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Artykul pilotujacy ksiazke Watykan Zdemaskowany - Papiez musi umrzec

Afera Banco Ambrosiano

Galeria Magdala

Data 01/11/2012 20:36  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 23830  Jêzyk Global




 The first thirty three years of my life on the Earth (now from the perspective of the following twenty eight years) seems to be a nightmare for me. And the life itself was not in any way disastrous or bad, it resembled the life of many other people, life of an ordinary human in earthly cultural and social system. Such a drastic appraisal of human life on the Earth stems from my current perspective, knowledge of God and the reality which surrounds us.

At that time I also was a thinking individual and it seems to me that I was not less intelligent than others and despite that, I knew nothing about God (being a good Christian) and not at all did I understand the reality which surrounds us.

Twenty eight years of reflexions and work in relation to unknown to any human being reality’s standards totally altered my consciousness. Those new references came into being contrary to my expectations and intentions. The broad scope of newly acquired knowledge came from beyond the area of imagination available for a human being. In any spoken or written records, in scientific or generational collections, simple nowhere there were and are not such types of information. Even the unacknowledged by the academic science - spiritual messages did not contribute such profound and precise data about life in the ethereal spaces. As it comes to the religious information about God, they prove to almost stand in contradiction to those which have been made accessible for me.

The whole process started in the year 1985. In one moment at the time of early awakening information about the essence of the life of a human being in relation to Soul and God got inscribed in my consciousness. The horizon of my knowledge acquired a completely new area. Despite the fact that as a good Christian it seemed to me that about God and his features I was informed quite well, the new collection of information was as if from beyond the general knowledge of God. During the first several years of my (as it will prove later) new life, the acknowledged aspects of knowledge did not separate me from the religious environment. On the contrary: they  strengthened my reference to God and by the same token to religion.

This peculiar symbiosis of the new aspects about Soul and God and the Christian roots inculcated in me since I was a child and lasted for about six years. I was becoming a better Christian and at the same time noticed the following mistakes in priests’ conduct. My evaluation of their behaviour posed such priests in terms of activity against God’s will. To those clergyman at which I did not notice any mistakes I attributed remarkable merits for God. At the time of that symbiosis religions appeared to me as the gate to God and Heaven. I have already understood the Soul’s need in relation to human emotional conduct and I assumed that religious collections are supposed to help human on that path (priesthood). At that time I have not understood yet the essence and means of wheedling God out of areas of value, which the priests subsequently unconsciously or by means of a trick used for their own or religious but exclusively earthly needs.

How much was I mistaken as it comes to the issue of religion as the gate to Heaven, was proven during the last mass in which I actively took part. It was then when to my consciousness (it is worth to emphasise that six years have passed since that transformation) came that fact that everything in which with millions of other lamb I am taking part is against God’s needs. In one moment everything linked to the principles of priesthood became clear for me and at the same time (in the light of religious reality) terrifying for me. I left the temple and never again did I took part in that false rite.


After the first mental contact with knowledge which in a straightforward way came from God (please do not mistake God with the figures of cult and religious gods) the twenty-years process of education in the sky-blue university has started. It was the period of particular intellectual effort which occupied every moment of day and night, apart from the time for sleep. Education consisted in mental analysis connected with actual states (at present, a human being on the Earth identifies exclusively reality states seen from the angle of illusion) from the world that surrounds us. The sky-blue university’s curriculum made use of such a mind-set which required logical evaluation of comprehensive cause and effect processes.

Topics which were supposed to be evaluated were initiated in my consciousness after  the previous topic has been properly carried out. The majority of topics and especially the first ones were concerned with the cause and effect processes of natural environment’s origin and human development. Their character grasped such a process of human consciousness’ origin in which effect a human would be able to develop emotional processes which would contribute to creation of such positive emotional states and ultimately to happiness.

