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 The  banishment would be probably a better fate than the one that happened to the only ancestral line which is the line of the Holy Blood of the Merovingians. After the years of splendour came dark ages and then the descendant of Christ disappears from the eyes of all the people. Only God knows what are the ways of life that the successive descendants of this house follow. The secret was so big that even they themselves did not know that they have in their veins the bluest blood on Earth. The last one known and protected Merovingian disappeared in Montsegur and he disappeared without trace. He could say nothing about the origin of his own house to his successor and the successor had nothing to say to his successors then.


The Cathars and the Templars protected that house up till the time when they themselves were decimated and deprived of all rights. The powerful mortal enemy is merciless, it does not talk only it looks for and murders everybody who is recognised by it as the probable member of this house. It murders everybody who dares to help them to hide themselves, thousands of people die. In this way centuries pass, it has been ages since the people  from this Holy House were seen or since somebody heard of their place of stay.


Only the successors of those who in the remotest times protected the successors of the Royal dynasty of the Merovingians who were known at that time say that they are still hiding and protecting Graal. Nobody of them since the time of the Massacre in Languedoc saw the successor but the protection of the Divine matter  remained their duty and in their character. In the course of the time of the successive ages passing the next generations of the Knights enlarge their ranks and at the same time they separate themselves and differ in their activities on the plan of the protection of the descendant of the pure blood of Christ. There are groups of Knights who are exercising this protection in the company of and also by consent of and on the “advice” of the vatican Father of those who are persecuting and murdering the descendants of this house.


It is now the sixth century since the descendant of Christ was last seen in public and the slaughterers from the infernal legions do not stop  hunting. And despite the fact that for six centuries nobody has seen or heard of about the existence of the descendant they do not stop. To leave nothing to chance the Big Father of black legions decides to make an extra purge in the ranks of all the French men.  In the Vatican all those who have the Blue Blood and the noblemen are sentenced to death. The whole French nation is used in order to carry out this task. And the General of the Jesuits becomes the  secret promotor of the Revolution. This order fits perfectly well for “contract killing” and for all activities of the worst character as what it already has in its oath is the obligatory service for the forces of evil. They swear on their life that they will spy, chicane, murder and do many other things which are criminal offences from the point of view of morality and the law of things. They swear that if they do not carry out an order they agree to the most cruel death. Such an oath can be sworn only by the Knights of Evil. It is sworn by the Jesuits, the monks who in reality are the soldiers of the Vatican, the army created by a man who was considered to be a saint, by Loyola in 14...


The revolution that is levy in mass in fact was not such a common act and a plan to murder everybody who could in their families hide the descendant of Christ was raging in the whole France. There was one thing that the “Big Holy Father” did not understand that his plans and  the  murderers who were realizing those plans were fighting with God's plans. God's plans unlike the Vatican's plans are being realized by the people who are doing everything from the nature of their lives. Nobody gives them orders, they are completely unconsciously realizing God's intentions.


It has not even come to anybody's mind  in the Vatican nor to the mind of anybody else that the successive descendants are born as the ordinary people, farmers, craftsmen or the soldiers. And it is obvious that if the runaway from Montsegur was not able to pass anything about his lineage to his successor, then also his descendant was not able to pass a royal title to his successors as he himself knew nothing of it.


The Divine plan manifests itself in the intentions of these people who are connected with the matters that refer to the families and places where the successive descendants of the blood of David and Christ were born. These intentions did not result from the revelations, visions or spiritual transfers, they appeared in consciousness at that time when the people who were connected with the matter were doing at the given time the things that were connected with the subject and at the same time with the plan of God. In this way there came into being the whole set of things and transfers that embraces all the past millennia which contains in itself the information from God. Just as these pieces of information came into being only from the “accidental”  intentions in the same way only a man who has in his consciousness the proper prepared according to the plan of God abilities and extra information that refers to the ciphered thing can read them.


Then, the Vatican's plan that is the one that ordered to liquidate the descendants of Christ's blood,  originated from Satan. Such a plan must have come into being in the consciousness of such a being that is symbolised on Earth as evil and most often as the figure with horns. The Vatican is the place where  the adornments of the Basilica and also of other structures are filled with the figures that have horns. The four pillars that are supporting the Baldachin in the central place of the Basilica, above Peter's tomb are decorated with sixteen figures. All these figures have horns and eight of them have not only horns but also they have a demonic image.


The character of the adornments in the Vatican and the well-known from history both brutal and psychological persecutions that were used by the Pope's people are closely connected together and they are the proof of the existence of a link between Satan and the Vatican.  This plan that is against God has also been active and has existed on Earth for a very long time and its aim is the elimination of the divine features in a man's consciousness. To a man it is passed by means of the revelations which are accepted as the holy ones but in fact they come from the forces of evil. Different forms of such revelations blinded the people in such a way that they are not able to recognise  the matters of God.


When Satan saw that the descendant was escaping from the “Pope's dagger” he has influenced the way of the behaviour of the Catholic priests in such a way that their transmission that refers to the coming of the Son of God presents God's plan erroneously. Even if the expected Son of God (who from the blood and from the spirit is the descendant of Christ)  says here I am, does the things that nobody else is able to do and shows all the proofs nobody will understand it “stood a Lamb as it had been slain”. They will not see him and they will not understand him as for some people if he is not living in a Palace then he is not the expected King. For others he cannot be the Son of God if he is not rising into the air on a cloud. And some of the people do not feel that he is saving them from oppression, thus he cannot be the Son of Man the expected saviour.


Nobody understands the plan of God as everybody thinks according to the priorities that were passed to them in the teachings of the priests. Nobody wants to see a different one then the expected saviour should be  (according to the priests), as everybody has his/her own expectations. Nobody will accept Him as a different one as everybody has his/her own needs. Everybody knows God perfectly well and everybody knows what kind of a saviour will come, but he is not from the plans of God but from the teachings of the horned one.


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