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The prophecy of Nostradamus confirmed in the French Pyrenees
Data 05/03/2012 14:01  Autor Andrzej and Magdalena Struscy   Klikniêæ 1688  Jêzyk Global

 Andrzej and Magdalena Struscy A HYPOTHESIS


The prophecy of Nostradamus confirmed in the French Pyrenees


CARBUNCLES – the mythical jewels – shined in the French Pyrenees


            A series of archaeological discoveries that we made in the heart of the country of Cathars as a result bore fruit in the form of our greatest discovery. The seats which we defined as the finds that were left by the lost civilisation of the Atlanteans and in which according to us the crystals intended for sending the sun's rays were set up turned out to be the artefact that occurred in a great number and different character also on a much bigger area that we had originally assumed. The first ones which we discovered together with the structures of the Druidic culture started a series of successive discoveries and as a result led to the specification of a theory that presents the essence of the way of how sunlight was used by the civilisations that died out a long time ago.


From the present point of our knowledge which is based on the estimation of different seats intended for placing the crystals as well as of the places adapted for fastening  mirrors we are able to present our theory. It refers to the mechanisms of sending and of the formation of sunlight in order to throw light directly on the body as well as in order to lighten the temple hidden inside the mountain of Cardou.


A theory




The mirrors set up in an adequate way made it possible to seize and to concentrate sunlight which next was directed to the places where easily accessible blocks of rock were situated. The mirrors were set up on the tops of the mountains, above 500 meters above sea level. So that they could collect the rays from the sunrise to the sunset. The mountain tops in the places were the mirrors were placed had the ways of access that were made. Such ways of access were used by the constructors who built the castles here. The existing ruins are the proof that as a matter of fact the constructors used the existing infrastructure of the ways. The example are two places of significant castles, Le Bezu and the Chateau de Peyrepertuse.



Photo 1 The cut in the arete for the setting up of the mirror collecting the rays of the setting sun in the area of the castle the Chateau de Peyrepertuse.


These two large Cathar castles were located on the tops of the longitudinal upthrusts of rocks that dominate over the region.  Under the cover of the rocky arete that rose up on these summits which constituted a natural northern defence wall the castles were built. The ways of access that exist here on southern slopes made the communication and the construction easy. In the area of the castle wall of Le Bezu there were two big mirrors (of a few meters in diameter), on the castle the Chateau de Peyrepertuse there was one mirror and there was a top plane which could have been furnished with small mirrors to collect light from the sun in the southern position. Within this castle complex there are the stairs which lead to the mentioned top plane and a part of them was used as the infrastructure of the castle. A few stairs are visible here which did not match the construction of the castle walls, thus a wall was built there, this is a proof of this that the stairs had already been there before the construction of the castle. Such a proof has its justification in the plane situated a few meters higher which has the levels done in a harmonious way to which leads a second ramification of these stairs.



Photo 2 The stairs that were made before the construction of the castle walls.




Photo 3 The planes made on the top of the mountain.




The most spectacularly rebuilt is the summit of a part of the massif of the mountain Bugarach.




Photo 4 A visible in the photo rebuilt top of a part of the massif of the mountain Bugarach.



It lies between  the mentioned castles creating a natural line of the hills which runs from the east to the west. The southern slopes of the valleys that lie to the north of these mountains were lighted by the light that was being sent by the mirrors. First shined the mirrors which collected light from the rising sun, next the mirrors or the lenses which could send the rays of the southern sun, and in the afternoon the west mirrors.


Sixain 27

In the western sky fires will blaze;

Also in the southern sky, from where they will spread to the east.

Because of the lack of food the worms in the ground will die.

The valorous Mars will return for the third time.

With the ominous light the Carbuncles will shine:

The time of the carbuncles is coming, and after this a big hunger.


The receivers of this light were different crystals that served as the prisms and the precious and semi-precious stones of which the task was to saturate with colourful light the rocky surroundings.

As the result different sets of lights came into being. Some served for sending and sending around light and the others created the temples of colourful light. The people were staying on the rocks around such shining stones and they were deriving benefits from this spectrum of lights.


Photo 5 The view of one of the places where the seats which served for fastening the Carbuncles were made.


During an  intensive operation of light the surrounding rocks had been irradiated and next they radiated the light they received together with their own features of the physical construction of matter. In such a way the places which had individual features of the influence on the physical and spiritual organism of a man were created. We discovered many of such groups of rock where        the places of characteristic utilization by a man are visible. Always in such a place there are visible big seats where the precious or semi-precious stones were placed. Such places could serve as the places of regaining lost health or strengthening the natural possibilities of a man.


The set of lights of which the task was to send and spread to large distances the concentrated

beams of light was constructed of precious stones of the best quality. The task of this set was to send light there where the rays send by the mirrors could  not reach. Such a set which was constructed from adequately placed diamonds could have a special role in the whole spectacle of lights. It consisted in catching light into a geometrical trap. The diamond prisms with the mirrors placed on the vertices of the polygon were able to set an adequately intense ray to a whirl that was running on the polygon. At the time of the supply such a whirl would still saturate its intensity and at the time when it would not be possible to provide the supply of new light it would  decrease the intensity of the whirl of light.


If those diamonds were adequately big and precisely placed one  may assume that the whirl would keep light from the sunset till the next day.


Nostradamus writes about an everlastingly shining lamp in the walls of the temple of a Vestal.


Century IX - 9

When they find an inextinguishable lamp,

Burning with an everlasting fire in the walls of the temple of a Vestal

The flame will find a child wading in water,

The flood will ruin Nimes; The buildings of Toulouse will fall down.


This exceptional visionary was able “ to see through the eyes of the spirit” the lighting system inside the mountain of Cardou. Such a kind of “everlasting lighting” is supported by the places we discovered with visible seats where the diamonds and mirrors which created a whirl of lights  could have been placed. We discovered a polygon equipped with prisms and mirrors in the region of the mountain of Cardou. The first vertex with adequate pits is situated in the place named by us “A sharp rock”, the second is situated there where is the biggest altar of the Druids: “The great northern altar”, the successive vertices of the polygon should be situated inside the mountain of Cardou. The seats on the rocks which were discovered by us in the mentioned places  (the outer vertices) indicate the possibility of the existence of a further construction of the polygon inside the mountain of Cardou. They are a physical proof of the fact that the mountain of Cardou was treated in an exceptional way by the creators of the whole light system.


The myths which indicate this mountain as a place of the existence of a hidden temple acquire at this moment the evidentiary confirmation in the form of the seats which are placed adequately for this light system.


Andrzej and Magdalena Struscy de Merowing.


In the next article the photographic documentation of the light system of the Atlanteans.


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