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The interpretation of Rabbi Kaduri's explosive note which indicates the Messiah
Data 28/04/2011 10:56  Autor Struski Andrzej de Merowing  Klikniêæ 21851  Jêzyk Global

 The interpretation of Rabbi Kaduri's explosive note which indicates the Messiah




“The explosive note of Rabbi Kaduri indicates the name of the Messiah !”

 Already at the very beginning there is an error in the interpretation of the matter connected with the note of Rabbi Kaduri. The phrase “indicates the name of the Messiah” is tendentious as it restricts the field of the estimation of the contents contained in the whole of the subject. In this subject there are pieces of information which speak not only about        the name of the Messiah but they also indicate other values which are connected with Him.


“The Jewish world holds this secret and it does not know what to do with it, how to interpret it, how to swallow it. It is so explosive and at the same time so truly paralysing that the orthodox Jews do not want to believe in it”

The same orthodox Jews not so long ago would give their lives for the admired rabbi. He passed the information that does not agree with their canons of the cultic values and it was enough to make him almost an enemy of the orthodox Jews.This issue  connected with the character of the religious thinking refers also to the Christians who while considering the information contained in this subject will not be able to swallow some of the characteristics ascribed to the Messiah who is to come.


“The note sealed in the envelope according to the wish of the Rabbi was to be opened only now”



There occurs an important question : Why the Rabbi, who made a note in autumn 2005 requested to open it only one and a half year later ? What is the meaning of this time ? It cannot indicate the coming of the Messiah, unless it could indicate the time of His birth. However, it cannot point to the time of His birth as this is excluded by the Messiah's way of  acting which is indicated. He will use the media as well as He will reveal himself to people in different ways, a newborn child cannot do these things.


The time of a year and a half is important, since it was  pointed out by the Rabbi it was not done without any reason. This time not only refers to the important thing connected with   the Messiah's revelation but it also indicates this thing. Otherwise, such a request of the Rabbi would not have any sense.What does the time of a year and a half indicate ? It can indicate only one thing; at this time the Messiah will do the foretold things. One should ask now the next question; What are the things that the Messiah will do and which the Rabbi foretold ? 

The first issue ; The name of the Messiah.



“that the Messiah that will come is Yehoshua, also called Yeshua , known to all of us as Jesus”

The second issue ; What will He do on earth.



“He will lift the people and prove that his words and law are valid” “The above sentence in Hebrew reads:Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim”


The orthodox Jews read from this sentence two pieces of information : the name of the Messiah and the effect of His activity on earth. There is no explanation here how they have come to such conclusions, however one thing explains a lot; they used the kabbalah, so a kind of divination. There is no guarantee, or it has not been stated whether the Rabbi clearly indicated the necessity to use the kabbalah in this case. One should take into consideration a very important thing, the Messiah that is being indicated does not identify himself with the cult of which Kaduri is the rabbi.   A question; Was it right to  use the kabbalah to the subject of the Messiah who probably does not accept the kabbalah and was it the Rabbi's wish ?


  “from which the orthodox Jews interpreting it in the light of kabbalistic schemes which they use are reading the name Yehoshua, the son of Yohozadak”

Is it the right name that has been read, or what is only indicated here is the effect of His acivity ?


“are reading the name Yehoshua, the son of Yohozadak”



In the text below there is a piece of information that the orthodox Jews have already been troubled by  the Rabbi's behaviour before. In such a light His note which has little to do with   the Jewish religion gets bigger value. The Rabbi wrote it after consideration and not because of some spiritual elation.



“Apart from the mysterious note the orthodox Jews “are also worried” by other episodes from the last years of the life of their master ”



Such a meeting which undoubtedly must have taken place on a spiritual level could change the Rabbi's way of thinking and could become the cause of His acceptance of the possibility that the Messiah would come from out of the circle of the Jewish cult.  



“A few months before his death Rabbi Kaduri surprised his followers when he publicly declared on Yom Kippur that he “met the Messiah.”

