part IX The numbers of the evolution
17/08/2013 20:03 - Struski Andrzej

 The numbers of the evolution




The evolution of the life of the universe takes its beginning from the smallest set of matter which comes into being in a ternary process of its formation  (development). This principle is responsible for the coming into being of each manifestation of life in the universe, both of stars and of biology.

Although the source of the causes that condition the coming into being of a biological cell with its whole chemical mechanism has not been explained this lack of knowledge does not change a ternary form  of the development of matter in the process of the evolution of the universe. The manifestation of  this type of form of development is the example most familiar to us, “mother + father; create a child thus causing the development of species”.


On each stage of the evolution of life in the universe there must come into being the causes for its further development. A “mother” as the first cause must have specific features of its own which have the ability, however they lack the potential for expansion. It is a kind of a physical, chemical or biological environment which used up the available and assimilable potential of development. At this moment it awaits for the coming into existence in the outer environment of such a cause, a “father” which in harmony with its abilities will allow for the development and coming into being of a new environment in the form of a “child”.


In the process of the evolution of the universe different forms of development of a single ternary  stage take place. They can be characterised by the saturation and quality of the inner processes of a “mother”. The stages of the first series are not complicated and the simplest processes work there (only) physical ones. Before the first effects a “child” evolve which could take the name of a “mother” that has its own causes which will make the coming into existence of an effect of a “child” as a chemical process possible a lot of time in the evolutional life of the universe will pass. At this time a series of more and more developed stages of evolution on the plan of the physics of the universe will develop.


The stages of evolution in the area of the physical and chemical processes need uncomparably shorter time in order to achieve the ability of creation of the processes on the plan of the stages of the evolution of biology. However, the intensity of development in such processes is much bigger. Such a proportion also occurs in relation to the next stage of the evolution in the universe;- the evolution of biology.


An incredibly big complexity of the stages that occur in the evolution of the universe must have very precisely set frames that will secure the behaviour of the assumed directions of expansion.

The instrument that forms or enforces the way and the character for the processes of the evolution is magnetism. This kind of the instrument is characterised by an exceptionally big precision in action, it may also be said that it is absolutely precise. The area of the activity of magnetism in the process of the evolution of the universe embraces each stage and each particle. It fulfills a role of an ubiquitous binder and at the same time it precisely separates different sets of matter. It is an instrument that can form in motion the sets that were united earlier, which also can keep the memory of the form for the time of milliards of years.


Magnetism allows for the use of the mathematical description of events which occur in the formation of different kinds of the evolution of life in the universe. Each kind has its own and safe path of development of which the stages may be defined and formulated in frames of numerical references. The process of ternary evolution obliges one to accept a specific form of countability.

In such a process there is a lack of the causes for the mathematical differentiation of the function of a “mother” and a “father”. These are from the natural effect two coordinate causes for the coming into existence of the final effect in the form of a “child” that automatically at the moment of the end of the process becomes a “mother”, thus one of the two initial causes, however it is a new, different form in the area of value.


I assumed the use of a nine-degree scale of numbers and a set defined by numbers;- 0;-10;-20, etc., as a base of the coming into existence of one or of a few scales of development, classified by the successive numbers from a numerical series from  1 to 9. Such a mathematical description will only indicate the degree of the development of an individual form on its path of evolution, it will only indicate its individual character and it will not refer to other forms on the plan of countability.


A naturally existing limitation in the area of a general countability is compensated in the area of the depiction of the character of an individual that is being defined.

For example, let us take the first stage of the evolution of matter on a physical plan;- a „mother” and a „father” will be described here by a number  „0” and the effect a „child” by a number „1”, (0-1).

There will come into being an innumerable number of identical physical forms described as  (0-1), it is a form of the firstlings. From such  matter in a further process a series of physical forms will come into being and next sound and light, and next the atoms will come into being, then the stars and the whole material mass of the universe.


In reference to a man whose physical and spiritual figure is the effect of the evolution on the physical, chemical, biological and etheric plan the use of countability will be very complex. In the area of  „0”-„10”-„20” etc. there will be four fields of many numbers, one for each plan. Then in the area of the series from 1 to 9, only in the area to nine, depending on the present state of development of a man. A series to nine will illustrate the spiritual and physical state of a man, which can be accepted in reference to proper colours-vibrations for each number.



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