out for pure nature of such prophecy cannot be adequate.  On the indicated by human end of world’s dates such reality cannot come into being. Thus, on the21st of December 2012 an event which would  cause world’s end cannot happen.

By occasion of that date an extraordinary event occurred on the esoteric plane of human life. An information has spread which tells us that on exactly the same date a specific end of the world will occur. It would consists in consciousness change or transfer into other dimension.

We would be able to wave those matters aside as in fact they are both absurd. There are not even slightly justified and not related to any existing aspect of human life. Perhaps with the exception of esoteric visions and spiritual meditations which direct human thoughts to vague sources.

The merit of the issue which tells about consciousness change is unacceptable from the point of human nature. Human consciousness is not a car as someone used to say. This is the main plane for the proper course of psychic and emotional life, conscious action and experiencing motional effects. For that reason no one is able to change it within himself/herself in just one moment as a car would be changed. What is required for consciousness change is time and free will.

Time means numerous years of determined mental work and personal determination. I cannot even image how do those populist specialists imagine this momentary or even several days process of consciousness change. If they would be as kind as to describe the major aspect of the change process itself I would be able to justify its groundlessness in relation to human nature and God’s needs.

Transfer into other dimension is an ordinary fairy telling it would be better if those people go for a walk and admire earthly natural environment.

There is one more aspect, namely Aliens who rescue us. This is a genuine science fiction and not only are no proofs but also exist some reasons which allows us to adopt such an action as possible in short time of physical planet’s destruction.

If there is some end of the world, I will be the first to know about it.

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