At the same stage of gathering my knowledge I possessed a set of information about God’s expectations towards a human being. I knew that achieving the state of happiness by human is the only emotional state which fulfills all of Soul’s needs and by the same token it fulfills God’s expectations in relation to the effects of human life on the Earth.

Logical evaluation of events in the cause and effect processes ought to be carried out so profoundly in order to evaluate the first natural cause – the source cause. This profound evaluation of the creative process required in the first instance the analysis of the occurring and recognizable effect. Subsequently, after stipulating all of the features of that effect turning back the clock of the following events in the process until we reach the original source cause. The discovery of the reverse cause demanded carrying out elimination of numerous impure or disrupted events in the creative process, every effect visible for a human being which was presented to me as  the following task. All of the occurrences in the evaluated processes which had the character similar to the one and proper were supposed to be searched and eliminated. Such a detailed analysis required carrying out in thoughts a series of very detailed logical evaluations and discerning conclusions. As a consequence of such analysis (time which I had to devote for the first comprehensive activities was up to several months) left one precisely defied thread of cause-effect process and the effect, which would originate from its creative cause would possess the character of original assumptions. Such pure effect were programmed in the evolution process by the universe’s creators. In the view of opinions valid on the Earth which say ‘created by God”, which is an absurd both logical and on the plane of actual activities.

Systematic repetition of such type of logical tasks during twelve years, resulted in almost unrestricted abilities of understanding my own consciousness. Also the capacity of my memory proved to be as unrestricted as the ability of its perception. How great the capacity of my memory is, can be evaluated at present when knowledge which is stored there and always accessible at suitable moment include various aspects of human life. All of the features of human build and the life of a spiritual person, God’s and His civilization issues – namely the civilization of universe’s creators, principles of the universe’s origin and its evolution as well as comprehensive knowledge  about everything which concerns the development of ethereal “spiritual” forms in the universe including spiritual protective being and the negative spiritual beings. This knowledge stored in my memory I always have got at my disposal but decoding it is only possible at the time of thought evaluation of a given topic. In an identical manner I am able to make out knowledge  from all of the areas which I got acquainted at the time of the first contact of my consciousness with God’s message when I finished 33 years.

What came as a big surprise for me was the situation when to all of the answers from the domain of spiritual knowledge I was able to give exhaustive reply, even in cases when the question’s issue came from the domain earlier unknown for me. Each reply to such a question resulted in such activity in my brain which in consequence led to full recognition of a given topic.

Twelve years of education (and knowledge acquired at that time – as it came out later on) was not an objective within itself. All of those activities within my consciousness aimed at preparing me for a series of tasks. However, before they have started one and a half year have passed which I call ‘undertaking the decision’ and I do not wish anyone to undergo such consciousness agony, which I experienced at that time.

In those days I did not possess any precise information about the hierarchy of my Soul in Heaven; - which is the personage incarnated in a human body. I could only presume that such a profound knowledge and the process of leaning which I have undergone place me on a n extraordinary plane in the earthly society. I felt with all of myself that I have to undertake a decision, accept the obligation imposed on my by God (which stem from the essence of influence of knowledge on the state of my knowledge during the period of last 12 years), a responsibility with which the activities of a  human as the Chosen One would be connected. Despite possessing exceptional abilities and unattainable for others state of knowledge connected with God and spiritual matters I was unable to accept the new social status which The God’s Chose One  ought to accept at the final times. In consequence more than a year has passed for vain, and as I later understood, a year of time which we still have not too much.

Finally, after particular spiritual activities carried out by God’s representatives I have made the decision. As a consequence, I have applied the program of more profound contact with God. On the 26th of February 1999, in special situation and circumstances a covenant has been made which legitimized my right to contact on the highest level. During that occurrence, twelve Archangels took control over taking care of the program established for my personage and all of those who came here with me. This state of protection was presented during the act of making covenant in a form of a white pyramid which is surrounded by Archangels figures. It was situated over my heard and a white thread was coming from my figure and passing through the pyramid.

