The solid figure
02/05/2010 12:28 - Andrzej Struski

In the first article I will show the successive stages of the formation of one of the solid figures in a graphic form. In the next article I will include the pictures of the solid figure that was made.

The solid figure "AMAZ"

The solid figure is a geometrical pattern of the matter of the universe. It contains in its construction practically all possible forms of matter and energy that can exist. It is an indestructible primary pattern of all forms of life and of the evolution of the universe. This pattern has already existed in the space when the atoms have not yet existed. It is its magnetic construction according to which were formed and are still being formed the shapes of sound – the material from which, among other things, the atoms come into being. The forms of this geometry in the primary sound form exist also around us now.  Everybody has the access to these forms and everybody can use them. As he wanted to present the space in the geometrical form Plato distinguished some of the forms of the geometry of the solid figures that are presented here  which result from the patterns of the universe. Many other philosophers and mystics also used different forms of the spatial geometry. They created many signs and forms which have specific properties and which symbolise the environment of a man's life. The geometrical construction of the solid figure “AMAZ” represents all the shapes and forms that are presented here, therefore it is a quintessence of  the structure of the universe.

Stage I - THE CUBE:

The construction of the Solid Figure “Amaz” in the geometrical form came into being according to a simple principle. There has been applied the multiplication of the segment of the edge of a cube.
The successive solid figures of the pyramids were being formed.

The length of the segment of the original cube in the Solid Figure “AMAZ” is not accidental, as   number 144 was used (144 mm)

Stage II – 6 pyramids on the base of a square

Six double pyramids based on a square, leaning their bases on the faces of the cube. All their edges are equal to the length of the edge of the cube.

Stage III – the spherical sphere

Three circles running through the vertexes of six pyramids from the second stage mark the position of the spherical sphere in the centre of which are all the solid figures which have been formed so far.

Stage IV – two times 24 pyramids on the base of an equilateral triangle.

Phase I – Next , there were formed 24 pyramids based on an equilateral triangle, leaning on all the triangular faces of the pyramids lying outside of the cube.

Phase II – In next stage of the formation of the Solid Figure “AMAZ” there were also formed 24 pyramids which have the bases of an equilateral triangle located in a way that will prevent their mutual permeation.

Stage V – 24 straight lines parallel to the edges of the cube

There were led out 24 straight lines parrarel to the edges of the cube that run through the vertices of 24 pyramids from the second stage of the formation of the Solid Figure. Each of these straight lines runs through the vertex of one pyramid. In the places of the intersection of these straight lines there were formed vertices of three cuboids of which the common space overlaps the original cube.

Stage VI – the solid figure with the proportions of the Triple Ark of the Covenant

There have been made mathematical computations of the proportions of the Solid Figure at this stage of formation. It turned out that the segment between the vertex of the cube and the point of   the intersection of the parallel straight lines corresponds to 1/5 of the cuboid's height. Such a proportion is in agreement with the proportion of the form known from history and called the Ark of the Covenant. Three cuboids permeating each other create a form of the Triple Ark of the Covenant.
Their position is characterized by a three-dimensional symmetry and the mutual permeation in such a way that the axis of each cuboid is set against the two others at right angle. Such a figure in  a plane projection is a well-known symbol and according to this pattern many temples of different religions are built.

Stage VII – the Crystalline Graal

In the next stage of the creation of the Solid Figure, 48 vertices of the pyramids based on a triangle were connected. In such a form the Solid Figure “AMAZ” represents through its construction a proportional crystal closed in 104 facets (faces). It turns out that although the faces give the appearance as if they were chaotically arranged on the surface of the Solid Figure, in reality, they are in eight homogeneous groups. The axis of the symmetry of each of these groups overlaps an  adequate straight line of the cube's diagonal. In such a form, the Solid Figure “AMAZ” represents a crystalline form of the mineral existing in nature – the silicate. The silicates are  the dominant minerals in the Earth's crust  (approx. 90 % of the mass ), thereby the construction of the Solid Figure “AMAZ” refers to the most rocks of the planet Earth. The name Crystalline Graal takes its origin from the historical records when the rock with specific properties and form was defined by the name “Graal”.

Stage VIII – the Star of David

Phase I – The next step of the creation of the Solid Figure “AMAZ” consisted in using a segment being a diagonal of the cube's face, the length of which is equal to the distance between four vertices of the pyramids formed in the first phase of the fourth stage. As the segments equal to the length of the cube's face had been led out from these four vertices in each of the eight groups, the six solid figures of the pyramids were formed, of which the vertices are located in the three geometrical axes of the soild figure.

Phase II – the segment which has the length of a double edge of the cube is the diagonal of  the pyramid's base, which was formed in the first phase and was used as the edge of the pyramid connecting the vertices of the four pyramids which were formed in the second phase of the fourth stage.

A plane projection formed from each of the eight directions marked by the diagonals of the cube creates a picture of a six-armed star – so-called the Star of David.

Stage IX – the White Cross

The construction of the White Cross was being formed in all previous stages of the construction of the Solid Figure “AMAZ”. Its three beams form three geometrical axes of the Solid Figure. All the diagonals of the faces of the original cube form six crosses on the three beams of the main cross.

The next six crosses on these beams are formed through the connected outer edges of the pyramids from the first phase of the fourth stage.

The term White Cross is described below while the colors are discussed.


The spatial construction of the Solid Figure “AMAZ” which illustrates by its shape geometrical patterns of the life of the universe has the features significant for a man.

 The most important feature is its radiation of the shape in which the information in the form of sound is contained. The character of sound depends on the motion of the Solid Figure and the place of its stimulation.

The next feature of the Solid Figure is the possibility of the visual reception of a mutual position of the geometrical solid figures existing in it. The studying of the shapes of the Solid Figure gives a remarkable effect in the form of regaining the lost spatial imagination or in forming its development.

The Solid Figure “AMAZ” situated in the surroundings of a man , standing or being moved influences the sound environment which is the basis of the structure of matter that is surrounding us. Additionally, the stimulation of the Solid Figure by its tapping evokes the emission of audible sounds for an ear that have different strength and pitch depending on the strength and place of stimulation. These sounds influence the harmony of the surroundings and a man in a remarkable way.

No less important quality of this Solid Figure is a friendly and harmonious for the sight shape which is an interesting decorative element.


The proper use of the cognitive and aesthetic qualities of the Solid Figure is facilitated if the  colours which signify particular geometrical forms are used.

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