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The process of the special evolution exposes a man
Data 18/06/2012 11:53  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2174  Jêzyk Global

 The process of the special evolution exposes a man


Such a kind of a figure that a man presents cannot come into being in a natural evolutionary process. In order for this whole to be realised in the figure of a man that is capable of the realisation of  the needs of the soul specific evolutionary procedures are necessary. The process of  the evolution of a man has three stages.




The first stage is the evolution of biology, and its initiation begins in the separated enclave on the bottom of an adequately deep water reservoir. Such an initiation is described in Genesis (the text that describes the creation of the world).

For the realization of the whole project connected with the biological stage specific conditions must be fulfilled. As in most of the processes also here three main conditions occur. The condition that is assessed as the first one is an adequate spectrum of the radiation of the mother star of the planetary system. The second one is the domination of the silicates in the composition of the crust on  the planet of this solar system. The third condition is that the planet should have an iron, liquid core that is the generator of the protective magnetic field. The field that is necessary for the protection of the future biology against the harmful radiation . As the result, the biological stage ends with an initial base in the sphere of an adequate population of the anthropoid apes.




The second stage begins with the activities of whose the aim is to select an adequate group out of the whole population of the anthropoid apes. These activities are preceded by an earlier preparation of the environment called “Paradise” for the selected group of the anthropoids. Now, the procedure of the special evolution can take place. The beginning of such a specific influence on the evolution of the anthropoids is the “insertion” of the etheric matter that is characterized by a higher vibration in relation to the one that exists in the natural environment of life on the planet.

In the course of this special evolutionary process in the selected group of the individuals serious changes take place. The subconsciousness, that is the mind that some species of animals have, here – is subjected to special development. The aim is to change the character of the vital needs of the individuals living in this environment. As the vital needs develop the perception develops. The effect of such a change are the changes of proportions in the sphere of the work of the brain. The proportional volume of the brain which is getting bigger and bigger  takes control over the senses.  The senses, next, broaden the range of the perception and estimation of the environment. In this way the building of the beginnings of consciousness of the future man begins.




In the third stage serious changes take place, the range of incarnations  of the spiritual beings that is being broadened  allows for the organisation of the mind of superconsciousness.

The millions of years of influence are the most visible on the field of consciousness, here the changes are huge. Together with consciousness the ability of perception and sensitivity develops. As the result of the origin of the mind of superconsciousness intelligence develops, and the emotional behaviours get a high quality.  Mankind attains the time of  the embodiments and acquires the right to the name of a man.



A man and his specific predispositions


It is advisable to realise what is the final effect of the special process of the evolution if one wants to understand the whole of the evolution of a man. It is the process that enforces development - formation of a man by means of the use of specific techniques and matter.


A man as an overbeing has exceptional features. His possibilities in different aspects of life may manifest themselves in a way that is simply full of genius. In the issue of the creation of feelings and emotions we are unparalleled. In the issue of the ability and thinking there is no evolved form that is equal to us. The servitude of the highly developed spiritual beings in the form of the minds of superconsciousness and subconsciousness implicates if adequate conditions arise in the form of a personal instrument that shows specific possibilities. It is consciousness in which the magnetic record we form ourselves and we have the possibility of its modification. The constructive process of the modification of the features recorded in consciousness may perfect the whole set, successively using the newly inserted abilities and knowledge. When such a constructive process will take place according to the principles of the art in this matter the performance of consciousness may be unimaginable. This specific instrument is characterised by exceptional parameters in  the sphere of memory and configuration of the contained information.


The additional a dozen or so percent of the volume of our brain in the course of evolution is absorbed by the activities of perception. This change from the figure of an anthropoid ape to the figure of a man takes place in a similar way as the generation of the record of the features in consciousness. Additionally, these two sets enforce mutual development. A better perception enables the development of consciousness and vice versa, a better configuration of the features recorded in consciousness develops perception. It is difficult to define where is the border of  the possibilities of development, both of consciousness and of perception.


There is no such form not even the artificial intelligence that has such features of development which are additionally supported by the psycho-emotional activity. This whole set of instruments and minds puts a man in the circle of unique - this does not mean ideal - figures.


In the course of time of life a man shows smaller or bigger abilities in different aspects of development. There was a term adopted that  embraces  all these abilities in one set of values a “talent”.


 Are the abilities talents? Or should one perhaps separate these two terms and ascribe  to one of them a different meaning?


It would be difficult to separate the ability from a different term – the skill. These two terms are close in meaning and together they indeed inform about the possibilities of each man.


So, what is talent? Is it a further extension of the information that  speaks about the abilities or skills?  And maybe the term talent indicates a completely different thing?


The feelings and emotions, the features of the system of a man that arouse the most of controversies and at the same time their genesis is still terra incognita on the map  of the structure of a man. In spite of this, the emotional creativity is going on very well, although the effects often turn out to be not worthy of a man. This unworthiness together with the abilities systematically leads to cataclysms.


