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In the past the young souls obtained the rings – the sensual instruments – in the same maker which served for the creation of the personal spiritual body of the being. The program of the creation was divided into two stages. In the first stage the personal body was created and at the moment when the creation of the being was finished the second stage began. Around the being that already existed the senses were created  - the rings – from the matter of a lower type of crystallinity – quality. The matter that was intended for the creation of the rings had a crystalline quality and a spectrum of features that were similar to the emotional matter that is being created by a man when s/he is the state of feelings and in an emotional state which occurs at the time of experiencing happiness.


Such a process of coming into being of young souls existed at the time when all the beings that lived in heaven developed emotional states in their system of feelings. The emotional processes have a big influence on the process of aging.  Because of it it was decided to make a referendum in the matter of the limitation of the individual emotional process on behalf of longevity. The proposal was accepted by the majority of the souls that were voting.






The change of the limitation in the creation of emotions consisted in the intervention into the construction of the sensual instruments and the removal  of these aspects of the construction which were responsible for the coming into being of emotions. In other words, the change consisted in the limitation of the personality of feelings and emotions. As a result of such a process a serious problem of environmentally friendly nature emerged.


After such a change the souls became more sensitive and they were not very resistant  to the outer influences of heavier emotional matter (from these values that are used for the creation of the sensual instruments of the soul, and in relation to a man – emotions of happiness or love), which previously were completely natural for them. Even more dangerous (not environmentally-friendly) turned out to be the negative emotions emanated by these beings that did not undergo the operations of the change of the emotional values and they were still living creating different emotional states.


Consequently, a serious problem for the whole civilisation  came into being.  So long as the first matter  (the creation of the sensual rings) could be solved, with the second matter serious social encumbrances were connected.  What to do with those who are living in the  „old” emotional system.


They have a full right to such a life – a life that is in agreement with the free will. On the other hand, their life is a serious danger for all the other souls who after the change became very sensitive and react badly to the influences of negative emotions.


Because of the fact that the whole „cosmic”  space of the civilisation is brought into cultivation  and there is no safe place for the localisation of the group of the souls which did not undergo the change of the form of life it was necessary to draw up an emergency plan.


In the meantime, the first problem was solved. The creation of the sensual rings was separated from the program of the creation of the personal spiritual body of the young soul. The second stage  (the creation of the sensual rings), did not take place in the makers which were situated in the families any longer, there huge danger of the disturbance by means of heavy matter existed. There came into being the centres which also were not completely safe (just as the power plants in our civilisation).


With time this problem was completely solved. The ways of creation of  sensual rings outside of the cosmic environment of the civilisation of heaven were worked out.







The best project was accepted for realisation and as a result of it the successive universes came into being and they are still coming into being. In such an outer structure (by the way: - of the size which is of a few billions of light years), the final product of the  „natural” evolution are the beings whose psycho-emotional systems meet the needs of the soul. A man on earth belongs to a circle of such beings. Now it is enough to transport  a young soul to one of many systems of embodiments and there  under the protection of the local spiritual beings  (that also evolved in this universe), this young being from heaven will obtain (after is is embodied into a body of for example a man) perfect sensual rings. It turned out that the beings exposed for the production of the emotional matter intended for the souls' rings create the matter of bigger scale of colouring that is it is matter that is of a better quality. Such emotional matter adds individual personal character in the area of sensual contact of each soul.


The whole process was going on completely trouble-free. One embodiment was enough for the young soul to obtain an adequate size of the rings. The environment of life of the beings into which the souls were being embodied  (a man called this environment a paradise and religion called it the grace of God), completely fulfilled the needs and security protection, what followed from the project.


In spite of a perfect project and a trouble-free exploitation a disturbance of the environment of the beings with the embodied souls took part. This disturbance made it impossible for the big number of  the souls that were embodied and with time for the majority of them to come back to the families. The disturbance also refers to our civilisation of embodiments on Earth.









A project of the solution of the second problem came into being. There was a proposal to build in the universe an enclave for the souls who “live” in the old emotional system. After the agreement  was made between all those who were interested in the subject  in relation to all the conditions the enclave was made. It agrees completely with the conditions of the life of the souls which exist in the environment of the civilisation of heaven. The only difference is such that when the universe reaches the end of its exploitation the enclave just as everything in the space of the universe will also be liquidated.



The alternative for these souls who populate the enclave is the return to the mother civilisation. However, the return will be possible if they agree to the process of the change of life in emotions to the state of life only in toned feelings.



It turned out that such a perspective does not satisfy these beings although in the perspective of time they are endangered by death. As it turned out they found for themselves a solution in this difficult situation. First and foremost they decided to enlarge the population, they did not have the makers of the young souls at their disposal. They cannot enlarge the population in a natural way. They invented a way how to steal the young souls from the civilisations of embodiments which are located literally behind the wall of the enclave.


The procedure's plan was to change the human relations in the environment of life of a man with the embodied soul. The whole idea had one serious defect, the soul had no possibility to carry out the idea. There are no instruments in the enclave which would make the contact with a man's superconsciusness possible.








They decided to go by a round-about way which although difficult it was promising. The idea was such that it was necessary to make contact with the Angels that controlled the systems of embodiments and convince them to collaboration. There was no possibility to make drastic changes in the way of life of the people in such a way that would not be noticed by the supervisors from heaven. It was necessary to convince them to cooperation what was finally done  (Archangel Michael and other Archangels are the example).



The next step on the way of the destruction of paradise was the „mobilisation”  to cooperation  (while the Angels did not know it) of the spiritual beings that were responsible for the service of the system of embodiments. However, it was only a matter of time, here there were a few methods of action, among other things the threatening by means of the influence of negative matter and demonic beings.



When they had the access to the superconsciousness of a man it was enough to spot those people who had specific features. They were distinguished by the fact that they were a positive example to other people by their conduct. In the successive generations through the manipulation in superconsciousness they caused  the occurrence of the first cases of the needs that were not justified by the conditions of life in the Paradise.


For example I will describe a situation where a man who was considered to be a model of conduct began to think in a different way. With time his/her superconsciousness exposed a process of behaviour that had not existed before. S/he as a man who from her/his nature disinterestedly advised other people so far started to think in a different way.


S/he thought why I who give my experience to others as a piece of advice which always works well cannot use help of those whom I help?


S/he thought that if somebody in exchange for the piece of advice brought her/him a  „banana” then it surely would not be wrong.


It was the first unnatural and excessive need as the “bananas” were near at hand. But s/he thought that s/he is a model for others, gives them pieces of advice, then let they do something for her/him as well.





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