17/06/2015 23:57 - Andrzej Struski de Merowing


The Holy Grail, myths, legends and reality of the whole masses of prospectors and enthusiasts. The eternal longing and the desire of many people to get to know or to acquire the Holy Grail is still alive and cultivated in a variety of ways.

The Holy Grail is there. Where it is I already knew at the time when I had learned the whole system of human magnetic patterns. The Holy Grail is an ethereal instrument and is located within the human magnetic system. Processes and forms of the ethereal matter motion within the human magnetic system are shaped similarly to a complex form of chalice. In the past people, when visualising ethereal (spiritual) areas, could perceive these chalice-like forms and such experience provided a basis for the myth of the existence of a Holy Grail in the form of a physical vessel. The chalice called the Holy Grail does not exist, it is only a myth. Forces and special events experienced in the past by various people in conjunction with the Grail in the form of a physical chalice resulted from spells. The most unpleasant thing in this whole story is that these spells did not come from God. The matters related to forms of action and the keys of the Holy Grail were a God's mystery. Only Lucifer (as he possesses the mystery of the Coronets of the Crown of Heaven (with two of such Coronets being at his disposal) which is evidenced by the Book of Revelation, and thus he knows the secret of the Holy Grail) could pass this secret to astral beings which then contributed to the witchcraft associated with the Grail in the form of a physical chalice.

Today, on the 10th of May 2015 in the morning, after thirty one years of learning from God and five years of hard work on the human magnetic schema I’ve learned the PENTAGRAM KEYS opening the way to the HORIZON OF THE HOLY GRAIL. Knowledge that no human being has possessed yet. This exquisite horizon is an ethereal area from which there is access to all aspects of the Holy Grail.

At this point I realised why the black magic mages adhere to the pentagram features and the patterns of five so strongly. They do it to gain access to the GRAIL HORIZON. Although they do not understand the essence of key processes and where the latter lead, they know that these keys allow them to achieve exceptional capabilities.

Access with techniques of black magic in itself does not evidence a possibility of free use of the special areas present therein. In addition, these areas are subject to special procedures and keys. There is also the most important key to open areas of the HORIZON OF THE HOLY GRAIL, which is inscribed in every human being. This very key will not be active (it does not have any codes, but only principles), if a person fails to comply with a set of rules. Even if the Horizon has been achieved by artificial techniques, there is no way further.

The PENTAGRAM KEYS themselves, in relation to incredibly complex codes and intricate processes of the human magnetic system do not constitute a very complex processes. However, to learn and perform them it is necessary to know the whole of the human magnetic system.


First of all, you must know the final mathematical codes of the human magnetic system for two fundamental strings, a fixed and a variable one.

Secondly, you must know the directions of the intended steps at each position.

Then, where to put the foot in the following five steps. If the directions do not match with the aspects of motion on a given magnetic level, there will be a nasty clash.

The fourth action is to unite with the right spiritual tool.

Finally, the last action is the path of motion in the space of HORIZON OF THE HOLY GRAIL.


Activation of the five spiritual forms of the human magnetic system.

In the second place; - in relation to the final codes, stabilise the respective position of these spiritual forms.

The third process to decipher the space of areas of the HOLY GRAIL is the activation of five potentials of these forms.

Then, the procedure allows the potentials to open the HORIZON OF THE HOLY GRAIL.

The final step is to move into the space of the HORIZON OF THE HOLY GRAIL.

I consciously disclose a pentad (pentagram) pattern of the KEYS OF THE HOLY GRAIL. In fact, this information will not allow to strengthen the activities of the adepts of black magic. I disclose no key, code or pattern apart from the pentad rule which is already known or unconsciously used by all such mages.

I do so for a very important purpose. I do it for people who measure up to the needs of God. Such a man can in a natural way reap the benefits of their own HOLY GRAIL.

However, they will reach such benefits only after meeting certain conditions. Their emotional state may not be laden with sadness, grief, anxiety and fear. They cannot live in anger and make up hatred. This is the natural principle of human life and it activates enormous quantities of codes and processes in the human magnetic system.

This natural principle was sufficient to activate the processes of the Holy Grail in the conditions of life in Paradise, which is the environment where Man was not worried about being and did not have knowledge. Now we have knowledge, and our living conditions are not cosy.

The keys which I described in the form of successive processes will allow to incorporate human personality into the areas blocked with knowledge and emotion of the patterns of the Holy Grail. Thus, the work that has been done by cults and religions for millennia in order to block the right of Man to divine capabilities will be erased. However, only people who meet the principles of life and who will put up a lot of work in the outlined processes will stand a chance.

Struski Andrzej Heir Of Divine Blood, Leading the Mission of the End Time.

A.D. 10.05.2015.  France.