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Two popes both from the same order: From the order of the Jesuits: the black general Adolfo Nicolás and the black Jesuit chosen as a white Pope.


If one serves Christ so why there is the second one?

If the order of the Jesuits was set up then they should cooperate with the Pope, do they not accept the Pope?

If the first Pope is the apostle of Christ and the second one governs the army of Christ so why there are two of them, is one not enough?


Why is the first one chosen openly and the second one quietly?

Different people ask this type of questions.


The fact of the existence of two Popes in one church, or in other words in one denominational community, is in fact a surprising thing and it should puzzle those people who are able to  judge independently the matters of God and religion. First  of all, such a state of things diminishes the value of the first Pope, it brings the questions which question the ability to administer the whole structure of the church by the Pope and his Cardinals.

The information about the existence in the Vatican of the second unofficial Pope comes as if from the underground or the background, at the same time it spices the whole matter. Questions and doubts arise, many people wonder what kind of order it is for which it is possible to influence the Vatican  in such a way that this kind of information comes from that place.


And the order of the Jesuits is, to put it mildly, the order that is acting aggressively. Not like all the other orders of which the main idea is the life in contemplation of God and Spirit. The Jesuits on the contrary apart from the contemplation of God or omitting it enter the plan of the social life and they do it in the true sense of the word. The brothers are everywhere where a new social trend is born, they take part in all important matters of the world and they try to be those ones who will do the most important activities. However, they do not pride themselves on the fact that all those things they do in the name of the order, they act in concealment and on both sides of the front of the events.


Such activities are in a complete  contradiction to the official motto of the activity of the Vatican and the most important thing is they are in contradiction to the climate of religion and  the transmission of Christ. However, they called themselves the soldiers of Christ and by others simply his comandos, that is the soldiers who act more aggressively.


As they say: “there is no smoke without fire” and “every rumour has some truth in it”, also as regards the matter of the activity of the disquiet brothers such information has to come from some source?


Taking into account the sedulously fondled picture of Vatican politics with the course of time it was more and more difficult to conceal the influence of this rapacious order, not only on the plan of social events but also in the Vatican itself. As a result of it, a figure of a grey eminence of the Vatican represented by the person of the general of the Order of the Jesuits was born. In the course of time he was defined by a name of a “black Pope” and the rumour says that he has a greater influence than the “white Pope”.



Taking into account the information about the activity of the order, both in the historic times and today, then if only some of it turned out to be true one should regard the order of the Jesuits as a group of the people who pull the strings of the politics of the whole world.




Where is here the message of Christ?


Such is this order of the Jesuits, however the order stands for the people who carry out the tasks, who assigns those tasks and for the needs of whom?


There is no activity without a cause  (read need), thus there exist the people for whom those rapacious brothers act according to the oath they swear in exchange for their own life. And the contents of the oath are really Luciferian, the features of the phrases that are contained in the oath are the proof of my indication of such a kind as it is of the reference of the contents. These phrases  (and in the contents of the oath there are more than a few of them), have such a character that is often ascribed to the activities of dark forces or criminal organizations.


Is this a way how the soldiers of Christ should act?


If Christ was a bloodthirsty dictator then they should indeed but he never was such a person.


Thus, what are the characteristics which his self-appointed black comandos ascribe to him?


Are they working for Christ at all?


Summing up the information about the black order we can find the cause of the influence of its promoter or promoters in the environment of the authority of the Vatican. We can find  the source of the definition of a “Black Pope”. 


We can recognise completely different needs and forms of activity then those which are defined by the official doctrine of the Vatican.  Taking into account the force of clout and the way of the activity it' s hard to escape the impression that this order must act in concealment and behind the facade of the service to Jesus. Its potential must reveal itself on the plan of the highest authority and not only in the Vatican.


Such features of the order  explain why there are two Popes in the Vatican and why one of them is called “black”. They explain why there has to be a “white” one and why there is a “black” one. The Pope here called a “white” one that is to say the official one has an official character of the “Holy Father”, he must be white. It will not be possible for him to manage the rapacious army of the people, who de facto are to control the whole world of a man. First, the Pope ordered the  creation of the order and today the order took over a complete authority putting in the black brother as a white Pope.




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