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The biological form
Data 23/01/2012 23:06  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 2732  Jêzyk Global

 The biological form



The figure of a man is the effect of the activity of the controlled process of the evolution of biology in the universe. In natural conditions that occur on the surface of the planets the coming into being of nature is impossible. For the initiation of the evolution of biology of which the intended aim was the evolution of a man special conditions on earth were prepared. A general description of this activity is depicted in the contents of Genesis, from this description one can among other things draw an important piece of information. It says that on each planet on which according to the plan a man is to live the initiation of biology is chosen individually for the planet and for the mother star.

It turns out that it is necessary to take into account such factors as the structure of the spectrum of  sunlight or the composition of the rocks on the planet. The first as well as the second factor  is very important for the development of a man in the physical and spiritual form. The composition of the rocks of our planet constitute mostly the silicates. The clay comes into being when the rock subjected to erosion will create the dust that next will be saturated  with water. It is a favourable physical environment for the development of a new life.


The crystalline structure of the rocky particles of  clay on earth is similar to the geometrical form of the tetrahedron. Such a shape guarantees the mineral structure of the rocks on the planet in which dominate the silicates. In the geometrical construction of the space, the tetrahedrons have an optimal shape, it allows for the formation of different forms. Different biological forms that are abundantly coming into being maintain the ability of the mutual communication. This significant feature is maintained  thanks to the mutual synchronisation between the crystals of the tetrahedrons. Located in all constituent parts of  biology in the form of  the mineral composition, in common parlance called by God “powder” are a kind of antennas.

However, the most essential function that the mineral particles bring in to the structure of biology is the magnetism of the condensed mass of a specific shape.

The stable magnetic fields of the mineral particles of powder seize sound and light. Such a process is the beginning of the formation of biological life. Each particle of biology is magnetically connected and the mineral composition that by its magnetic field contributes to such ties will be released only after the completion  of life processes.


In this part of the wheel of life that begins with the moment of ceasing of life processes and is called death the sunlight plays a significant role. The task of the initiation of the first forms of biology that was taking place under control in the place described in the contents of Genesis was to give rise to the forms that will correspond  to the composition of sunlight. The biology prepared in such a way will be subject to the activity of the spectrum of the radiation of the mother star. The task of this spectrum is to dissolve all the  connections that arise from the processess of the biological mutation.


The natural forms of mutations indispensable in the life of biology must be dissolved  in the course of the process of death that embraces  the bottom part of the wheel of life. At this time and place the sun deprives the biological matter of the already unnecessary connections  that arise from the mutations and it will be possible for the minerals to be released from the biological body. If in the biological process an unnatural mutation will come into being the solar radiation will not dissolve  it. The minerals will not be able to get rid of the dying biological body contaminated by an untypical mutation. There comes into being a danger that such a biological formation will be again taken over  by the fully living organism and will cause its disturbance.

After the clean mineral particles  got rid of the dying biological body “after they turned to powder” they can again take part in the creation of new biological forms. In this place opens and closes the wheel of life.  A man is evolved  as the integral part of such a biology and the mineral particles that exist in his physical body are the source of the life of this body.

In this way the indication of God that says about the coming into being of a man: “from powder you came into being and to powder you will turn” is fulfilled.

The first component element of the figure of a man, his physicality,  comes into being in the biological process that takes place in the water environment that is  saturated with minerals.

The next components of the figure of a man will come into being on such a biological form using its specific feature of the biofield. 


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