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The magnetic bed and Lapis lazuli
Data 24/03/2011 21:56  Autor Struski Andrzej de Merowing  Klikniêæ 20681  Jêzyk Global


The magnetic bed and Lapis lazuli


The magnetic bed of my construction is made on the basis of the same proportions that administer many forms of biological life. The proportion of the golden ratio characterizes the contours, forms and shapes of all the stones of Lapis Lazuli that are placed in the slab of the magnetic bed. Also    the permanent magnets that are placed in this slab overlap the arrangement of these so beneficial stones for health, commonly called “the stones of God”.  The magnets and the stones of lapis lazuli located in this way refer beneficially to the existing in the biology of a man proportions of the golden ratio that determine the form of his structure.



The free spaces that exist between the forms arranged from  Lapis lazuli are filled with the pieces of amber. The slab of the magnetic bed is equipped with the permanent magnets that are adequately arranged, while under the construction of the slab there are three-dimensional solid figures the construction of which refers to the structure of the silicate. On the vertices of the geometrical forms that are the component parts of the solid figures the permanent magnets are fastened. Such   an arrangement of the permanent magnets that imitates the magnetic character of the silicate rock and refers to the magnetic character of different minerals is beneficial for the disturbed magnetic fields in the cells of the biological organisms.


The solid figures equipped with the permanent magnets constructed after the example of the shape of the crystals of the silicate are put into the whirling motion in both directions with different speeds. The magnetic fields emitted by the magnets saturate the space in the area of the magnetic bed in such a way as the iron whirling core of the planet saturates the space of a man's life on earth.

The permanent magnets emite such magnetic fields which regenerate the disturbances of the magnetic fields that exist in the cells and more precisely in their chemical processes.               The influence of the field of the permanent magnets on the biological organism allows it to maintain or to activate again the original states of development, in other words it allows it to bring back     the natural form of the biological life of the cell.


In the construction of the slab of the bed there are placed natural semiprecious stones. These crystals are chosen in such a way that the stones of adequate colours are placed in the places that correspond to the energetic centres of a man. The slab of the magnetic bed is heated up in order to obtain a better effectiveness of the emission of the corpuscles of the minerals and amber and in order to create a pleasant temperature for a man who is relaxing on it. The use of the qualities of permanent magnets and lapis lazuli allows a man to relax and to obtain the biological efficiency before the undertaking of hard tasks on the plan of the physical effort or before a difficult stage in the healing process such as for example the operation.



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