The causes of the fall of a physical and spiritual man
24/06/2010 21:35 - Andrzej Struski
The spirit should serve the body and together they should serve the Soul. The man that is living on earth today is the effect of the indoctrination that is done by the spiritual beings.

The causes of the fall of a physical and spiritual man

            The spirit should serve the body and together they should serve the Soul.
The man that is living on earth today is the effect of the indoctrination that is done by the spiritual beings. In this case, as always, the forces that cause the indoctrination will do everything to make the victim of the indoctrination dependent. The deep trend that can be observed nowadays in the direction of the commitment to spiritual matters is very alarming. The essential balance that was exposed in the course of a complex process of the development of a figure of a man was disturbed.

            The physical aspect of the figure of a man is exposed in such a way that his aim of life and of activity on earth is directed on securing natural vital needs. A man who was living in Paradise fulfilled this aim completely. His physical and spiritual figure is a set of highly developed beings that subordinated their services to consciousness. The consciousness  then had no reasons to refer to spiritual matters only because a man knew nothing about them.

            One ought to mention here that the matters of securing the existence in Paradise did not cause any trouble to a man. This matter looks different nowadays. In the sphere of the needs of a man there came into being many unnatural things and in order to gain them a man devotes more and more time. And what is connected with it he lacks the time for himself. This lack of time for himself that previously was realised on the plan of the communion with nature now creates the gap in the spiritual sphere.

            Such a busy and excited man unconsciously feels some lack. It is the lack that he himself is not aware of. Such a hole in the unattainable needs is a good material for the indoctrination from  the side of the spiritual beings. The lack of time for oneself came into being, however, from the cause of the influence of the spiritual beings. This hole was made in order to next fill this time by the commitment to spirituality. However, this is the commitment that does not agree with  the stability of the figure of a physical and spiritual man. Such a commitment allows for the attainment of the superiority of the spiritual side, the side that at this moment is not controlled by consciousness. And if there is no proper control of consciousness, then, consequently, a man does not control  his life.

            The existence itself of such a form of influence on a man indicates the bad intentions of the spiritual beings that in many cases pretend even to be gods. The process of indoctrination is always domination and its aim lies in the subjugation of the figure that is being indoctrinated. In this case the spiritual beings do everything to subjugate a man on earth.

            The spiritual beings live on different levels of personal and social development. Their level of intellect is by nature higher than the environment from which their material being comes. The biological body is this material source. For the astral beings that are developing the material source is mainly the body of a man. A man creates the thought and emotional matter that in a natural way is emitted beyond his biological body. These sets of etheric matter are the material that feeds the astral civilisations and will enable the evolution of the spiritual beings.

            In the context to such a state of things one should adopt a specific ladder in the hierarchy of the evolution of a man and the spiritual beings. According to such a hierarchy of the evolution the spiritual beings are on a higher level of development than the biological beings. However, from a number of the biological beings that we must include in this order one should exclude a man.

            A man although he is a biological figure and in spite of the fact that he is the primary creator of the etheric matter that is the basis for the development of the spiritual beings is not subject to the hierarchy indicated by the ladder of the evolution. A specific structure of a man that was exposed in the special process of the evolution puts him above the spiritual beings.

            The justification of such a view of the figure of a physical and spiritual man is the existence in his personality of the features that create a motivation for the spiritual elation. Let the knowledge of   the people on earth be the additional element that complements this justification. The experiences of many sensitive people have been already bearing fruit in the form of the knowledge of different beings and spiritual spheres for thousands of years. The knowledge itself depends on having adequate spiritual predispositions that a man must have. As a result the spiritual aspect of a man  was recognised. It is known that the whole figure of a man is a set of a biological body and different etheric forms.

            Despite the fact that such experiences in the exploration of spirituality are against nature, on the present stage of a man's development one should not reject them in an absolute way.

