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Artykul pilotujacy ksiazke Watykan Zdemaskowany - Papiez musi umrzec

Afera Banco Ambrosiano

Galeria Magdala

Data 17/08/2013 19:49  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 1906  Jêzyk Global


The states in which water can occur on the planet which has biology are the most  widespread forms of the occurrence of the element. Each state has its own physical features through which it actively influences the surroundings. On earth and in particular in the surroundings of a man they have their own names such as: an ocean, a sea, a river, a lake, a spring, a geiser, a waterfall, rain, vapour, a cloud etc. The usefulness of water can be defined by the terms: water for drinking, industrial water or sewage. Water can be hot, warm, cold or in the form of ice or snow.  All these states are natural states. To the terms which are the nearest for a man belong: drinking water, water of life, cell water and the water environment of the life of biology.


Thanks to a specific character of water that is the diversity of its states it can at different times be in a man's body and in her/his environment. In the form of water vapour or moisture it is carried by the wind to each place on earth. During the contact with the biological body it is taken by the cells where it takes part in the chemical processes. The biological cell just as each form of biology consists mostly of water. The chemical processes base their activity on the particles of condensed matter which are according to the kind arranged in the cell water. Each cell has the ability to take and eliminate water, because of such an ability it can cleanse its biological environment from the waste products that come into being in the chemical processes.


The water that is eliminated from the cell has a magnetically recorded memory of the events which took place in its life processes. Such a record is made by the force of the magnetic field of the micro drop or the element of water. The set of the record connects in itself an adequate configuration of light and sound as well of as of bigger particles of condensed matter. The character of the mutual configuration of these things creates a record that indicates what was happening in the life processes of a cell.


The biological cells also have their own fixed features, they result from the physical structure of all the elements of the cell. The physical construction connected by its own magnetic field continually emits light and sound which are characteristic for it. The fixed features are a set of generic  configurations composed of adequate physical constructions which will always emit a kind of light and sound which is proper for them. Such an emission is a kind of informational beam which speaks of a kind and condition of the cell. Intercepted by water it obtains more or less permanent record which can be carried to each place on earth.


Water from deep sources  (for example Oligocene water) does not contain or it contains a smaller record of the life of biological cells. Instead is has a record formed in the environments of magnetic influence emitted by those minerals that surrounded it under the earth. This water was simply not “used” by the biological processes. Such water enables a man a far better possibility of purification and regeneration, however it does not transfer information about her/his needs and her/his physical state.


Water because of an appropriate name of the state or place has a different influence on a man. This influence may be beneficial or harmful. A man being a person mostly constructed of water is subject to the laws of behaviour and activity of the kind of the water environment. By its activity s/he consciously or not aware of it shapes the water environment changing her/his own surroundings and body. Different states of shaped water environments will bring intended or unintentional effects for a man.



One of the forms of such shaping is giving names to different naturally existing or artificial water environments.  The examples are: sea, river, waterfall, hot water, cold water, water of life, water pump, pressure of water, a fountain.  Each such term gives an additional character to water and its environment. The fountain uses such an environment which is given to it or shaped. The essence of a fountain's activity consists in putting water which is located in a specific place into motion.  The physical character of a fountain results from its structure and the mechanisms that were used for the formation of water's pressure. These are the visible features of fountains, however in the light of the above presented information a fountain as a water environment also has some other invisible features.





In each instrument the kind of  information that is being sent depends on the kind of material and the construction of its structure. A fountain as an instrument is the closest to biology as the material of which it is constructed is first of all water. That is why it receives the signals from the biological environment that surrounds it so well and in such a harmonious way and it is a good communicator of the owner of the fountain with the outer environment. The structure designed in a proper way  allows for the needs of the owner to be realised in a more effective way. The process of the realisation of the needs of the owner of the fountain does not result from her/his will but from her/his state of consciousness and character of activity, the features which water can take from her/his physical figure.


The course of such a process takes place according to the natural behaviour of water on the planet where there is biology. The leading instruments in such processes are the influences of the magnetic fields connected with the water environments and the climate of the planet. In the water environments  the pieces of information are recorded which next will be carried to different places on earth together with the evaporated water. Water which has information from the place of its previous environment will give it to this environment which absorbs it next.


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 2013/08/17 19:49
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