The glaciers are breaking up at accelerated pace
04/05/2010 12:31 - Andrzej Struski

The Antarctic Wilkins Shelf Glacier which after the last summer period lost a huge “chunk of ice” now, at the beginning of summer looks tragically.
The chunks of ice that can be seen in the satellite picture that has recently been taken are a “bagatelle” - the lumps of ice that are many kilometers long and wide. There is a graduation of a scale in the right bottom corner of the photograph. This black section shows the length of ten kilometers. Compare, please, this scale to the floating icebergs which this winter separated from the continental glacier of the Wilkins Glacier. This appearance of the glacier which is not too promising is all the more alarming as it shows its face in spring. The dates of successive cracks written in the picture tell us that they came into being in winter, thus it was at the time when the glacier should solidify not crumble. Some of these cracks are several dozen kilometers long and are arranged in a way as if the whole glacier was to crack successively . What is more, one can see the holes in the glacier that should not be there when the winter is over.

© Andrzej Struski de Merowing.

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