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Transmigration of souls ? - the reincarnation and the embodiment
Data 23/01/2012 23:12  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 2233  Jêzyk Global

 Transmigration of souls ? - the reincarnation and the embodiment


Transmigration of souls and the reincarnation – two terms which have a different meaning however in this question they have been wrongly equalised and it seems that they  indicate the same values. Such a wrong reference of the being called by the name “soul” to the process of incarnation takes place very often, one can say that it is a generally accepted meaning. Nothing could be more wrong. I will mention such an example so that this subject will be understood; I will refer to  a group: a man as a driver of a car, a car which he will drive, and a seat by means of which he will be able to take a seat in a car.

-         Let us compare here a man to a soul, he will use the car while sitting in a seat.

-         Let us compare here the car to the synchronised group of the body and the spirituality of the people, it is a collection of complex subgroups which will make it possible for a man to use  its benefits.

-         Let us compare here the seat to the astral being, it is the place where the man who is using the car will fulfil his needs.

A man can use a car when he gets into it and takes one's seat.

It will be possible for a soul to embody itself into the body of a man if earlier a proper place is prepared for it. The astral beings incarnated into the body of a man are such a place.  The seat of a driver that is indicated here symbolises the astral beings that are subject to incarnation or the successive repetitions of such a procedure called the reincarnation.

From the above it follows that the procedure that refers to the insertion into the body of a man of     a being defined as a soul is something different from the insertion of the astral beings also into      the body of a man. The set of the six beings incarnated into the body of a man apart from other functions fulfils a role of the emplacement of a soul in a man and the role of the connection of      the soul's rings with  the emotional system.


The astral beings fulfil the function of the localisation  of the soul in the body of a man. The function of this type fulfils the seat of the driver in a car from the point of view of the needs of a man.

The soul is embodied into the body of a man  to acquire the emotional matter that is the effect of his deeds. A man who drives a car uses its possibilities of  function.

Such references show the mutual relations between the indicated values. The relation of the soul to a man is such as the relation of a man to a car. The astral beings are the additional equipment which makes the work of the whole group possible; a man – the soul that is embodied.


The incarnation in this context is an activity that differs from the embodiment in a definite way.  In order to understand the relation that defines the hierarchy of the soul, the being from heaven that is embodied into the body of a man  in relation to the astral spiritual beings that are  incarnated at the same time also into the same body of a man one should take into consideration the comparison from the example of a man and a car.

“Transmigration of souls” is a different issue which arises from the term depicted in the question. Such a form of the course of action does not take place in the way of  life and activity of the soul that stays in the universe. The souls in the environment of the universe do not have the possibility of transmigration as this environment is deadly dangerous for them. The souls also do not have the need to transmigrate here in the universe as such a transmigration will give them nothing – it will only be danger to their life.

Through the procedure of the embodiment, solely into the body of a man, the soul gets the possibility to be in the environment of the life of the universe and to use it, however such a form is not transmigration.

The issue that refers to the incarnation, that is the process of the insertion of the astral spiritual beings in order to complete the physically-spiritual figure of a man refers to the preparation the place for the soul in the physical body.

In conclusion to the matter of the embodiment and incarnation; one should separate these two issues in terms of value in a definite and unequivocal way. To the embodiment belongs the procedure of the service of the soul that is a being equal to God and to the incarnation belongs the procedure of the service of the astral beings the sole aim of the life of which is to do the work of this type in the kind of an intelligent instrument.


The soul


The purest form of life developed in a crystalline form.

In terms of colour it has the whole spectrum of sky blue.

In the environment of the universe it can exist only in covers.

The body and the spirituality of a man constitute the cover which is known on earth.

The beings in the form of the soul that are embodied into the body were defined by Jesus as the beings that are equal to GOD.

The soul adjusts its shape to the physical and spiritual form of a man.

The procedure of the embodiment is prepared by the astral system of protection.

The soul comes to earth to acquire the emotional energy.

The quality of the energy can be described by the state which manifests itself on the level of the “euphoria of the energy of love”.

The contents of the Apocalypse which refer to the soul - verse 5, chapter 2 :  “Remember therefore from where you fell out”.


©  Andrzej Struski de Merowing.


The text above is the text of the author.

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