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part VI The core of the universe the mother of black holes
Data 17/08/2013 19:59  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 1882  Jêzyk Global

 The core of the universe the mother of black holes



            For the creators the time of the initiation/activation of the process of the evolution of matter in the universe has come. This process will take place in the physical environment of a huge spherical space of which the diameter is of billions light years. The space is saturated with dark matter, the material prepared as the component for the creation of evolutional matter of the universe. The first signs of the activity of the core (the construction of the core) in the process of the initiation of life of the universe one can recognise through the physical reaction of dark matter. This reaction manifests itself through the vibration of little black pearls that through the construction of the entities (separate wholes)  pass the information about the state of the reaction to the whole space of the universe. The regular size as well as their regular geometrical structure is not a time barrier for the transfer of information about the state of the reaction. Each intervention that changes the physical state of dark matter in any place may be recognised in any other place of the space of the universe , practically at the same time.


The stream of the heavily magnetised mass of a section of millions of light years with the unbelievable speed is directed directly to the centre of the spherical space of the universe. In the very centre, a prepared magnetic barrier rolls up  the front of the stream and this huge incredibly condensed mass of matter begins to form a whirling sphere. The core continuously grows in size and the speed of the whirl is quicker and quicker. This incredible stream behaves in such a way as if it did not want to stop providing the extra mass to the core of the universe that is increasing. It even increases the speed and increasingly accelerates the sphere of the fiery matter. The sphere is growing and it begins to exceed by its surface speed the speed of the stream and it begins to accelerate its course.


At some moment the huge spherical and incredibly condensed mass of the whirling matter becomes invisible. Soon after this the stream that is supplying the core also becomes invisible, the speed of matter exceeded the speed of  light. Neither the stream nor the sphere  is visible any longer, however the process of the construction of the core of the universe is not finished yet. The stream is continuously feeding it, it even increases the speed of dosing  of this heavily magnetised matter.


The dark matter continuously reacts to the activity of this physical process, however at some time there is a complete calmness, as if everything finished, as if there was no stream of matter and no huge fiery sphere.


This lack of the reaction of the dark matter and this what happened in the very heart of the universe  in the place where the stream and the huge sphere of the whirling matter disappeared is very intriguing. 


There is an explanation of such a state of things, the gravitational power of this whirling mass of matter. Its gravitation might have gained such a force that within the range of some area it pulled everything into its inside.



The Black Hole



The black hole is a set of matter that is whirling with the speed that exceeds the speed of light, it has  an exceptionally high density what is the cause of this that its gravitation reaches simply indescribable parameters and the core itself and the space around is invisible.



If we could now look right into the middle of the universe a huge whirling sphere of matter, a central black hole would appear to us. The huge core is still being fed from the same stream. This stream of matter that is feeding  the core of the universe must with each moment increase the speed of the transfer. The potential of the whirling mass that is increasing in this way and its surface speed at some moment will throw back  a stream of mass. The centrifugal forces that act on the surface of the whirling core at some moment must throw out the stream of matter into the space of the universe despite the enormous gravitational attraction.


It will cover a distance in an absolute vacuum on the length of many milliards of light years and it will hit the space filled with dark matter which is located beyond the sphere of swallowing up of any matter by the core of the universe. A constant feed  of the core with matter will allow to throw out into the space the successive galactic streams.


The moment itself of throwing out of such a stream we can define by the name of the explosion that has a colossal scale, as if in one moment and in one place milliards of stars exploded. After the series of throwing out of the successive  galactic streams, (such explosions) the feed of the core of the universe is discontinued.


A huge speed of running matter in the galactic stream exceeds the speed of light many times. Only during the penetration of the space in the environment of which there is dark matter this indescribable  velocity  will decrease.


The source of the evolution of the universe



The first  moment of the evolution generally identified with the big-bang is the  most mysterious in the whole process of the evolution of the universe.

The physical process of the initiation - the construction of the core of the universe and the shooting off  of the galactic  spirals - has nothing in common  with the explosion. If any explosion had taken place then the whole crystal net of the entities  (separate wholes)  from which dark matter is constructed would have been brushed away  and Plato would have indicated the non-existent form of matter. This physical process may be defined by the name of a series of enormous physical reactions that eventually may be defined as  explosions. However, in fact these are strictly planned and controlled processes of the initiation of the motion of matter in the space of the universe. The matter that has its own characteristics prepared by the creators and under the influence of the potential of velocity that was given to it  it will do the planned task of the initiation in the process of the evolution of the matter of the universe. The sum of the  power manifested in the motion of all galactic spirals is the potential for the life of the whole universe for the time assumed  by its constructors.




©  Andrzej Struski de Merowing


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