            According to the principle, “if you found yourself in water then try not to get drowned” today one should use the spiritual knowledge wisely and safely and reduce to an outright minimum the contacts with the astral world. If we have already recognised some aspects of the spiritual world we should use them wisely and we should not allow for domination. A man is the superior figure in the whole universe and all the spiritual beings are subordinated to him. Although these spiritual beings try to show their superiority in different transfers and contacts one should not accept their superiority.  

            However, this what I have written above are only my pious wishes. The consciousness of the people is so much enslaved that practically each sign of the spiritual transfer will find among the people its devotees. It happens so because the hole mentioned above in the aspect of a man's life that arises from the lack of time for oneself and from the lack of a sufficiently long contact with nature is very absorptive.  

            The spiritual beings after the undertaking of the process of indoctrination of a man's consciousness first and foremost had to create around him a wide offer of additional needs. Without such activities a man living in paradise was out of reach of the spiritual influence. In detail, this matter consisted in convincing a man that he may have more things and satisfaction than those that the environment of Paradise offers. At this moment “the fruit of knowledge of good and evil was given” and a man once for ever took his leave of Paradise.

            However, it was only a first step on the way to the success of the spiritual spheres. The representatives of Lucifer as their main aim chose the obtainment of two things that a man has at his disposal.

            The first from these two things, the closest to their spiritual body is the emotional matter. The second is the thing that in the partition of the loot was to fall to Lucifer himself or rather to his civilisation. This precious loot of Lucifer is the soul that is embodied into the body of a man. The soul has no importance for the spiritual beings, however the emotional matter is a tasty bit for them.

            The agreement between Lucifer and the astral authorities was concluded. The administering body under the name Jahweh leads the group of the collaborators. They as the leaders of the astral civilisations the aim and the task of which was to take a man under their protection decide to destroy Paradise and instill hatred.

            It is possible to recognise some instruments and ways of action that were used to effect this satanic dealings. The primary instrument is the payment for the services that were done. The implementation of the first steps in the programme of the activity of this instrument consisted  in convincing the people living in the community of Paradise who because of their experience offered advice to others that they can for such advice demand compensation. The simplest example of the activity of the instrument of payment  is a situation when the one who was giving the piece of advice asked the one who was listening to bring the fruits that were growing on a tree. With time this instrument developed to the form of payment  that exists today.

            With small steps, generation after generation the aspects of the most effective instrument of indoctrination such as religion were implemented. When the people occupied with the pursuit of   the things serving them them as the means of payment lost the time for themselves the development of beliefs determined by a man began. Nowadays on earth we can observe the apogee of all sort of cultic and religious indoctrination.

            The spiritual outside of religion movements generally defined as esoterics are becoming more and more dangerous for the freedom of a man. Their sphere of influence  includes the people who are more interested in the spiritual matters, for whom the devalued value of the religious transmissions is not enough. The programme of the control and effectiveness of the implementation of this subject from the side of the negative astral powers was very well prepared.

            In a period of time that was not much longer than one age the boom of esoterics took place, it developed in an exceptionally abundant way and on the whole planet. Its foundations were adequately prepared long before. The  old means of removing evil and not only cultivated in the  rituals of the communities generally known as magic both white and black are the pillars of esoterics . All these patterns of techniques and spiritual transfers of all kind that escalated  to an unusual scale stimulated the senses of the people who were looking for spiritual sensations.

            If we look at this whole matter from a perspective, the differences between the schools and cults become visible in a perfect way. From the inside they seem to be great and it seems that they give something to a man, however  to a great extent they stand in a mutual conflict. Another even more dangerous side of esoterics is the opening of new adepts to different techniques of spiritual influences. There are numberless traps in this matter and one is more dangerous from the other. However, in the first phase they seem to be a great achievement on the plan of spiritual abilities. Later, there come quandaries and problems from which often there is no way out.

            All the matters that I have presented and many more including the aspect of unconditional love and  the Spiritual Masters are the deadly traps for the soul and the barrier for the needs of God. The fact that they could come into being is the result of the lack of the maintenance of the balance between   a man's physical and spiritual aspect that was set  for him. And the fundamental cause that enables this  that such a disturbance of the balance takes place is the lack of time for oneself in the bosom of nature.

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