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The Soul
Data 23/06/2012 22:21  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2561  Jêzyk Global

Part III


The Soul – the earthly name of the figure of God and all the beings that are living in Heaven.




The process of the embodiment is a spiritual process that takes place in different places of the universe. This process is used only in relation to adequately developed form of a physical and spiritual man or other being of which the psycho-emotional features fully correspond to the features of a man. During the process of the embodiment the etheric system of a man takes in the being that is equal to God – the soul that is inserted into him. The Soul that is being embodied may be characterized by one of the two states of the personal development. In a dominant number of  the embodiments the being that is being embodied is the young soul of which the state of the personal development has not so far obtained the instruments which serve for the contact with the surroundings in the environment of heaven. In the course of his life a man as the creator of different  emotional states is an adequately prepared figure for the generation of the etheric matter that is intended for the construction of the rings. These colourful rings – a form of the senses are  being created on the figure of the soul on an ongoing basis and when their construction is finished the young being from heaven has the ability for the contact with the surroundings in the environment of heaven (it will have this ability after its return).




The souls of which the spiritual figure has the instruments of contact – the senses are defined by    the name of the “old Souls”. They are being embodied in the same process of the embodiment that is used for the young souls, only the criteria for its coming into being are different. The process of the embodiment of the young soul is an obligatory process but the process of the embodiment of  the old soul can take place when the old soul gives its permission for the embodiment. During his life a man with the embodied old soul enlarges its rings – the instruments of contact. In the natural conditions of the embodiment the enlargement was connected with the possibility of the improvement of the condition of the sensory instruments. In our conditions of life in the area of the system of embodiments on earth the enlargement of the rings is generally connected with the worsening of the features of the instruments of contact.


God is a being that has the etheric-spiritual body which has the biggest rings of the highest quality. The range and the quality of the sensory contact (the size and the quality of the rings) is the only factor that is taken into account in the estimation of the position of the soul in the hierarchy of heaven. The soul that has such personal qualities has the right to take the highest post in the hierarchy. God (it is the earthly altar-concept and it does not reflect the real value in heaven) practically does not have any authority but his judgments in relation to the behaviour and attitudes of other souls from the main council are binding.


In this  place of the description of the soul and its personal features I am obliged to include some external information. The concept of God that is inscribed into the consciousness of a man  on earth arises from the multigenerational activity of the priests on the plan of the indoctrination  of consciousness. This distorted picture of God is today the obligatory set of His features and possibilities. The indoctrination was carried out so effectively that the altar God (for the needs of the cults) is recognized from the level of authority and science. Institutionally all religions which in the light of the real state of heaven defile God and His values are sanctioned. But the worst thing about this is that today practically nobody can understand a different picture of God but the one that is presented on many similar altar pictures. The dark forces achieved their aim, the consciousness of a man was effectively blinded in the area of the views of God and the features of His existence.




Coming back to the subject-matter of the soul and the environment of its life I will refer to the birth of the young soul.


The personal life in heaven begins in the areas of the families and even when  the soul spends a lot of time outside of the family its primary place of life is the specially prepared space of the family house. The space fulfills all the features which make it possible for the soul and for the whole  family to  create their personal and family needs.


At the time when one of the sons attains a sufficient amount and an adequate quality of personal possibilities on the plan of the sensory contacts he will have the right to create a new family. It will be necessary for him to make a proper contact with two other souls which also obtained the status that makes it possible for them to create a family.  Three such souls if they feel well in their company they will obtain permission to use the system of the creator. Such a creator makes the coming into being of a young soul possible and at this moment three souls receive the status of the family.


In the new environment of the family: the emanation of three personalities, the access to the genetic matter and the work of the creator - which composes the genetic matter with the matter that is emanated by the members of the family - activates the process of the creation of a young soul. In this case it is the first son, maximally a family may have several dozen of sons but for each creation of the next young soul the access to the genetic matter is necessary. Each next son in the family may  be – he does not have to be – created in the company of all of the personalities in the family.


In such a simple way the problem of the population and genetic security of the newly created souls was solved. Also the families will not come into being accidentally, in order to come into being in the society of heaven the cell of the family that is coming into being must observe all the procedures.


The young soul is living only in its inner world, it does not have the possibility of contact with the surroundings, it does not yet have the rings which should serve it for the contact with the others and with the whole infrastructure that is available for each soul. Each young souls obtains the sensory instruments only when it is embodied into the etheric body of a man. That is why there is an obligation of the embodiment of each young soul into the beings that are living far away from the mother civilisation and family.




When the soul comes back from its first obligatory embodiment it is fully a member of the society of the civilisation of heaven (the civilisation which constructed among other things also our universe) and it can begin a very long life. It will not hurry to attain any lofty aims, it will rather use the creator of the environment on the plan of the chambers of the family.


If it is the first son in a new family then together with the three fathers they will get to know their new chambers of the family. The creator of the environment is always adjusted to the personality of the family members and the family gets the access to its possibilities at the moment when the first son is born.


I got to know the possibilities of the creator of the environment, it is the process of the creation of reality on the plan of the etheric matter which is in agreement with the crystallinity of the etheric body of the soul. The experiences are indescribable, one can say – THEY ARE SUCH AS YOU THINK OF. The virtual environments such as the computer games which are known to us will not come into being. That environment is real even on the plan of feelings. There will not come into being any actions which could have emotional colouring, there will not come into being any actions of fight or violence.


Next, the young member of the family will get to know the environment of the civilisation, its space and features. Then, he will get to know other souls and in this way a new life in the civilisation of God begins.













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