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Data 18/03/2013 23:17  Autor Magdalena Struska  Klikniêæ 2893  Jêzyk Global



On  13th of  October 2005 because of Jom Kippur  (10 tisri 5766 according to the Jewish calendar) during the service at the most important day of the Jewish liturgical year an exceptional event took place.  108 years old Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri one of the most respected and esteemed cabalists in Israel lowered his head for three quarters and plunged  into trance. Many people who took part in the prayers thought that Kaduri had a heart attack or a hemorrhage. Suddenly the Rabbi opened his eyes and with a smile on his face he said: "With the help of God the spirit of the Mashiach entered a man in Israel  (from the house of Israel”).



 - Mashiach already is ... and this what the people thought to be unreal may now happen and this what we thought to be sure may disappoint us. The world has become mitmatek mehadinim ( becoming sweet from strict justice ) – said the honourable old man.

The Rabbi had been waiting for the Messiah for over 100 years, since the time when he as a small boy heard from legendary, respectable Rabbi Yosef Chaim known as Ben Ish Chai that he would live to see the Mashiach. These words were confirmed and said in public by Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, admired Hasidic leader of the group Chabad-Lubavitch from Brooklyn, who was generally considered to be a great personality and who died in 1994. Rabbi Kaduri who died in  Janury 2006 never saw Mashiach in a physical sense of this word, although as he said he revealed himself to him in an act of a spiritual revelation.


Rabbi Kaduri in expectation of the Messiah appealed to the Jews:

Let all the Jews in the world listen to this statement. They should return to the country of Israel because of the terrible natural disasters that threaten the world. The time when the Lord blessed be His name will bring the catastrophes to the countries of the world to sweeten the disasters that will touch the country of Israel is near. I recommend to announce this statement to warn the Jews in the countries of the world. Let them know about the impending danger and come back to the country of Israel to bulid the Temple and wait for the revelation of our righteous Mashiach.

There was some speculation for some time as regards the words that were said by Kaduri, however finally their authenticity was confirmed, one was afraid that if the predictions of the Rabbi were to come true they would mean the end of the world that is known to us, some of the people would connect with God others would await death and damnation.

In October  2004 the respectable Rabbi was one of the main organisers of the Jewish and religious tribunal, Sanhedrin which met for the first time for 1600 years. The main aim of the Sanhedrin is the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Eliyahu from Vilnius, the „Genius of Vilnius„ predicted that in autumn 2008 an important revelation as regards the Mashiach will take place. Rabbi Kaduri while he was referring to the set of the commentaries to Talmud the so-called midrashim mentioned that one of the signs of this that the Mashiach was coming near was the warming of the Earth.


“When 108 years old Sage puts his whole soul and heart into the prophecy one should consider his words with respect.”


A different cabalist a man who represents a completely different cultural pole than the  presented  descriptions  above predicts basically identical events as those that were mentioned by the  Rabbis.

Joseph Michael Levry. He says that in 2004 the world entered a phase which he calls the “descent of the clouds” or in other words the “flood”. At the time of the turbulent changes when the war in Iraq connects with Katrina and other super hurricanes, according to Levry the conflicts will grow more intense and he predicts their culmination for 2012.

- The Earth also struggles for survival. The world would have to go through the eight years long purification when the planet will nearly brush past death, it must survive natural conflicts and wars.

The old world will be overthrown in order to make place for the construction of a new one which is based on spiritual collective consciousness. The political map of the world will change. The geophysical stability of Earth may be disturbed. All these things will make us conscious of the fact that the new era that is emerging together with the destruction that precedes it is the necessary purification without which the transformation of humanity would be impossible.


The respected Rabbi Kaduri was ready to watch the process of Armageddon passively, at the same time giving the directions and spiritual support. However, his disciples and followers are trying to influence the events by themselves and to enforce their course behaving as if they knew the intentions of God.


Rabbi Kaduri by his words showed what is God's will, it is he who did not disappoint the Messiah. Whereas the others, proud sceptics in their earthly greatness are blind to this what already is and they cynically ignore the will of God, they are looking for excuses in order to prevent the revelation of the One whom they should be waiting for.


Isaiah 62:1 (KJV)

62 For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.









09.09.2012.A.D. MMagdalenaStruska de Merowing


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