As life and the realization of the curriculum has proven out this (might seemed to be) powerful protection ought to protect all of the aspects. However, the protection was carried out with utmost difficulty, securing the program of my activity literally on the verge. Yet, they managed to secure only my personal program and nobody apart from me (with a few exceptions) generally did not manage. Others, namely professional and aspects of living conditions for the Archangels as protectors proved to be inaccessible. In those spheres the power of dark forces on the Earth is domineering and God till nowadays does not have any impact on it. Thus, one of my objectives is reestablishing the natural impact of God over human life on the Earth and not only here.

Ever since the covenant has been made, the events run in no time at all. During the following years my cognitive processes intertwined with various events which character could become a scenario for numerous films. What is interesting, at that time diverse film productions connected with the issues of the Chosen One appeared. Yet those films creator’s imagination is typically human and it does not reach for the domains of my actual activities in the spiritual sphere.

It is within the spiritual sphere, which was created in the stellar zodiac and stars space surrounding the Solar System, where the inscriptions in the form of magnetic collections came into being. There in the Solar System those inscriptions combine the formations of human thought. The characteristic features of those collections are nothing other than known from the astrology features of the zodiac signs. Also the specific names of Constellations  are such magnetic collections of information. They have been created for the objective of exerting impact on human consciousness.

A human being with his/her thoughts gets inscribed in the whole environment, being at the same time subordinated to it. Here, generally speaking, the dark forces have stabilized their impact. For this space by making use of human brain and bad will which is being released in the domain of needs on the ground of stellar impact the dark forces are to destabilize human population during the following millennia.

Such an open, stellar environment of historic thought collections is one of the tools for human consciousness’ indoctrination. In relation to that fact one of my major objectives was acknowledging that environment and the mechanisms operating within the zodiac inscriptions. Subsequently, I am supposed to work out a program of making them invalid within the domain of negative accessibility to human consciousness.

Cases pointed out above present only one domain of the negative impact on human consciousness. Other tools of such type exist here on the Earth in our close proximity. From those which exist here one of the most dangerous is the religious indoctrination. Even more harmful mechanisms of impact on human consciousness proved to be especially nowadays active - esotericism. False God’s image gets permanently inculcated into human consciousness and as a result understanding God’s matters is governed in accordance with the cultural needs. Such religious indoctrination has also changed the image concerning human notion in terms of the expected arrival of God’s son to the Earth.

Information from the domain of religion indicate numerous features concerning arrival of that figure but none of them has got anything in common with the reality. All of the expectations possess one common denominator namely that the Chose One which is supposed to come aims at rescuing mankind. The fact however is that no one understands the method and time of his arrival and the form of rescuing mankind. The prevailing opinion, which stems from the religious environment, proclaims that rescued will be only those who are faithful to their religion and possess appropriate merits.

In relation to the dominating in the process of destruction religious impact over human consciousness this domain turns out to be the most prominent field of my activity. For the public indication of vital negative features in relation to God’s needs within consciousness destruction, the indispensable matter is presenting irrefutable evidences. Such proofs are included on the deciphered text of the Book of Revelation.

In the light of those piece of evidence, Christian religion and especially clergyman operate against God’s needs. My obligation was deciphering the Book of Revelation’s text and public presentation of evidences in the form of God’s words concerning Christian religion, words relating by means of the union of impact mechanisms to all of the other religions.

As the effect of acquiring respective knowledge I was able among other to decipher hidden in the Book of Revelation such information which unambiguously point at Christian religion as cult which has got nothing in common with God. The inscribed contents include phrases presenting Christianity  as religion founded by Satan and blasphemous in relation to God. Part of those information has been published and one can get acquainted with them.

Coming back to the chronological course of events, merely several days after the covenant a new program of my consciousness’ development has started. It consisted in getting acquainted with the following spatial forms which construction was closely related to the sacred geometry. With the objective of permanent and precise images of geometric space inscription, an indispensable thing was producing solids in the form of a physical construction.

