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part IV The scale of the size of a man to all things
Data 17/08/2013 19:52  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 1610  Jêzyk Global

 The scale of the size of a man to all things



In order to view in a correct way the physical processes that take place in the course of the evolution of the universe a comparative scale is necessary. A man judges his surroundings according to the possibilities of his senses. All scales used for the judgement of the things he got to know he refers to those ones that he knows the best, which are the closest to him, that is to the world of his own life. The information about the size of things which he does not comprehend  by means of his senses  often block his imagination. The enormity of the cosmic spaces may overpower him, next he will ignore  the things that are unimaginably small.


These things that one should get to know in the theory of the knowledge of all life in the universe are both inconceivably huge and inconceivably small. Those who want to exert their imagination, I will lead by such a way that they will be able to “see” through the eyes of the imagination, going through the successive stages of the scale, from the world that surrounds us to the first particle in the evolution of matter. There one can compare all scales, those that will create an atom as well as those that have the power  to support the universe.


You can “look” from such a place from which it is “visible” how the potential of the power of the universe is coming into being.


To see (with the eyes of the imagination) how the evolution of the universe starts its course  is probably the biggest desire of the physicist and not only.

I will try to “show” everybody who goes with me on a journey in the imagination to the surroundings of the source of the matter of the universe at the time when it was coming into being. One may ask, why to the surroundings and not to the source itself?


“Approaching the core of the universe is the most dangerous action one may do in the universe. If one crosses the safe border then even the thoughts are lost in the abyss of its gravitation.” The power of the black hole that supports the galaxy in relation to the power of the core of the universe is simply minute. And it is in the abyss of the gravitational whirl of  such a black hole where not only the running photons of light are lost but even the whole groups of stars. The core of the universe – the mother of the black holes can pull in a huge central black hole in the form of the core of the galaxy with its whole galactic mass, straightening its whirl and spread it out as a thread.


Inconceivable power of gravitation and the speed of the rotation of the core of the universe, this is how, in short, the conditions in the core of the universe itself and in its surroundings can be described. Milliards of light years of the space in which nothing will survive except for the intergalactic spirals that are being shot by the core itself. A true vacuum and right in the middle power and might of the central black hole – the core of the universe.


The source of matter.



We are living on the surface of the planet, under the feet we have solid matter, we may be surrounded by liquid or the gaseous environment, we can see light or hear sound. The sixth material state that is ascribed to biology is “ether” also called the immaterial or spiritual state.  High above us “sky” or as science says the cosmic space., the physical environment which comprises all existing states of matter including us. We are existing on the border of the worlds, the cosmic and the biological one. Each one of them is different, but they are constructed from the same matter only it is condensed in a different way. The instrument that controls the condensation of matter is the magnetic field belonging to each particle that exists in the universe.

The source of any matter in the universe is the same particle from which the core of the universe is constructed. There it occurs in the pure form, here around us it occurs in sets which it accumulated around itself.


The way to the source of matter.



The huge size of the core of the universe does not reflect the size of the primary particles. These particles that are thrown out in the form of the intergalactic stream will initiate the connection of the particles (the entities of Plato) of black matter into the forms of the matter of the universe. They have a micro size in relation to an atom. If we want to “observe” and understand the first stage of the evolution of the universe from the level of the scale of the world that surrounds us we have to scale our reference of the spatial size in relation to these particles.


How to do it?

There is a common measure for everything that exists in the space of the universe. The scaling of the regular tetrahedron is such a measure. The space of the regular tetrahedron is a unit that can be duplicated and its scaling through one enables to keep the stable proportion.

Let's imagine our figure as a man who is standing in the geometrical space of the regular tetrahedron. There is visible a small sphere in the place of the vertex of the tetrahedron above the head. There are three identical spherules in the place of the vertices at the base , thus next to the wall of the tetrahedron where we are standing. These four spherules that create the geometrical form of the  regular tetrahedron and our figure are in the imagination the whole set. Such a set we will keep in thoughts for the time of the “travel” by means of our imagination to the source.

Let us next rescale in the imagination “our” tetrahedron to the  size in which a single  atom is situated.

