The Messiah is living on earth in the present times
01/12/2013 19:16 - Andrzej_Struski

 Many people speak about him, even more people are waiting for him. The Final Times have come. He is living, the people meet him, some people even know who he is, however they do not accept it in their consciousness.  It is the success of Lucifer, his only enemy that was supposed to come to deprive him of the instruments by means of which he influences a man's consciousness  was deprived of the expected help from the people. It was enough that in the mind of a man germinated a thought which depicted the Messiah as a powerful spiritual being who is coming to free people from the powers of hell. Such a deception was successfully inserted into a man's consciousness. Now, the people are waiting for their Saviour and they do not understand that the Son of God is living among them. Among the people who are living now there are also those who came here together with him. They hold high posts in heaven (as the contents of  the Apocalypse indicate) and together with the Son of God - the commander of the troops of heaven - they have to do a task here on Earth in the final times. I will mention it again that for the needs of Lucifer it was enough to change a man's thinking. The people who are waiting for a spiritual figure will not accept the physical figure.


            I hope that there are people whose minds have not been completely enslaved, therefore I will indicate the proofs of the physical life of the Son of God in the present times.

            There is an inscription on earth which indicates the precise date of the Messiah's birth. There are indicated His initials and the initials of his wife. There is a certain number of children that they  must have so that the seals which are being indicated in the contents of the Apocalypse will open. The family of the Messiah - the family of seven persons is the Lamb that is  described at length in the contents of the Apocalypse. There are proofs hidden in the ciphered contents of the Apocalypse which indicate such information.

            To the figure of the Messiah  prophesied in different forms specific characteristics were ascribed. One of them says that the Son of Man will have a huge knowledge. The man who is living today whom the existing testament  is indicating has such knowledge. The history shows great thinkers, however His knowledge has the range that is incomparably bigger. It is an existing fact, however despite of this fact the people do not understand the essence of the matter. There is not much time left and the forces of evil have more and more power for the defence of their position in the Universe. It can happen because of the blindness of the people. Only a free and strong man can destroy the instruments which serve Lucifer's need. That is why the commander of the army of heaven embodied himself into the body of a man. There are many embodied Souls together with Him who are indicated in the contents of the Apocalypse as those "who have ears" -  the people who understand the spiritual aspects of a man's life  as the war with evil will take place on the spiritual level.


            His bloodline is in the Israeli nation, and more precisely in the thirteenth generation. Like Jesus Christ He comes from the house of David, however He is the Pole.

            His awakening at the age of thirty-three  agrees with the time when the beginning of the final times is indicated in the ciphered contents of the Apocalypse. He is living now as an ordinary man just like Jesus Christ was living. The consciousness of people formed against God's will is the obstacle to the proper recognition of  the Messiah who is living today on earth. There are a few places in the ciphered contents of the Apocalypse  which indicate the physical character of  the figure of the Son of God who is living on earth. There is also the hierarchy of Heaven and of  the family of God that is indicated there. The figures that are indicated in the first chapter live in  the royal family of God and they hold  the posts in the hierarchy of Heaven which are due to them.

The information which says that the Messiah and Jesus Christ are two different figures is presented in a  clear and unquestionable way. Jesus Christ depicted in chapter I, verse 5 as the "princeling" cannot yet hold any post in the hierarchy of heaven. His brother comes as the Messiah who is the commander of the troops of heaven and who also is the King of the Universe in which we are living.  

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