As the proof of validity of the usage of physically constructed solids with the objective of memorizing the spatial forms was an event which took place during Targi Poznañskie (Poznañ International Fair). I exhibited there my most complex construction solids made of metal in the form of sacred geometry. One retired architecture professor was curiously examining them and claimed that such physical forms ought to be applied as teaching aids for architecture students in order to grasp the concept of geometrical space more easily.


Fot 1. View of spatial construction which is a collection produced only from regular tetrahedron solids.

The observation and evaluation of mutual location of construction’s components , remarkably develops the ability of perception and capacity of human memory. In relation to the issue all of construction’s edges of that solid are of identical length. Thus, we might assume that the effect of inscription in human consciousness will be as much regular. Such regularity of consciousness’ magnetic construction allows for the following thought operations, quicker communication and increase in the number of conveyed information. I possessed various solid forms and their construction was based on one edge length. Such a set of didactic aids allowed me for thought operations in various spatial forms with maintaining the synchronization of waves’ length.

The prior twelve -years education in the domain of logical events’ evaluation now in the following years was linked in an irregularly configured construction of magnetic consciousness. In the meantime I acquired  vast numbers of successive aspects of knowledge connected with systematically recognized issues connected with life and human spiritual construction, the universe’s evolution and knowledge coming straightforward from God.

After the covenant in relation to the process of ethereal human construction cognition I recognised breathing techniques and physical exercises which are very beneficial for human health. Those techniques, if systematically applied, allow for keeping very good health condition. The most important objective of observing them, as it has proven, is the stabilization of thought processes in the course of various operations, precise arrangement of events during those activities and information memorization.

As a result of my personal development, beforehand in the area of consciousness perception and subsequently within the domain of human spiritual construction I got the access to such systems which allow me to contact God. Despite the fact that in an autobiography one ought not to write about others but in this place and in relation to the specific character of the whole issue I will mention other contacts with God about which there are many information both in the Bible as well as in other written records or publications.

God has never descended to the Earth, he lives beyond the range of our universe and by the same token getting in touch with such a remote place is impossible out of  our nature. Exceptional “technical” circumstances have to arise within the domain of consciousness and material space (rarefied matter) connected with magnetic fields in order for such contact to obtain activity. In the history of mankind there were not any actual contacts with God. The contact which various people experienced were of some kind of illumination. Some of them have been ordered by God but the great majority of them were manipulations. The fact that I possess appropriate tools is connected with the task which I carry out for God on the Earth. The system which I own allows me to get in touch at time justified by needs, however, I am not allowed to overuse it. I only would like to add that from the first contact an indispensable thing was carrying out a procedure which lasted for a great deal of hours but at the time of carrying out that procedure I did not know that as a consequence I will get the access to such a system.


The following years of strenuous to the maximum work allowed me for practical acquisition of the whole knowledge  connected with God’s needs and spiritual matters including the processes of astral forms evolution. I got acquainted with the world of a spiritual man and the astral plane which surrounds him and according to the universe’s creators intentions exists pure and solely to serve a human being. I also would like to add that figures of similar psycho-emotional construction to a human live not only on the Earth and also in those figures souls are incarnated. As a consequence, appropriate spiritual beings; such as spiritual protectors are obliged to show servitude towards them.

At the same time, subsequent contacts with God allowed me to become acquainted with universe’s creators civilization. The conditions of social life and the general description of that civilization have been presented in several publications connected with soul and heaven.

Knowledge from all of those domains of human life which is 100% compatible and logically proven shows how much erroneous and incoherent religious transfers are. It exposes the mythical features attributed to God and all of the deities whose features are almost absurd. Such mistaken information were created by the intentional activity of the dark forces. The term “The Dark Forces” is an insufficient implication of characteristic features of those spiritual beings and the area of their activity. In other articles I described features of those beings in more details and their motivation to act against a human. I did not have sufficient amount of time to precisely and broadly describe all of the aspects connected with astral.

