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The soubriquet which Nostradamus took connects by means of the composition of letters the figure of Christ, Nostradamus and the Son of Man who according to the prophecies will live on Earth in the final times.” 






NOSTRADAMUS VATINICIA CODE – such a title is visible on the  book which was discovered in 1982 by the Italian journalists Enza Massa and Roberto Pinotti in the Central National Library in Rome in Italy, inside there is a signature: Michel de Notredame. Some other titles that are ascribed to the book, which can be among other things found in wikipedia: “The Vaticinia Michaelis Nostradami de Futuri Christi Vicarii ad Cesarem Filium D. I. A. Interprete” (The Prophecies of Michel Nostradamus on the Future Vicars of Christ to Cesar his son, as expounded by Lord Abbot Joachim), or Vaticinia Nostradami (The Prophecies of Nostradamus). The book is a collection of eighty watercolor images compiled as an illustrated codex. The document can be found in  the library under the title “Fondo Vittorio Emanuele 307”.


A library card filled by Carthusian fathers attached to the manuscript states that the images belonged to the French seer Nostradamus (1503-1566). The card indicates that the codex was brought to Rome by Nostradamus' son – César de Nostredame  in order to be given to cardinal Maffeo Barberini who later became the pope Urban VIII(1623-1644).

The images contain among other things symbolic objects, letters, animals, banners, bugles, crosses, candles; they suggest future troubles for the Catholic Church.

Some people think that the mysterious strange images are the prophecies that refer to our future. On some images there appears a figure of a lion.

















The figure of a lion also appears in the centuries of Nostradamus:


  1. 34


 “ A lion in Lyon will achieve triumph:

Sacrifice will be given to Lui on the slopes of Jura

From thousands of the inhabitants of the East, seven times and three.

Overthrown Pope will find death in Lyon.”


The researches paid special attention to seven last images. The image 66 – the first one in sequence – accentuates the importance of the sun in connection with the upcoming event.  As Vincent Bridges says: “the key element in this book, what makes this collection of images so unique and so important is the series of seven images toward the end of the book”

Some researchers think that these seven images contain a coded message which the Catholic Church always wanted to hide.


















Nostradamus was probably connected with the order of the Knights Templar and with the church

St. Michel-de-Apocalypse in Salon-de-Provence on which above the entrance there are the images the symbols of which are similar to the symbols that are contained in the seven images of the Lost Book of Nostradamus. On the semicircular tympanum of the church one can see among other things St. Michael, a snake, below its figure one can see a lamb, there is also the cross of the Templars. Among these central figures there are pictures of the Tree of Life together with the Bourbon lily of the Merowings.







In the documentary film the issue of the thirteenth sign of the zodiac is discussed (Nostradamus took also into account the constellation of Ophiuchus). When the sun rises in a perfect alignment with the centre of the galaxy situated between Scorpio and Sagittarius in the constellation of  the Ophiuchus – in the so-called “black rift” - the“Great Alignment” will take place. The Mayans based their calendar on the observations of the “dark rift”, they called it Xibalba be or the Black Road; they were aware where the ecliptic intersects the Black Road and they gave this position in the sky a special significance. The sun will align precisely with this point of intersection at the time of the winter solistice in 2012. It is the last day according to the Mayan callendar, the winter solistice: 21st December 2012.


One of the most puzzling and incomprehensible elements in the whole manuscript are the words: “one male” - in the image no. 67. If one looks at this page very carefully one may see these words.














It is puzzling why Nostradamus wrote these words in English as he did not write in this language, he wrote in French, Greek, Italian, Latin and Provencal; these are the only words written in English on this page and they are distinguishable among other words which are there.


The book was discovered at the time when many people are more fascinated by images than words, people are used to television, photography, the Internet, to these things which are colourful, which will communicate the information in a nice way as they do not require much effort or concentration as for example the written word. Did Nostradamus foresee it?


A contemporary man living in the society of the XXIst century is a man who is living in the world of images which surround him everywhere in everyday life. Do the images constitute the pictorial book of Nostradamus' prophecies directed to a man who is living in such a world?


Are the illustrations the last “letter” of Nostradamus - the “letter” which is coded and which is passed in the form of the images to the people living in the XXIst century – in the final times?


What kind of message to the people living in the XXIst century does the “letter” from the greatest seer of all-time contain?


According to the prophecies – only one man – a male – who is living in the final times on Earth – the Son of God can read the Apocalypse in the correct way which is a kind of a “letter” to  the people living in the final times which Jesus passed to John – the Revelation which Jesus received from God already in Heaven, a “letter” of which the first three chapters are directed in     the form of a clear message to the Chosen by God.


As Jay Weidner said: “the discovery of this book in this point of time is definitely no accident, I think that it's a part of a process, and the fact that it has been produced and shown to the world is part of this process, if Nostradamus could see the future then he knew that this was going to happen also.”  If this book was meant to be discovered now at the beginning of the new millennium then deciphering its meaning is even more urgent.


“One male” -  does it mean that on Earth at the time when English will be a dominant language in the world, the Internet will be the main medium for the transmission of information and  the image will have a great influence on a living man there will also - at this time - live one male who will be able to read in a correct way the “letter” - the images of Nostradamus - and  will be able to pass the information he read to the people living in the XXIst century?




Was the book lost or it was meant to be so that it was discovered and revealed to the world after 400 years as at this time will be the time to decipher the images it contains – as at this time will live  “one male” indicated by Nostradamus.




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