What will we see next to us?



The smallest biological form, a cell.



We try to imagine ourselves our set, a tetrahedron and a figure of a man standing in it and next we try to minimise it to the size of a single cell. The scale that we must apply is the minimisation of a milliard times.  It may seem that it is an impossible thing, however in the reality of the biological life it is the scale occurring the  nearest to us. Between a biological cell and an organism of a higher order there are no other forms acting as an independent form of life.


The cell is a system  that works as an independent biological mechanism that has its own processes of control. The genetic record in the form of a spirally arranged sets which are constructed from five  fundamental atoms. A biological cell is simply a chemical factory with its own processes of control. Its material mass is a set composed from millions of atoms.


The atoms.



In this place of scaling of our reference to the size of an atom we have to strain our imagination.  The spatial form of the tetrahedron that refers to the world that surrounds us and exists around our human form is in this scale a huge structure. These spherules that are on the vertices of the first tetrahedron make long rows of spherules and show the tetrahedron of the size of one biological cell. We are standing there and near by a cell can be seen that is so big as the figure of a man. And again we can see long rows  of the spherules on the vertices of the tetrahedrons that are scaling themselves until we see an atom near by that is of the size of our figure. The biological cells in comparison to the scale of an atom look like big mountains.


In the space that the physical system of an atom occupies its core is visible which in relation to the present scale of our figure looks like a small glistening steel spherule. Around this core in its gravitational space an orbiting electron can be seen, a corpuscle so small as the grain of sand. In the gravitational space of an atom there can also be seen other sets of matter, tiny specks that were seized by its gravitation. One can notice as the photons of light that are flying by leave behind themselves luminous trails just as the comets in the solar system. The photon that hits the orbiting electron can remove a part of its component matter, or it can connect with the electron and increase its mass. The photons of light flying by have different size and only those that are the biggest can disturb the regular movement of the electron on its orbit.


With the eyes  of the imagination we can “see” now the atom in its natural size. However, it is still a far way for us to the destination of our way. This what we can see now in the structure of the atomic set shows us how huge is this set in relation to an “entity”  (“a separate whole”) , a single particle of dark matter.  The proton the mass of which is about ten thousands times bigger than the mass of the orbiting elecron. The other corpuscles caught into the gravitational field of the proton – the core of the atom, they also have their structure. The picture of an atom convinces us  how big is this structure in relation to its component parts which also must have their structure.


A single photon of light.



The next “spatial leap” to the size of the photon is the further minimization of the space of the tetrahedron in relation to our figure. The photon as the unit of light is constructed from a very big amount of its component particles. What is even more interesting, the photons among themselves have a very big difference in mass. This difference allows for the formation of the effect of the spectrum of light that is perceived by the human eye as colour.  Our eye can perceive only a small percent of the whole spectrum of light, this indicates that there exists a big difference in the size of the photons.


We compare the scale of the tetrahedron and we can see the previous one in the scale, a huge tetrahedron, of which the construction in relation to the figure of a  man is equal in its size to a single atom. The tetrahedron that is the same as the area of the tetrahedron in which a single photon of light would fit in is thousands of times smaller from the previous one.

Now we can distinguish in  the structure of a single photon of light its component particles. Their size in relation to the photon is such as the size of the corpuscles of sand and pins in relation to the size of a huge rock. These forms of different shape are glued together in the running photon, however in the course of its run it loses the individual  “pins” or crystals and sometimes bigger forms to a complete disintegration.


The particles of the beginnings of the matter.



This “spatial leap” on the way of scaling our figure with the smaller and smaller physical structures will compare our figure to the smallest sets of matter in the universe. They  appear everywhere, they are the fundamental constructive element of each form of matter. Now, when our tetrahedron is equal to the size of the tetrahedron of which the size is equal to the size of the particle of the  beginnings of matter we can see how big is the photon. It looks as a running rock or an asteroid that bounces different obstacles. If we look closer at the structure of the particle of the beginnings of matter that is present near us we will distinguish little needles, more or less chaotically squashed in its material space. It is a kind of a solid figure of which the physical structure resembles the set of different geometrical forms.



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