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part VII The beginnings of the matter of the universe
Data 17/08/2013 20:01  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2028  Jêzyk Global

 The beginnings of the matter of the universe



The galactic streams that were shot forth from the surface of the whirling core of the universe with the speed that exceeds the speed of light many times, with the motion on the parabola dig their way  through the masses of dark matter. They carry with themselves two factors – the constructive element  in the form of heavily magnetised particles  as the leaven of matter and the applied power for any motion in the universe manifested in the dynamics of the stream. The power that will be sufficient for the activation of the motion in  innumerable multitudes of galaxies and of all life in them for the milliards of years. How important are these two factors for the evolution of matter that is to activate itself. The matter that will form the areas of the life of stars in the universe and of  manifold life on the planets in the star systems.


If we look at this issue from a different side, will only these two factors be enough for the whole life in the universe to come into being?


We observe life that is so abundant in its different manifestations and  this what we can see is just a little crumb of the effects of the whole evolution of the matter of the universe. Let us  wait and we will see if on this stage exist any causes to doubt it or to accuse the constructors for the occurrence  of the deficiencies  or failures.


Indeed at this moment of the construction of the universe already the third successive stage of the ternary process of the evolution takes place. Each such stage consists in the change of the physical state that already exists with the contribution of the external factor. As the result a new physical state of the environment will come into being in the area of the activity of the factor of the influence.

In human terms  such a process  is defined by the name of a system according to which the ternary activity is compared to the life of a family; a mother, a father – a child.

A mother in such a physical process is the existing physical state of the environment.

A father is the external cause that intervenes  into this environment.

A child will be a changed physical state of the environment – a mother that will change irretrievably under the influence of the activity of the external cause – a father.


Such a ternary character of the process of the evolution dominates for the whole time of the development of the universe. Its first stage was the process of the creation of dark matter, the second stage was the process of the creation of the core of the universe and the process of  shooting forth the galactic spirals that is being described now is the third stage. In this ternary process the existing environment of dark matter is the mother and the running masses of matter in the galactic spirals are the father. The child will be many new areas. They will come into being when the particles or bigger forms of running matter that separate from the galactic stream will intervene into the areas of dark matter that is in the state of harmony and sleep.


In the space of the universe the state of chaos comes into being.


In the process of the fourth ternary stage the spherical whirling sets come into being which in the next stage will create black holes. The biggest of them will gain the mass that will be sufficient enough to connect matter of the size of a galaxy by their gravitation.


Heavily magnetised particles create a compact  mass  of the stream which as a steel spear in the air runs through  the areas of dark matter. Its section (of whose the diameter may reach millions light years)  by its front crushes  the successive massess of dark matter. As the result of huge pressures the next “lumps” of matter separate from the stream which in this indescribable rush  acquire equally indescribable speed of rotation. The running galactic streams create on their way the areas of chaos within its limits the evolution of the matter of the universe begins. These are the first manifestations of life in the universe, they are not yet visible to the eye of a man, all processes that take place here have the speed that exceeds the speed of light many times.


As the result of the fourth ternary stage for the first time in the evolution of the universe the diversity  between the forms of matter that are coming into being will take place.


The new creations of matter that are coming into being now, despite of this that they are homogeneous in the form of the physical structure are different in their size and mass. In the successive stages the scale and the character of the diversity will increase and it will reach an apogee on the plan of the biological matter. In the process of the separation of a part of matter from the compact mass of the stream the physical phenomena take place that one could call the explosions. Those ones that accompany the separation of the biggest masses may be compared with the power of the explosion of milliards of the atomic bombs in one place. The side effects of the tear off of the stream are the cause for the change of the direction of the run of the most of the new material creations. The creations that have the biggest mass maintain the direction of the course and the speed of the motion of the whirl that was forced by the speed  of the spiral. All the other ones  obtain changes in the direction of the motion and enter into collisions with other firstlings of matter that are coming into being here.


The power that is released at the time of the separation of matter from the stream is the driving force of activities in the successive stages of the ternary evolution of matter.


It is the cause of changes in the new-sprung physical environments which like “mushrooms after a rain-shower” come into being around the spiral and around the accumulations of the new areas of  material particles, running faster than light in different directions of the space. A series of physical events take place  here that may be called the collisions. The scale of these events is simply unimaginable, there are such ones that may be compared to the collisions of the stars but there are also such ones that are millions of times smaller from the  collision of the photons of light. Essentially, a lot of the events are the collisions that have a micro scale, there is a numberless amount of them. If the speed of the particles was smaller in these processes than the speed of light it would blind each being that would look in the direction of this area.




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