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Le retour du Roi du Graal – The return of the King of Graal
Data 27/10/2012 20:04  Autor Magdalena Struska  Klikniêæ 3184  Jêzyk Polish

 Le retour du Roi du Graal – The return of the King of Graal



presage 73  July (translation of Ewa Seydlitz)


The Right One seated on thronos from heaven came in France.

Calmed down by Virtue the Universe:

More wisdom he will spread.

Like lightning he will bring back the change.

With the help of birds, by fire & not by verses.


présage 73  July  ( translation of Alexander.N Centurio)


Law that has its source by the throne of God, came into existence in France.

By the power of this law peace will be brought to earth:

First still more blood will flow, but then the fate will be reversed,

Thanks to the planes, fire and not beautiful words.


présage 73  July  (Old French original)


Droit mis au throfnedu ciel venu en France.

Pacifie par Vertu L'Univers

Plus fang efpandre. bien toft tourner chance,

Par le oyfeaux parfeu,,& non par vers.


Century 10.42  ( translation of Alexander.N Centurio)


The kingdom of a man of heavenly descent.

He will use the strength of his authority in order to maintain peace and unity

At the time of the second half the war will be in captivity.

He will maintain peace for the world for a long time.


Century  10.42.  ( translation of Ewa Seydlitz )


Human reign of Angelic origin,

it will its rule peace union hold,

Captured war half from its closure,

For a long time peace will be the cause of their maintenance.


Century   11.4.  ( translation of Alexander. N. Centurio )


As the child of the eagle and the lily a great prince will be born,

who will quickly however too late sit on the throne;

Saturn is in exaltation to Libra:

The house of Venus in the sign of the decreasing force of fertility.

The lady who under her feminine skin carries a male foetus.

Will continue happy blood of Bourbons.


Century   11.4. (Old French translation)


D"un rond ,d" un lis, naiftra un fi grand prince,

Bien toft  & tard venu dans  fa province,

saturne en libra en exaltation :

Maifon  de Venus en defcroiffante force,

Dame en apres mafculin foubs L"efcorfe ,

Pour maintenir L"heureux fang de Burbon.


Century  5.71.  ( translation of Alexander .N. Centurio )


Thanks to the enthusiasm of a man who knows what the tears are,

And thanks to his passionate anger he will move the whole army,

Endowed with the nobility of 17 buds

Late will the Saviour come at the bank of the Rhone.


Century 10.72.   11th of August 1999.  (translation of  Alexander  N. Centurio)


In the year 1999 in the  seventh month ( Julian calendar),

in the sky will appear a  great king of terror  ( the biggest solar eclipse of our century )

He will bring back to life a great king from Angouleme,

He will rule  before and after the world war

according to his good horoscope.


Century  10.72.   ( translation of Ewa Seydlitz )


The year 1999 seven months

From heaven will come one great king the deliverer  (from the awe)

to bring back to life a great king from Angolmois (of angelic month)

Before later Mars will rule successfully

( Before after Mars the reign for a good hour of the lucky one )


Century  10.72. (Old French translation)


L"an mil neuf cens nonante  neuf fept mois

Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d"effrayeur :

Refufciter le grand  Roy d" Angolmois,

Avant apres  Mars regner par bon heur.


Century    10.86.  (translation of Alexander N. Centurio )


As the griffin will come the King of Europe,

surrounded by the nations from Aquilon

he will lead a large number  of  red ones and white ones.

And he will march against the king of Babylon.


Century   10.86.  ( translation of Ewa Seydlitz )


As the gryphon will come the king of Europe,

In the company of those from Aquilon:

Of  red ones and white ones he will lead a great squad,

And  goes against the king of Babylon.


Century  10.86. ( Old French translation )


Comme un gryphon viendra le roy  d"Europe,

Accompagne de ceux d" Aquilon,

De rouges  & blancs conduira grand troupe,

Et iront contre le roy de babylon.




















The source of the pictures:  http://nostradamus.alamongordo.com/the_lost_book_plate_1.html  


http://nostradamus.alamongordo.com/the_lost_book_plate_66.html    -  A link to the pictures of Nostradamus which confirm the above written verses.


Compilation  Magdalena Struska de Merowing.

14 July 2012.


© Magdalena Struska de Merowing.

All rights reserved.