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The matrix of a physical and spiritual man
Data 05/05/2012 11:12  Autor Struski Andrzej de Merowing  Klikniêæ 2509  Jêzyk Global




The most complex form of life in the universe is the physical and spiritual man. Living on a planet of such a kind as the Earth is in such a state of development which is the highest possible in relation to all the beings which have the intellect – a man is subject to specific laws of evolution.


In reference to the whole of the evolution of matter and all the beings in the universe one should assume that they are subject to influence of some universal causes. However, the universal cause as the name itself indicates is the source of the evolution of similar forms. A man in relation to the universal cause shows similarities on the plan of the animate matter but in the aspect of personality s/he is definitely not universal. In the process of evolution where the forms which are surrounding us show similarities to a sufficient extent we, coming from this universality, are different.


How is it we are so?


And here in the field of the unexplained causes of the origin of a man different theories are born, both in the area of the sacred and the profane. I am able to recognise all causes of the phenomena that occur in the process of the evolution of matter in the universe as well as the causes of coming into being of the universe itself. In the course of the time of 27 years of very hard mental work and innumerable experiences I have obtained the ability to make the geometrical patterns which depict the matrix of a physical and spiritual man.


What is included here are the patterns for the beginnings of matter, for the gravitational sets, for the artistry of sound and light. There are the patterns of the gold proportion and of the essence of the proportion that is contained in the ark of the covenant. Apart from the universal patterns to which belong the patterns of biological and etheric matter I have included in the set of the matrix the patterns of consciousness, intellect and spirit. What can also be found here is  a very important group of patterns for a man, these are the patterns of frequency. Defining them in a different way, I will say this is the group of patterns from which a subgroup of the patterns of emotionality can be selected.


The complete set of the matrix of the physical and spiritual man may seem to be a complicated and chaotic picture. Nothing further from the truth, and although it is a set of handmade works all of them and there are 11 of them are made strictly according to the principles of the geometry of patterns, numerical references and the frequencies that are assigned to them which are illustrated by the colours. In spite of this complexity of patterns the whole matrix is in an ideal harmony just as the complex organism of the physical and spiritual man which when it is not disturbed maintains an ideal harmony.


The innumerable amount of data that is contained in this matrix and the features of their mutual correlation are accessible only in my memory. I illustrated this huge knowledge in 11 simple graphic works which have come into being successively in the course of the last two years. When I was composing this graphic set I was more than once surprised by a complete geometrical and colour consistency of the pictures that were successively put together. It looked as if I was installing the components that had been prepared earlier in some complex machine.


While I was creating the successive graphic works I never planned the next ones, I always had an impression that I was making some final work for myself. Only when I set up the whole matrix, the next day during the hours when I usually work in a state of a specific concentration that is from 4 am to 7 am I knew the work was finished.


When I recognised the complexity I understood the simplicity.


This thought came to me when for the first time during one breath with no special mental effort I was able to configure all the references that refer to one of the 144 magnetic coils of a man. There are 23 constellations inscribed into the whole set of the matrix, each of them has its own features and position in the construction. During the thought process of one breath there is often a correlation of more than one constellation, plus all the other values of a given coil. The process of reading the whole constructional content of the matrix and of all its features from the thought in the successive more than 200 breaths is so complex that if somebody had told me this before the creation of this matrix I would not have believed it. The imagination of a man does not embrace the possibility of the occurrence of so complex thought process in such a short time as the time of about 200 breaths of a few seconds.


Indeed, the matrix of a physical and spiritual man is a simple graphic combination that contains all the patterns of the evolution of a man. The mental penetration of the inner space of the matrix allows one to connect freely the sky and the earth, fire and water, body and spirit, everything in a proper place and time. Staying with one's thoughts in this space is an intellectual delight. Nobody had done such a work before and nobody will do it after me.






© Struski Andrzej de Merowing.


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