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Nature is the temple of the soul
Data 13/05/2011 19:08  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 2857  Jêzyk Global


Nature is the temple of the soul



As I have already written in the previous articles a man is not only a body a man is much more. No animal has ever had a possibility of a conscious or spiritual contact with God. It is a privilege of a man. However, this privilege does not arise from the fact that a man receives the information about God, it arises from his personal predispositions. It is the most essential aspect of the figure that distinguishes us from the others of this universe.


As each additional predisposition also this one must have its causes in the figure of a man itself .

The cause of feeling God is a specific set of features that exists in the figure of a man. They exist in consciousness, in the construction of its structure and they manifest themselves in the form of an emotional personality of a man.


In the sphere of the structure of the figure, a man has additionally at his disposal the whole range of etheric qualities and a retinue of spiritual figures. The etheric qualities are the systems that allow for an active however  beyond consciousness  contact of a man's consciousness with the spiritual world. The spiritual figures that serve a man fulfil a task that manifests itself on the plan of the creation of a climate for the development of consciousness.




And when this instrument  after many years will come into being the potential that the spiritual beings have at their disposal reflects the creative potential of a man. Such consciousness among its many developed and specific features additionally has an exceptional ability in the form of the sensitivity to the stimuli from the plans beyond the matter that manifest themselves in the living-area.



It is a unique feature and for it to function effectively a man had to obtain a huge support of highly developed spiritual beings. For the safety of such a cooperation from the standpoint of a man the consciousness got the authority over all the spiritual beings that at a given time of life serve it. 





The authority was based  on two pillars.




The first pillar is the environment of a man's life.

It offers the satisfaction of the vital needs and at the same time there is the lack of the occurring  causes that could motivate a man to look for extra needs. Such a safe environment of life of a man is Paradise. It satisfies all the vital needs and the aesthetic impressions.


These optimal conditions of life in Paradise bear fruit in the form of the development of positive emotions in a growing rate. Consequently the cumulation of positive emotions creates the feeling of happiness. In the contact with the fellow men and with nature the conditions for the initiation of  the emotional processes develop. These in turn initiate without any obstacles emotional events that we define by the name of love. The emotional processes that often recur and the states of love in contact with the optimal conditions of life in Paradise create frequent explosions of the euphoria of happiness.


Such a happy life does not motivate a man to look for additional impressions. He drinks of the nectar of happiness from the joy of life and there is nothing more that he needs. Not even one thought dawns on anybody to look for different conditions of life, a different environment, or different impressions.  A man is completely content with his life and the spiritual beings do not have the possibility to force their own ideas for a different way of life of a man.


The second pillar that secures against the intervention on the part of the spiritual world is the lack of knowledge about this world.

The situation when a man with the embodied soul is already living in Paradise means that in the etheric spaces of the universe must exist fully developed spiritual civilisations. They developed from the causes of the influence of the creators of the universe in order to secure menially the life of a man.


The process of the evolution of these spiritual worlds was directed in such a way that these astral beings would effectively fulfil the programme of the protection over a man. A man with the embodied soul who is a factor that fulfills the needs of the creators of the universe and what follows it also of God.


They start the work of protection much earlier before a man comes into being on a planet. Their task begins with the moment of the creation of the first forms of biology. At such moment of the evolution that was described in the contents of Genesis. Next they control all the stages of the development of biology until a man is completely exposed. The last and the most important stage of their work is the protection over the embodiment colony at the time of the embodiment of the soul. This period lasts about half a million of years, on each embodiment planet.


In the area of this protection are situated different functions and activities carried out by the spiritual beings. They are done by the representatives from different levels of astral development. Here are the protectors, the incarnated beings, also Elfins and many other spiritual beings. Each of these beings in exchange for the servitude to a man gets the compensation in the form of the etheric matter. The source of such etheric matter is a man. It is his emotional matter in the form of emotionally saturated thought forms.


In this area and more precisely within the area of the division of the emotional matter the conflict of

interests takes place. It takes place between the soul and the astral spiritual beings. Both the soul and the astral spirits are interested in the emotional matter. In an undisturbed process of events that refers to the protection of the astral spirits the issue of the division of the emotional matter is completely solved. However, there is a very pivotal border.


It is situated in the place of the technical division of the emotional matter. The whole mass of matter that will be taken by the system of Graals next is assimilated with the construction of the rings of the soul. The matter that comes into being in the process of love and happiness is subject to special protection. This matter goes entirely to the three upper graals and next, after the crystal transformation it is passed to the three upper rings of the soul.


It is the most precious matter and the astral beings would willingly take possession of it. On  the other hand, heaven built the universe so that the soul could get this matter. All the remaining part of the emotional matter that is not taken by the graals is intended for the astral beings.


As it can be seen in this place an extremely significant aspect of a man's life from the standpoint of the needs of the creators of the universe is being realised. In spite of the existing danger of              an uncontrolled loss of the emotional matter the programme prepared in the environment of Paradise is working in a correct way. All activities connected with the life of the people in Paradise at the time of the embodiment process were adequately secured.


A man living in Paradise was not developing spiritually at all and what is connected with it he did not have contact with the beings who were in charge of the spiritual protection over him. A naturally existing relationship between the consciousness of a man and the spiritual beings consisted in a clear and straightforward specification of the needs by a man. After such conscious decisions of a man no astral being could act in a different way. Each breach of the principles implicated proper sanctions.

At the time of the existence of such a form of the activity of the spiritual beings of the will of a man the servitude of these beings in relation to a man was taking place without any problems.  And the border that defines who gathers the emotional matter and what kind of it was sufficiently safe. Only a man on his part was able to break this border.


However a man living in Paradise did not understand the spiritual matters and did not have            the  motivation to change the state of things. He was not developed spiritually therefore the spiritual beings did not have any influence on his will. He made straightforward decisions and they referred to his vital needs. He was not able to disturb the programme of the servitude of the spiritual beings in relation to a man, as inwardly he was straightforward in defining his needs.




The present state of the earthly civilisation and the spiritual development of a man is the effect of     a specific disturbance. In the area of the spiritual civilisations of the universe there came into being the forces of evil that destroyed the delicate relationship in the balance  between a man and the beings that are taking care of him. A man was transformed by these negative beings on the field of the vital needs. As a further consequence there came into being interpersonal conflicts and there came into existence the processes that created negative emotions. A man lost the position of independent decision-maker in the issue of his own needs of life .




Next, when the information about the existence of the astral world was passed to a man, it was possible to entangle him into the trap of the spiritual development. The trap consisted in this that the spiritual transfers always indicated very positive values. The construction of these transfers in beautiful words created and it still creates the emotional tensions between the people.


From this moment a man from the position of the superior decision-maker who defined his own needs according to his own will was at his own request  put in the role of a slave who fulfilled the needs of the beings “carrying the news from God”.


However, there is an adequate way out even from such a situation. Here on earth it is not possible to bring back the identical conditions that existed in the environment of Paradise any more, however one can build a quite safe individual position for oneself. The primary condition is the rejection of any spiritual connections. Treating God as the figure that expects my happiness here on earth. And assuming the position of the decision-maker in relation to one's own needs, on the assumption that one does not do any harm to the others.





© Andrzej Struski de Merowing.

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