As it follows from this text, not only Rabbi Kaduri but also other rabbis predict  the coming of  the Messiah but after Ariel Sharon's death. In the context of other pieces of information it will be the coming of the Messiah who is already acting on earth.



“According to Rabbi Kaduri as well as according to the predictions of other well-known rabbis as Haim Cohen, Nir Ben Artzi or his wife  Haim Kneiveskzy the Messiah will come to the people of Israel “after Ariel Sharon's death” [ the prime minister is still in a coma ]”.

In the family circle of rabbis Kaduri there were often talks on the subject of the Messiah who is to come, and the subject of the Messiah from out of the cult must have been touched. In such a light the words of His son rabbi David Kaduri in which he undermines his father's credibility do not seem to be sincere.


 “Rabbi Kaduri’s grandson, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, says his grandfather spoke many times before his death about the coming of the Messiah and Salvation that He will bring.”



The issue that is depicted here arises from the presage of Jesus Christ who foretold the coming of  the Son of Man many times. The Messiah who comes from  the house of David and consequently from the house of Christ will have some of the characteristics which arise from this subject.



“The description of the Messiah – published on the official website kaduri.net – is similar to  the description of the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ depicted in the New Testament.”

With these words the Rabbi touches the question of the belief in the Messiah who is physically living on earth.


 “Will we believe in the Messiah right away? ” - asks Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri.”

This will be different, some people will believe the others will not but those who will believe will be unreligious people. In these words there is a proof that the Messiah will express negative opinions about religion.



“No, in the beginning some of us will believe in Him and some not.  It will be easier for unreligious people to believe in Him and follow Him than for orthodox people.”

The physicality of the Messiah will be difficult to accept and this is the proof that He will live as  an ordinary man, what is also indicated by other sources.



“[...] It will be difficult even for many good people to believe and to understand  the Messiah. The leadership of the Messiah who is coming of flesh and blood is hard to accept for many.”

In the text below we can find two extremely important pieces of information which speak of  the Messiah. The one which says that He will not hold any office indicates His lack of education which puts a man on an adequate position in the social and economic hierarchy. The second piece of information which says that He will use the media to communicate points to the kind of this contact. It can be only the Internet. If other forms of the media were to be meant He would not use them but He would be presented in them.



“As the leader, the Messiah will not hold any office, but will be among the people and will use the media to communicate. His reign will be pure and without personal or political aims. During His Kingdom only Righteousness and Truth will reign.”



“Rabbi Kaduri states next that “the Revelation of the Messiah will come in two stages :”

In this stage the contact through the Internet will make it possible for the Messiah to pass the pieces of information that will confirm His position. At the time of passing of these pieces of information He will not be known.



“In the first one He will confirm His position as Messiah however, He will not reveal himself”

Then He will reveal himself to the Jews who are not connected with religion and to the people from a different nation.



“Then He will reveal himself to some Jews, not necessarily to Torah scholars. He will reveal himself even to simple people.”

Next He will reveal himself to the whole world in which He is living, being the descendant of  the house of David .



“Only then He will reveal himself to the whole nation and the people will wonder : “What, that’s   the Messiah?” Many will know His Name but will not believe that He is the Messiah.”

Then He will come to His nation and He will free Jerusalem from the dominon of all religions.



“When the Messiah comes, He will free Jerusalem from the dominion of all religions that want to rule this city. They will fight against one another.”



The symbols which resemble the crosses that were noticed in the Rabbi's manuscripts are nothing else but the clues which refer to the sacred geometry, the sphere of which the Messiah will explain. Such a clue is in the Testament of God that was read in Rennes le Chateau.“ There was an access given to many manuscripts of Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri written in his own hand . Most striking to the specialists was a big number of cross-like symbols.”

The first one who did not believe in the prophecy of  Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri is his son rabbi David Kaduri.



“Oh no! That’s profanation. The people will think that my father pointed to him [the Messiah of  the Christians].”




© Andrzej Struski de Merowing  hier to the House of David

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