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part I The theory of the existence of all things
Data 09/01/2012 23:59  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2705  Jêzyk Global

 The theory of the existence of all things

“Everything has its beginning and end”


The end of the process of existence we can often observe, the beginning is much more difficult to be recognised and the beginning that has the characteristics of the source is completely hidden. The first source causes from the point of view of a man's life are the aspects that contributed to  the evolution of the universe and next of biology. The beginning of such a big process as  the evolution of the universe that finally manifests itself by a simply numberless number  and abundance of forms of life must result from a very important cause and need. According to the principle that says: “nothing exists without a cause” The universe for its coming into being also needed a cause.


Each undertaking must be compensated by the effects that result from its existence and activity. The creators of the universe must have a possibility to use the effects that come into being in the process of its development in this case the evolution that in a specific time will lead to the coming into being of the effect that will be in agreement with the needs of the constructors of the universe. (Chapter I The needs of the creators of the universe).


The scale of this huge undertaking indicates unlimited (from our point of view) technological possibilities of the creators of the universe.

For the realisation of such an undertaking apart from the need to create it, the possibilities to make it on the physical plan are necessary. Taking into consideration the size of the area that the space of the universe occupies (it is minimum a few billions of light years of its diameter ) it was necessary to use simply unimaginable powers and exceptional technology for the activation of the motion of matter that constitutes this part of the matter of the universe that is subject to evolution.


It is relevant here to refer to the existing theories that speak about different views of the issues connected with the origin of the universe and a man. The theory of creationism points to God as the creator of all existence next the theory of evolutionism accepts the time of the big bang as   the beginning of the existence of the universe. The first one as well as the second have too many inconsistencies, let's say with the common sense, let alone that there is no logic in them to accept them as probable.


Viewing the theory of creationism in the aspect of some of the issues contained there one should accept the activity of some supernatural forces unrecognised by science as  well-founded. Also the evolutionary processes the indicated theory of evolutionism. There is no scientific explanation of the evolutionary process that could cause the coming into being of the biological cell. There is  a lack of explanation of all the issues that define the process of the evolution of a man as the being that differs too much from the animal forms that surround him. This lack of explanation refers only to the aspects of a man's ability, while his physicality differs from the representatives of the animal world  only in a small percent. This similarity on the physical plan is the proof of a man's coming into being in the natural process of the evolution. There is only a lack of explanation of the issues; how did the biological cell come into being and what were the causes of the evolutionary jump of    a man on the plan of his abilities?


These two very important problems may be explained by the information contained in the theory of creationism. And in spite of the fact that it does not say it directly if we draw logical conclusions from the description of creation and from the information about the existence of the spiritual world we may accept the existence of some influence of the forces unknown to us on the evolution of the universe and a man.


The most active influence of the outer forces (the theory of creationism) must have come into being at the time of the activation of the motion of the matter of the universe. Here we should accept  the existence of earlier activities of which the aim was to prepare the area and the physical environment for the realisation of such an activation. The potential of the motion of the matter of the universe that is active today reached in that period all its power.


In accordance with the theory that speaks about the big explosion it is from its power that the potential of the motion of the matter of the universe comes from.  However, the indication of  the explosion as the source of the existence of the universe is a theory to say the least unlikely and for sure it is a theory that  departs from logic and visible processes of evolution. At that time so crucial for the  life of the universe must have come into being the physical processes that were subject to strictly defined programmes and controlled influences.


One should assume that the creators of the universe had the technological abilities that allowed them to send matter to the centre of the area of the universe with the speed that was several times faster than the speed of light. Matter of high density and a huge magnetic potential located in the centre of the universe created a central “black hole”. Its whirling core should have the diameter of hundreds millions of light years and its speed on the surface exceeds the speed of light many times. It has an adequately strong field of gravitation that together with the surface speed enables to throw out into the space of the universe the successive streams of the same matter from which the core of the universe is constructed. A series of such launches - the expansion may be viewed as one explosion although it has nothing in common with the explosion. ( Chapter II The creative and technological potential of the constructors of the universe).


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