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part V The little black pearls and the entity (a separate whole)
Data 17/08/2013 19:55  Autor Struski Andrzej  Klikniêæ 2834  Jêzyk Global

The little black pearls and the entity (a separate whole)



The last spatial leap minimised in our imagination the tetrahedron of a man to the size of a tetrahedron that is equal to one “entity” (a separate whole). The smallest particle from all the particles that exist in the universe is thousands times smaller from the smallest photon of light. It has its own spatial form with four vertices on which there are magnetically located very heavily condensed spherical sets of matter. Their size in relation to an “entity” (a separate whole) (which to make a comparison has the size of a few centimeters) is such as of a pin-head. These are the steel/black spherules “the little black pearls” which have a very big mass in relation to the space that an “entity” (a separate whole) occupies. 


These special spherules came into being in the course of the creation of the space of the universe from the matter that was previously filling the whole of this space and now it is beyond the peripheries of the universe. Little magnetically balanced “little needles “, under a huge pressure were united  into sets of regular tetrahedrons of an “entity” (a separate whole). During the erosion the “little black pearls” release single “little dark needles” which fill the whole space inside and outside of an “entity” (a separate whole).


The little dark needles.



All around these oval forms of matter are drifting inertly. Their number in such a space that our tetrahedron occupies is very big. The origin of this specific matter is the effect of the erosion of little  black pearls.  During the erosion thin flakes come off  their surface, which next scatter  into the little needles that can be seen around. The cause of such an erosion lies in the degree of the saturation  of the whole environment with the little black needles. The erosion lasted till the moment of the saturation, when it decreases again the next flakes will come off  and scatter in the form of the little needles.

In the environment that we can now get to know there is a lack of causes for the repeated densification of the needles and what is connected with it there arises no reason for the occurrence  of the erosion.

For such causes to come into being there must occur in this physical environment an event in the form of dynamic or magnetic interference that will condense some amount of matter.


In the observation of the matter of the universe we have reached  this place exactly for this purpose, to recognise such an intervention. We travelled a long way into the depth of the crystalline construction of the space of the universe. The construction that is identical here where we are now observing the matter  that is freely floating in space, from which the whole matter of the universe will come into being as well as there where we came from. There is a spatial net invisible to the senses of a man in the world of the biology the form of which is proportional to this smallest form, the net arranged from the little black pearls.


In this way the black matter is coming into being which today is filling the universe and from which together with the matter of the streams the whole evolutional matter of the universe came into being. The formations of the “entities” (separate wholes) located in the whole space of the universe by means of their mass contained in the “little black pearls” secure a constant saturation with the “ little dark needles” of the whole free interstellar space. In the situation when a specific portion of the “little dark needles” , or also the “entities”(separate wholes) will be connected by the matter of the universe the emptied space is immediately filled up  with a new portion of the little needles.


The environment of the “dark matter “ while it filled the whole spherical space of the universe was prepared before the process of the creation of the central core and before shooting forth of the intergalactic streams were started. It is the mass of matter that will resist the running intergalactic streams and galactic streams. Their speed from the speed that exceeded the speed of light many times will fall down and in the case of the intergalactic streams will finish with a whirl of the black holes that will be the cores of the galaxies.


In order to maintain stability the dark matter needs a cover on its edge.



Such a physical environment by which the dark matter is characterized must be surrounded by the edge  that will not allow it to spread – to expand. Just as water or gas, the dark matter in order to maintain its state of the environment needs to have the conditions on the edge  the same the environment of dark matter also needs them. The size of the protection  on the edge of the environment of dark matter has to correspond to the size that embraces the whole spherical size of the universe.



The conditions on the edge of the environment of  dark matter.



The periphery of the universe, thus a spherical “bubble” must have specific characteristics. It cannot be a cover  that has a form of a solid matter but it rather has to be an active coat  that will fulfil a function of a cover and a function of a constant feeding supply or complementing of the dark matter with  new entities ( separate wholes). The need of  filling up may take place when a huge amount of the star matter comes into being. Taking into account the aim for which dark matter was created  that is the source material of the whole material mass of the evolving universe one should assume a local occurrence of the deficiencies in the space of  dark matter. Such deficiencies should be systematically complemented from the matter that is beyond the cover of the edge, that is beyond the spherical space of the universe.


Looking from a perspective at the spherical space of the universe we will see a huge spherical “bubble” filled with dark matter. We may compare this space to a spherical sphere filled with a homogeneous gas. One kind of atoms creates the homogeneous gas just as the “entities”(separate wholes) and the “little dark needles” of the same kind create dark matter. There is a harmony of the homogeneous matter here in the gaseous environment as well as there in the environment of the set of the entities (separate wholes). If into such an environment enters strange matter with a specific potential it disturbs the natural harmony of this environment and causes the occurrence of chaos in the place of the intervention. As the result of it a new physical environment will come into being adequate to the kind of the intervention which will be characterised by new physical conditions.


What will happen if we do not remove the cause of the intervention?

A new environment will come into being that will be active as long as the forces of the influence will act. After the termination of the potential of the influence there will be a new environment with a shaped physical character that will be different from the environment of dark mater that exists around. Such an intervention was the cause of evolving of a new physical form that will evolve (live) as long as it has the potential for keeping the motion – the state of chaos. When the potential that causes the motion disappears  a new physical form will stay in this place however it will be in an inactive form. Each form of the evolution (life) in the universe exists according to this principle and the continuity of the occurrence of the states of chaos is the process defined as the evolution of the matter of the universe.


The process of evolution that we observe and in which we take a direct part as the people takes place in the same way. I do not diminish here anything from the value of a man as the independent, emotional and intelligent form of a being that is the most developed in the universe. The process of a man's life in the whole of all its values is one cycle of chaos, the cycle that connects  in itself billions of other secondary cycles.


©  AS Andrzej Struski de Merowing


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