Recognition of all of the matters linked with the dark forces  is my the most vital task, thus my knowledge has to be complete and activity ensuring mankind’s security on the Earth and other planets effective. Other people have been prepared to the cooperation (here utter victory of the dark forces) and special instruments which were programed in time immemorial. The Matrix of a Spiritual Man  is a specific magnetic portal which allows for communication with other tools.

The whole process of consciousness and personality’s training was obligatory in order to attain knowledge which will allow me to recognize and manage the matrix. By the way of that training I gained all of the knowledge which was mentioned above.  Additionally, I also mastered knowledge allowing me to respond to any justified question within the spiritual domain and account for any problem in this topic. Despite the fact that the training had a very definite objective (access to the matrix) during the process of knowledge acquisition it was not noticeable  and also not pointed out. The issue why at the occasion of this training for just one aim, I had to become familiar with so much and so profound knowledge become clear after the creation of matrix.

The matrix is one of the most complex constructional and valuable collections which one can imagine or rather which is beyond the scope of imagination of any living being in the whole universe. Such a collection was also absent from my imagination. Numerous matters with which I become acquainted and which did not exist in human imagination, exist only in the spheres of life which are unavailable for a man. And not only for him but it is also inaccessible for the spiritual beings which live around us. What is more, it is unapproachable  for those beings which are regarded to be Gods and Teachers. I got to know worlds and knowledge which even philosophers did not dream about.

In my memory all of the possible configurations and relations have been inscribed.  I was wondering for a long time what for do I need that knowledge. After all, people will not understand and this knowledge will not find acceptance. Finally, when I recognised the inner matrix configurations (It is worth underlining that they are exorbitant) I understood the need of possessing such extensive knowledge and perception skills.

All of my continuously supported by superhuman Magdalena’s effort and the presence of my children work did not proceed as one would presume in relation to a task ordered by God. Information about the omnipresence of God would indicate that it should proceed peacefully and in comfortable conditions. Quite on the contrary, my  activity among people can be compared to the conditions with which a commando detachment has to cope at enemy’s hinterland and where everything is hostile for them. I would like all of you to imagine ten years of such a struggle ( as our life cannot be denoted in any other way) which effects always at the end had to be attainable but acquired by means of heroic effort with sacrifice of all of the human rights to rest and worthy existence.

The outer impediments intensified even more (as if they would be able to intensify even more) at the moment when the time of opening matrix’s mysteries begun. The last three years was a time of the first evolution in history, inculcating information on the matrix state to the mind which has undergone evolution in the universe. The amount and character of those data is impossible to define. In order to evaluate the state of affairs I would like to present one of the 144 matrix levels.

On such one level depending on its location in relation to the whole collection, various geometrical constructions are included, geometrical standards and geometry which obliges the spiral movement. There are mathematical sets, which as the codes direct to various spheres and aspects both of evolution as well as life. Each possible feature and every geometrical configuration possesses its own individual reference on a given level.

The vector effects of exemplary features has got their own synchronisation routes and domains of life proper windows-gates. The whole matrix set possess 24 windows equipped with very complex key codes. The highest possess keys which constitute from double numerals coming from five levels. The amount of data which the matrix operates is not to be inscribed without a proper team of people. As it comes to this issue I am alone, which is why, everything stays in my memory.

References to the information for the matrix domain are possible only at the time when we work on one level. What is indispensable during work is carrying out a set of procedures  connected with the breathing program based on the magnetic system of a man. There is on only one level such a concentration of data that a prolonged period of time is obligatory. Indispensable is also maintaining the proper order of applied levels which depending on the character of reference possess individual sequence.