On the other hand there occur exceptionally positive effects in the form of great works and achievements. Both the first and the second achievements are beyond the possibilities of other beings even if they lived  in the civilisations lasting for millions of years.


The figure that has such features and abilities cannot come into being in the natural process of evolution. Creationism also does not explain this matter in a sufficient way. And although God   is able to do everything this does not mean that in a fabulous way he created the universe and a man.


The scientific methods on the present stage of possibilities do not allow one even to approach  the explanation of the issue of the origin of a man. One can safely say that both theories Creationism as well as Evolutionism have been so far helpless, they do not explain anything.


The spiritual aspect of the figure of a man “Astral”


After the indication in the previous articles of the existence of the issues that are connected with    the structure of a man, such as the evolution of the universe, the process of the evolution of biology and specific predispositions of a man, it is necessary now to indicate the general aspects of the evolution of spiritual beings.


The spiritual world that exists at present  according to the comprehension of a man is viewed in so many different ways  and so controversially that as the result of it only some people can make head or tail of this issue. The matter of an objective definition of the subject of the spiritual matter is difficult as the spiritual matter itself is difficult to be “found” in a scientific way. The additional difficulty and perhaps the primary one is the existence in the society of a man of the streams that are against the good recognition of the whole of astral. Another serious obstacle in the proper recognition of the matter of the spirituality of the universe and a man is the already indicated above variety of descriptions of the beings that are observed by a man.


Some people see these beings the others hear about them in the form of loose relations. The seeing is not always precise, and surely during the extrasensory contact a man experiences a specific emotional state that deforms a clear observation. Not many people can frankly say that this being looked exactly in that way. Even if the observation was precise, then what the person observing can say about the aspects of evolution and development of this spiritual being. He can say simply nothing.


The whole climate of knowledge connected with the existence of all etheric beings, whether these are positive or negative beings is in itself controversial. Such a controversy arises from different feelings of the people who take part in the spiritual contact, but not only. The biggest disturbance of objectivity is the attribution to the spiritual figures of the features that arise from the needs of different religions. The world of religion  bases its canons of values on the existence of God, the immaterial being. Different priests in order to raise the rank of their cult move towards            the creation of the whole host of beings around God. On the other side, in order to keep reins on those who are not meek they show a terrible world of negative spiritual beings that only wait even on a small mistake of a man.


As the result of it, today there exists an innumerable number of ideas in relation to the form and to the kind of the spiritual beings. While the consciousness of the faithful is so much disturbed an additional problem is simply absurd view of the being of God, and the worst of it is that the view of His needs was turned upside down.


In reality, the whole astral world evolved in a logical way, it develops according to specific principles and has its roots in the matter of the universe.  According to my understanding of the spiritual  subject that refers to all etheric forms that evolved in the universe the term “Astral” depicts its whole. By the name “astral” I define everything, from the primary form from which astral comes into being, that is, from the thought forms created by the biological forms that have  brains to the most highly developed spiritual beings.


Apart from  astral there exists a different environment that can be defined as the immaterial one it is the biofield. It exists around each biological cell and it fulfills its role in the process of the evolution of the spiritual matter. For clarification, so that all my information  is well understood I want to add that in the universe there is no form that can be defined as the immaterial one. Everything that exists must have its structure and this structure next for the realization of the form of existence requires matter. The incorrect views of the reality arise from the inaccuracy in the view what is matter and what is the “immaterial” form of course according to a man's understanding.


According to the rule of the evolution everything that comes into existence has the material character. The difference that exists between the evolved forms consists in the density of their matter. If one approaches the view of what is material and what is not in this way one should assume that both a man in his physical form and a spiritual being are the material forms.


The biofield is the magnetic field that exists around the condensed body (the physical one). It connects  by itself the tiny particles of water that was previously evaporated from this body. In this way it becomes a kind of a further space of the physical body. The features that each microdrop of water contains in its volume are the effect of the set in the form of the forms of matter that come from the life processess of the cell. The water that evaporated form the biological cell in this way carries the information about the condition  of the mother object, about the needs and problems of the mother object.


A large accumulation of microdrops of water in one place of the magnetic field (biofield), additionally when they are heavily burdened by condensed matter leads to the critical state of this field. In such a situation a part of the biofield may separate from the mother form and it will create its own set. In this way the etheric forms come into being which do not take part as the consituent part of the spiritual beings. These etheric forms are very precious for a man. For example, the energy of life (prana) has the etheric form of which the source are the plant cells.


I presented the general principles that refer to the evolution of a man in the universe. In the next publications I will try to depict this whole  so widely developed process of the controlled evolution of a man and astral. As I have already written both of these spheres of    the evolution of the universe have much in common and one cannot exist without the other in a form that is so highly developed.



Andrzej Struski de Merowing.


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