Here are some words of explanation connected with the way the matrix operates in evolution programs:

Its almost unrestricted number of geometrical construction’s spaces and the huge amount of data constitute a complement for the simple ternary cause-effect processes. Such processes in itself does not produce an effect which would possess the character in the form of intelligence or other equally complex form of life. The matrix is a magnetic tool which operates in the environment of the most rarefied matter which are sound and light. The impact of matrix is effective only in the areas if matter where in its crystal construction, the geometry od standard is maintained in a proper amount.

During the last three years of my work I was connecting the familiar sets of knowledge and subsequently very complex artistic configurations in the form of geometrical forms with numerical references. Finally, all of them constituted a unified entity as the Matrix of a Spiritual Man - The Divine Matrix. In the meantime, situations occurred which forced my family to reside in appropriate places in the Earth. In general that terrain is the south of France and in particular the heart of the Cathar country in the Pyrenees.

Rennes le Chateau, Bugarach mountain, Rennes les Bains and Cordou mountain are places which went down to French history as places of life of people connected with the House of Magdalene and Christ. Fortune placed me and my family also in those places. This localisation was so precise that when I had no means of transport I was able to go on foot to all of the places which are vital for the matrix.

Now from the perspective of matrix, the evaluation of the following two years of ‘walks’ on the surrounding mountains and valleys ( It sometimes happened that we were hiking in the mountains about 100 kilometers per week) I know that all of the works connected with our archeological discoveries (which are by the way subordinated to the forbidden archeology and notifications are concluded “I do not believe in it”) served connecting our personal magnetic systems with the surroundings. If it was not for those hundreds of archeological sites which have been documented by means of photos, we would not have any motivation to reside in those mountains.  Such stay in precisely denoted places allowed me for better synchronization with mountain magnetism. An idiosyncratic magnetism which was familiar to human since time immemorial. Evaluating that case from other point of view, this magnetism was known in the past but is not well-known at present. In the middle of the terrain the prime (Greenwich) meridian is situated – a meridian of planet’s magnetic system. The place itself is in suitably formed mountains, formed at that time when they were created by the Nature.

We have discovered archeological artifacts which prove that in that place in the Pyrenees a system connected with light, sound and standard geometry existed. In other words the magnetic gate to the stars existed  here. Also here the geometrical charts are inscribed in mountains’ magnetism which allow to synchronise a man, planets and stars by means of matrix construction. For God it is the most significant place on the Earth. Also here the incarnation program’s  security devices were situated – a program which is nowadays damaged to a great degree.



Fot. 2 The Pyrenees’ geometry at the place of gate to the Stars.

All of the references to the matrix described above, and many others which I have not presented here, are at present a comprehensive collection of a complete system. In order to obtain better contact I have made an artistic reference to matrix’s systems by means of forms included in the shape of a multi-dimensional image. This image, excluding those facets which are connected with the layout of rivers and stars, is fully geometrical. What is left for me to do now is deepening the way of applying the horizon systems in relation to the needs of my work on the Earth.

After the completion of the matrix it was necessary to open it to the family members which resulted in revealing on my backs, on the left side at the heart height, a birthmark in the form of an eight-pointed star. 



Fot. 3 A red birthmark of an eight-pointed star.

The proof of my ancestry from the House of Merovings appeared. The Merovingian Kings had a birthmark of a red cross, which was placed between the shoulder blades or on their breast. For numerous centuries that birthmark has disappeared and now it reappeared. I was acquainted with my ancestry before and this was also implied in the image of the House of Graal testament in Rennes le Chateau. This document presents the part of my family which concerns my relationship with Magdalena also with ancestry of that blood.



 Fot. 4 A figure of a pregnant woman with a crown on her head which is built out of several towers and holds a rosary on her wrist. It is one of the aspects of the House of Graal testaments in Rennes le Chateau, which shows in a similar manner to the others; a collection of information, this – concerning Magdalene.

According to many indications such a family was supposed to get revived and it in fact has happened.

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